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  1. Uh-uhm... sorry about that. Were you still interested in roleplaying with your Phantasia? Remember the whole draconequui thing we were talking about?

     Kind of had a lot in life to deal with, again. Lost touch with you there!

  2. cynicasaurus


    I did not know that a Cutie Mark image was a requirement. I can, if necessary, provide a link within 5 days. Is that a requirement?
  3. cynicasaurus


    There is!!!! I didn’t know I needed to provide a cutie mark image. Editing issues too.
  4. cynicasaurus

    Searching Marvel Comics Roleplay OCC

    @Heart Star Very. This OOC is now dead, and I have a feeling that our new one is toast as well. If you're still interested in this, you can probably message Buck Testa, but the response will probably be the same as mine. Sorry for the misconception.
  5. So, here's the deal. Every time I try to edit one of my characters, the edit button does not show up. It may have to do with that he is pending second approval, but there are a few things I need to edit to get approved and I can't. Anypony got anything on this?
  6. cynicasaurus


    I’m having some editing issues. The button to edit ain’t showin’ up. I’ll do it as soon as I can.
  7. cynicasaurus


    Alright, I’m good!!!!!!
  8. cynicasaurus


    I absolutely appreciate your help! Thanks! Also my computer is deciding to be mostly shitfaced right now. Sorry. I’ll get that up soon though!!!! Edit: My tech is working again. I appreciate your help. Check it out! I also left your edits blue as you made them so that they’re easy to identify, although your writing style is quite memorable!!
  9. cynicasaurus

    I’ll see you all later.

    Well, MLPForums, it’s been a good run. I do want to say that this is a welcoming, strong, non-toxic internet community that has avoided the taint of thousands of users by encouraging kind behavior. Thank you to the moderators. I don’t even know the amount of time you all work, but I’ve appreciated it. I can imagine that one of you will rocket in here to move my topic to another forum, my apologies but I didn’t know where to put this. Thanks to all of my friends for being a haven of kindness here, and of jokes too. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving. I could never bear to leave this place. I am gonna be gone for a while, though. Maybe a week. Maybe four months. I don’t really know. We really do embody the pastel ponies that we love so much, and we cherish their core values of kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, loyalty, and, of course, magic. This forum, more than any other place or experience, has taught me to find the silver lining in things and to have a positive outlook. I will see you all later. And as Pathfinder would say: “Cheers!”
  10. cynicasaurus


    Thank you for taking time to review my character! I’ve implemented your changes as wished (you possess great skill in writing). I apologize for the “pleasure garden” issue. If you have ever read Siddhartha by Herman Hess, you would know what it is. In ancient India, a pleasure garden was just that - a garden, literally, for the pleasure of the plants within. Being a Buddhist, it was a simple way to pay some tribute. However, I do understand the quite erotic echoes of the words, and have happily removed it. Divorce happened to me when I was about 8, and this is another way of paying tribute. Again, removed with ease. However, the dead dad is hard to eliminate, since it kinda forces me to rewrite the entire rest, or almost. Leavin’ that unless you really are against that. I mean, we have Applejack’s dead parents, right? Also, used “perished” to soften the word use. I write dark stories as a hobby, and sometimes they leak into this world of pastel ponies. I await your response with great anticipation! UPDATE: I’m having some editing issues right now. Trust that I am trying my damndest and I will attempt to hash this out in the next few days.
  11. @Buck Testa I’m just busy b/c of the end of the school year. I’ll get right back on it as soon as I can.
  12. cynicasaurus

    Critique Wanted My Original Character

    In my opinion, the hooves are the worst of your problems. Work on the rectangular shape, and make them more natural or don’t include any hoof lines at all. Other than that, I love it! You seem pretty talented, especially since eyes are hard to do.
  13. cynicasaurus

    Open Mavel Cinematic Universe Rp

    London shrugged. “Your security protocols have a once-every-two-weeks glitch - a hole of sorts. Easily, I filtered through cloaking software. Wasn’t counting on Jarvis being there though. I mean, my code was rock-solid!” He powered down his Terminus and continued speaking. “Regardless, the flawed system plus the easy infiltration of a security profile made entry easy but exit difficult.” He then made a confused face. ”How did you know where to find me, Mr. Stark, and why?”
  14. I will absolutely edit them out. However, they are not “rocket boots” but instead just have a bouncing function. Basically, he can jump like a kangaroo.
  15. @Buck Testa As accommodating as you have been, I see your distress at two Stark clones. I can differentiate further (my latest attempt at that was with Jackson, although in retrospect, she may have simulated Pepper). Let me know if you need anything of that sort.