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Status Updates posted by ~Natural Beauty~

  1. @Lunarpalette

    Would you like to join an art challenge I have my artistic friends doing?

    1. Lunarpalette


      Sure! What are the details?

  2. Hello my dear Followers. I want to inform you all I will not be on hear that much, but will do my best to keep caught up roleplays.

    With Love,

    @~Natural Beauty~

    1. KTAG


      Okie dokie lokie. Thanks for telling us :)

  3. Hello My Followers,

    I'm not going to be that much, and probably just to roleplay. I have other things going on at the current moment. But don't worry I will be on.

    Love you all and thanks for the support,

    Mysterious Soul

    1. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Don't worry that fine hoping things get better for ya.


    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      They will, it will turn around.

  4. I have new fictional Crush...his name is...Miles Upshur from Outlast 1.

    1. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Here is some fan art of Miles




  5. Does anyone want to do a youtuber roleplay?

  6. Watching Markplier play Outlast.

  7. Watching Markplier play Outlast part 1.



    1. KTAG


      That is such a good game so far. I'm going to watch Jacksepticeye play it first then Markiplire, then John Wolfe, then Pewdiepie. 

  8. Does anyone roleplay Big Macintosh?

  9. Here is what I look like in mlp.

    Mysterious Soul



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    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Thanks, my friend drew it for me

    3. Johnny1226


      They are a good artist 

    4. ~Natural Beauty~
  10. Need help planning an rp, does anyone know the gosh dang plot line of Silent Hill original video game?

  11. Guys the best ponies are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

    My profile pic


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    2. KTAG


      I'm just imagining You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive playing.

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      I know right. This is my favorite ship ever!!

    4. KTAG


      Cool. I'm not much of a shipper, but I do like the Lyra-bon ship and Octa-scratch ship.

  12. @Maple Bat would you like to do a 1x1 mlp next gen roleplay with me. You can use maple bat in it.

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    2. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      It's really cute!

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Best Ponies!!!

      Would you like me to set everything up?

    4. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Yes. Thank you.

  13. Hello Rapid Wind. It has been a while.

  14. @Derplight Sperkle

    How do you change the title above your rank?

  15. Would you like to do 1x1 roleplay?

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    2. ~Natural Beauty~
    3. Lil' Lovebug

      Lil' Lovebug

      Ok, give me a few minutes to get it set up. Any title ideas?

    4. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Nope, I wish I did

  16. Would you like to do a 1x1 roleplay with me?

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    2. nx9100


      Sure, perhaps during the first year as Ennex's bodyguard/enforcer?  Go ahead and make an RP post for it, and send me a link.  

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      I can do that. I hope you like my post.

    4. nx9100


      fyi, leaving work, will be back on in an hour or so.

  17. Hey I figured that Mysterious should know your two characters in new elements of harmony rp

    1. nx9100


      Makes sense, since they all work for the same team, so to speak.

    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Yeah, I changed from a fox to a half bat half pegasus

  18. Hey love the banner you did!!!

    1. Kyoshi


      Thank you so much. ^-^ Made it back in September of last year. Shame it is off center and a bit smaller though with the new forum layout. I guess it couldn't be helped.

  19. Hello @Trixie . we haven't talked in awhile. Well I was looking back at our old 1x1s would you still like to do those or start a new one. I want to do one with Keeneye. But it is all up to you.

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    2. Califorum


      I'm a guy btw. I will.

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Sorry, about that. God that is embarrassing.

    4. Califorum


      Its fine, don't worry

  20. Hello, do you have the link to Our 1x1 roleplay?

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    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      I got a reply up. Sorry and of course.

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Can you please play Luna?

    4. Leavemealone


      Oh, yeah! Totally! I thought you were offended because I was taking control of Luna. No prob!

      What is your role in Scribblegroove's RP?

  21. Good morning Lunar! How are you?

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    2. Lunarpalette


      Ok. I can get to that in a little while. I do have some other work backed up, but if I find time I will be sure to try and draw them for you!

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Yeah, I figured you are slammed with a lot of requests. That's why I was looking around requestria for people to draw them.

    4. Lunarpalette


      Yeah. I just got done with a couple more but I have still five todo. 

  22. @Honeysuckle Would you like to do a 1x1 roleplay with me?

    1. Honeysuckle


      sometime yes, atm i don't think i have time ive got to get to my college campus for a club meeting soon, i'm actually procrastinating getting ready rn lol

    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Okay, just let me know if you change you mind.

    3. Honeysuckle
  23. Can we do a 1x1 roleplay together, @Raven Rawne?

    1. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I'm a bit full on rp's but if you don't mind something slower, then why not. Got any ideas?

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