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  1. When I was younger, I used to watch Discovery Kids and also Animal Planet where they have these interactive games you can play on your remote. I remember when nothing else was on, I used to go on the games and kill my precious little time by playing all I could find. Now, here's a list of them what I remember; - Kenny the Shark: you play as the title character where you race through a beach full of obstacles on a dune buggy, such as sand castles and cats. One hit, you take a tumble for the worse. There are power ups such as you can use the dog character to scare away the cats. It was quite challenging for me. This also had the same soundtrack as the next game. - I can't remember the title but what I do is that you play as a rabbit in a jeep racing down the sewers and dodging everything. The only power-up I can remember was a fox's tail attached to the end of your vehicle so it can make you fly. The music to this game was arcade noises, high-pitched gibberish and even farts. - Meerkat Manor: ah yes, a classic. You play as one out of two meerkats and you go around a platform of rocks and such, finding your babies. But be warned, rattlesnakes, condors and enemy meerkats stand in your way. I used to love the victory dance where the meerkat happily raises the roof in happiness, while the baby has a jig~ - Another I can't remember but you play as a little chimpanzee where you climb trees and either collect something or defeat enemies. The ones I remember what you can fight (to my humour) were the gorillas, where you can throw an apple at them and boom, they're gone. My grandma who loved gorillas always used to wince when I controlled the apple button. I also remember getting scared of the snake enemies, where you can only see their coils and then they pop out to bite you. I never got past that stage, but I read you can see eagles and crocodiles. - Chomp: hell yeah, this was like their own version of Pac-Man. Chomp himself is a pair of razor sharp crocodilian-esque teeth that go around chomping stuff. In this game, you make a a line and every line you do, you fill this empty space. Similar to Pac Xon online. Watch out for UFO's and candy, where every time you consume it, you hear a chomping sound and also "Wuh-oh". Eat toothpaste to gain health. - Yet again, another game with an unmemorable title, but somehow I loved it the most. I think it was Mystery Hunters or something, I dunno???? Anyway, you either control these children who were explorers and like Meerkat Manor, you control either one of them. You explore this haunted mansion or castle. The whole setting was like the old Zelda or Earthbound game on NES. So you go around, get to the end, but you have to avoid the enemies at all costs. Enemies like bats, automatically opening trap doors, enchanted suits of armour where some charge in different directions and some do with a switch, and even these weird brownish hairy cavemen that charge in mirrored ways. When you get hit, the character will scream while falling off the stage. There was one stage I remember where there's a maze with a knight and an item to collect. Tough the item and you are chased down by the knight. I tried escaping the opposite direction, but he was too fast! So anybody remember these games? If anyone remembers the last one, especially the title, could you please inform me?
  2. Man, I remember this including the games they used to have on TV. I remember the Kenny the Shark one where you have to go on a dune buggy at the beach, another where you're a rabbit on a jeep in the sewer and one was a side scrolling game where I think it's called Mystery Kids. You explore a haunted mansion and avoid bats, trap doors and enchanted knights.
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums, linkxmidna57! I hope you have a great time here. /)