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  1. she needs a new name :3

    i decided to re-name her posey... after the g1 pony
  2. okay u got me i'm aquameri ugh how the heck did you found out that  yaay:pinkie:

  3. pictures of my mlp au

    they're all fine now
  4. mane 6: sunshine smiles swift roseate sweet biscuit *as a earth pony* jetstream diamond mint jonagold 7th member: sonata dusk *voice actress: maryke hendrikse* one of sonata's two sisters: adagio dazzle *voice actress: kasumi evans* cmc: applemint - cotton cloudy - aquamarine - au spike: *voice actress: Nicole Oliver equestria girls 7th member: aria blaze *voice actress: diana kaarina* _______________________________________________________ the actual pictures: *from s1 ep 1 friendship is magic part 1* 'Hmm, the Elements of Harmony' promi: 'Make Some Friends!' promi - 'come on, sunshine, just try...' *from s1 ep 2 friendship is magic p2* jonagold : "No I ain't (i'm not). I promise you'll be safe. jetstream - 'What's with you and falling off cliffs today?' *from s1 ep 3 the ticket master* swift roseate - 'twitch, these are perfect' *the last ticket floats away* promi: how come i don't get a ticket to the gala? *cue fire breath mail* promi: and one for you, promi *from s1 ep 4 applebuck season* sunshine - 'can i help you?' jetstream - 'i think somepony else needs your help' sunshine: 'jonagold?' *from s1 ep 12 call of the cutie* cotton cloudy: 'how about we celebrate with some of these delicous cupcakes' *from s2 ep 2 the Return of Harmony Part 2* jetstream - 'did we stop discord?' *from s2 ep 3 lesson zero* promi: 'sunshine? Are you talking to... youself?' *from s2 ep 7 may the Best Pet Win!* swift roseate - "And I know you'll just love them!" *from s2 ep 16 read it and weep* sunshine - 'what are we looking at?' jetstream's found out from s2 ep 21 dragon quest promi: 'I feel like I'm looking at a complete stranger!' promi - 'I wonder if Dragons cry....' *from s3 ep 6 sleepless in ponyville* *from s3 ep 11 Just for Sidekicks* *from mlp equestria girls* 'Haven't really gotten accustomed to these yet, either ' promi - '!!' from s4 ep 9 pinkie apple pie *from s4 ep 25 Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1* sunshine: ♪It isn't that I'm ungrateful For all things that I've earned♪ sunshine: ♪i don't know how to travel to a future that i can't see♪ *from s5 ep 1 The Cutie Map - Part 1* ♪We never have to look around To know that we're all here♪ ♪we don't complicate ♪ *from s5 ep 18 Crusaders of the Lost Mark* *from s5 ep 26 the cutie remark p2* sunshine- 'i wish i could say i was suprised' sonata dusk - 'i don't believe you' sunshine - ' Like I said, everything in the past affects the future...' sonata - 'Change my mind?' sonata dusk: 'she got to got to cantalot & i didn't ' sunshine - 'A cutie mark can't take your friends away' sonata dusk teleports bag to her *although there's no bag in the pic yet* sunshine: 'it's kind of a long story' 'And that's why I've asked you here' sonata dusk: 'How do I start?' sonata dusk: "How do I start?" sunshine: "Starting is easy!" "All you have to do is make a friend!" "And you've got seven of them right here." sonata dusk singing ♪Right Where I Left Off♪ ♪And Make A Friend♪ ♪Just don't... ...disguise♪ ♪ Who you are... ...inside! ♪ *from s6 ep 1 The Crystalling - Part 1* nervous sonata *from s6 ep 6 No Second Prances* sunshine - 'so, how's it going with your new friend?' *from s6 ep 12 Spice Up Your Life* sonata and sunshine use their magic to re-activate the friendship map *from s6 ep 16 The Times They Are A Changeling* sonata dusk - 'i'm excited to see adagio again' sunshine - 'your work in ponyville isn't going anywhere' promi - 'i think i can get the whole crystal empire to be your friend too' *from s6 ep 21 Every Little Thing She Does* *from 6 ep 25 To Where and Back Again - Part 1* sunshine - 'i think she missed a meal or something' *from s6 ep 26 to where and back again p2* *from s7 ep 2 all bottled up* ♪we'll have each other's backs♪ ♪everything we need is all right here when we're with our team♪ *from s7 ep 10 a royal problem* sonata - ' i'm gonna stop talking now' sunshine: ''I'm so, so, so, so, so proud of you!" *from s7 ep 14 fame & misfortune* ♪we're not flawless!♪ *from s7 ep 25 shadow play p1* *from s7 ep 26 Shadow Play - Part 2* sonata raises her eye brow * jetstream: so, it's like a super villian tracker... er... no offense* *sonata dusk raises her eye brow at her... * mlp the movie promi - 'what you talking about?' ♪it's time to show em what you've got♪ ♪it's a promise to bring ponies together♪ ♪harmony!!♪ lyric from the movie song ' we got this togther' 'sweet!' *she's referring to 'sweet biscuit* sweet biscuit - 'i can't talk to you right now'
  5. ask posey!

    i got into mlp from back when i first saw g1
  6. ask posey!

    hi.. i'm posey .. & this is my pet, silverdust *poppy swirl is her old name* feel free to ask me whatever questions you like i'll answer them as soon as i can
  7. Ask Rainbow Dash!

    hey, rainbow... can i introduce my friend, aurora glider? she kinda looks up to rainbow dash a bit.... she can fly fast & guess what... she can do something called the 'aurora wave' it's kinda like your sonic rainbow boom aurora: nice to meet you, rainbow
  8. Ask Twilight Sparkle

    *is this still active?* hi, twilight... can i introduce my friend, crystal lake? she kinda looks up to you & is good with magic... she also likes reading somewhat... crystal: hello...
  9. Starburst (Starlight X Sunburst) Fanclub

    i made it
  10. Sonata Dusk Fan Club

    are these allowed? it's my pony version of sonata dusk i really like sonata too... she's so cute
  11. opinions on my au pony's pets choices

    thanks ............................................................ yeah, i guess you're right
  12. opinions on my au pony's pets choices

    these ponies aren't original characters... they were in the show... thanks anyway, though
  13. *au = Alternate Universe * sunshine smiles *i named her 'swift roseate' * - sweet biscuit *she's a earth pony in my au* --- jetstream --- diamond mint ---- jonagold ---- *sonata dusk *she's a unicorn in my au... *without those glasses, as well* /--- aria blaze *she's a unicorn in my au, as well* /---
  14. a name for this dragon

    i like that name ... thanks