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  1. Request Shop

    @@GlimGlam04, Click me! Here's your request!
  2. Open

    It wasnt unusual to find Shutter bug shoved in some tight spot a filly could hardly fit into, snapping photos of the weird bugs and critters he may happen to stumble across. Days like this were actually quite normal, with most of his upper body squished into a opening under the wooden platform of the train station. Of course, the whistle blaring in his ears when the train arrived prompted him to slam his head against the roof of the platform, his wings attempting to flare open from the sudden pain, but being half squished into the platform with the rest of him only added to the pain. Placing his back hooves against the wood, he pushed in attempt to wiggle his way out of the spot he was stuck in, he only stopped when he heard the stampede of hooves above him. Then began attempting to shove his way out of the tight spot again. He heard what sounded like conversation, and it only made him shove himself harder at the excitement of a possible new Ponyville pony. With a light 'pop' Shutter bug flung himself out of the hole, and rolled to a stop just a few steps away from the station, now covered in dirt and whatever grim was under the platform. Standing up and giving his pelt a nice shake, like a dog, he then gave a small wave at the two unfamiliar ponies on the platform. That is- if they could see him.
  3. OOC

    @@reader8363, You're characters are added to the list! Although- A fair warning that your second character, Cinder hex's link does not lead to her page, but someone elses!
  4. Request Shop

    Oh hello! Welcome to my humble lil' request shop! My art has drastically improved from doing requests before so I'd like to do it again! Below is all the information you'll need- in spoilers to keep this neat! I would like you to keep in mind that these requests will be in various different forms ranging from colored sketches to full on shaded, I know most of you will want a full shaded picture done but sometimes my mood with decline if I feel like im pressured to do so, so please understand if you only get a colored sketch! Thank you! What I CAN and CANT do Rules Examples Waiting List Done
  5. OOC

    @@reader8363, Hello! All ponies except alicorns (for obvious reasons) are accepted! Even non-ponies like griffons or hippogryffs!! @@Lil' Lovebug,Yes it is possible to play multiple characters, as many as you can handle! @@silvermoon15000, Both you and lovebug will be added to the character list, I really do hope you enjoy my roleplay!
  6. Dear [oc name], If you are receiving this letter then you are one of the few chosen to attend our new school! Do not fret your feathers just yet, you are not being forced too! Sign below on the dotted line, and promptly wait on your local docks come midnight! Dont be late~ -Signed, Headmaster Congratz! You have been chosen to go to Lakeside Academy! A school for only those deemed worthy! If you chose to sign the entry letter that is~ The Lakeside Academy is known for producing some of the finest ponies of modern times, including exceedingly excellent fliers and powerful wizards, even some of the most powerful earth ponies! This school stands out from celestias magic school as this lovely academy takes all types of ponies! Including non-ponies as well! However, this school isnt for the lighthearted, mysteries lie in wait for you to discover. Come down to our school for a thrilling year you'll never forget! Now that the basic story is overwith (sorta) welcome to my roleplay! I wanted to create a free for all roleplay as iv seen very few that allow- well non-ponies! However, all roleplays have to include rules, or things will fall majorly out of place- so I shall list those now! No OP ponies, all ponies have a weakness even those who come from our great and powerful school! (pun intended) I know I said I allowed non-ponies, but no alicorns please! Teachers are welcome to be played, as the school teaches almost anything You can have as many characters as you can handle I would like at least a pharagraph (3-5 sentences) per character you play! No one liners or replies just above the 20 character limit. More rules will be added as time goes on <3 Characters Teachers Students Forms Small spot for my Characters <3
  7. Is this still open?? If so I would love to join in with my bab Shutter bug!
  8. Shutter Bug
  9. General

    I'd love to be a wizard, preferably from Hogwarts or even fairy tail. If I had to choose a specific character, I would LOVE to be Pdge from Voltron (LD, the Reboot) I mean- who wouldn't want to pilot a giant green lion in space- heck yeah.
  10. A giant teddy bear, so many ways that could work actually.
  11. Some sort of mango smoothie mixture- its quite tasty!
  12. Movies/TV

    Im unsure if it classifies as Anime or Cartoon as its not a japan animated series, but Voltron Legendary Defender is high up on my list followed by various others like Pokemon (I seem to adore all of them despite the storylines getting old), and Yu-gi-oh. As for Cartoons the only one I can actually think of that I like is Steven Universe, other then MLP of course.
  13. Currently anything by Set it Off, in specific the song 'Why Worry' they did is very catchy and currently my favorite of theirs!
  14. Oh hi! Im SpaceAsylum, or Jindo. If your here iv attracted you with my art whoops, most of my art is normally unfinished works or non-pony so I figured a topic here would be more suited then one I'd hardly use in the actual Pony section. Enough of my Rambling- Shaded works im proud of and now the random pile of artwork So- I guess advice and comments welcome?? I love to draw so any way you can help me improve is a big yes yes yes and more yes!
  15. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Oh- didnt think I'd get this far uhm- Hi! Im SpaceAsylum, although others tend to call me Jindo! I gained my name after the breed of Korean hunting dogs. Im typically not a social person at times and some things tend to make me nervous! Mostly NSFW things like gore or naughty content- which im not afraid of accidentally running into on here! I was previously on here- not as a member but here I am?? Im a digital artist, both non-pony and pony, mostly pertaining to common house pets like cats and dogs or other fandom fanart. I have various social media accounts to share my work and such. Im interested in MLP (obviously im here arnt I?) Voltron (2016 reboot) Yuri on ice, as well as many others I cant name right now. Uh- I cant think of anything else to put here actually, but anyway, Pleased to meet you all! -JinJin