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  1. @Lunarpalette

    Would you like to join an art challenge I have my artistic friends doing?

    1. Lunarpalette


      Sure! What are the details?

  2. Welcome to the herd @RainbowDash9901
  3. Hello my dear Followers. I want to inform you all I will not be on hear that much, but will do my best to keep caught up roleplays.

    With Love,

    @~Natural Beauty~

    1. KTAG


      Okie dokie lokie. Thanks for telling us :)

  4. Hey fellow ponies. I'm very sorry about not being on so much. But I will make up for it. I should have a reply up to day. With Love, @~Natural Beauty~ I approve it~
  5. Hello My Followers,

    I'm not going to be that much, and probably just to roleplay. I have other things going on at the current moment. But don't worry I will be on.

    Love you all and thanks for the support,

    Mysterious Soul

    1. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Don't worry that fine hoping things get better for ya.


    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      They will, it will turn around.

  6. Hello fellow bronies and pegasisters.... WELCOME TO THE OUTLAST FANCLUB!!! I have fallen in love with these games, and one day will play them. In this fanclub you can share videos of people playing the games, fan art, fanfics, your outlast crush (Mine is Miles), and confessions. Watch you step as you enter Mount Massive Asylum.
  7. I have new fictional Crush...his name is...Miles Upshur from Outlast 1.

    1. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Here is some fan art of Miles




  8. @Star48955 "Well Big Mac means a lot to me, and I want to make sure he is safe." Myst said. "You like him don't you." Fairy Blossom asked. "Yes I do." Myst replied to the filly. "I suppose we must start to plan to free the enslaved ponies." Myst asked
  9. @Star48955 Mysterious hopped off the statue and pushed her way through the ponies. She made it to Zecora. “Lady Zecora, is Big Macintosh part of your rebellion?” Mysterious asked Lady Zecora. Fairy Blossom limped over to Myst. Myst bent down and let Fairy Blossom climb on her back.
  10. Does anyone want to do a youtuber roleplay?

  11. No, I didn't know if she rhymed all the time. Sorry I i came off mad, that is not what I was trying to do.
  12. Markplier!!!!!!!!!!! Playing Outlast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Watching Markplier play Outlast.

  14. Watching Markplier play Outlast part 1.



    1. KTAG


      That is such a good game so far. I'm going to watch Jacksepticeye play it first then Markiplire, then John Wolfe, then Pewdiepie. 

  15. @Lunarpalette Mckenzie closed her wings into her back and zipped down to the ground. Right before she hit the ground she pulled out her massive wings and landed safely on the ground. She tucked her wings in and head towards the town.