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  1. i'm kinda having trouble thinking of a cutie mark that would suit my flora
  2. Snow Walnut

    singers wanted :3

    doesn't anyone want to try this with me?
  3. Snow Walnut

    G3.5 What is your era of MLP?

    well, i was born in 1991... but i didn't watch mlp in that year... it wasn't until much much later, i think when i found the first g1 mlp movie on youtube... *i'm not really sure when it was that i started... i can't really remember how old i was* but since then, i've been watching all the gens up to fim
  4. Snow Walnut

    Non-Pony OCs

    i have a lot of non-pony ocs a female griffin named sally & her child, tilly *in my twilightverse* a female changling named miirax * she's about the height & age as Ocellus* *in my rainbowverse* 6 bat ponies... honey cupcake *vampire bat* *in the rainbowverse movie* fizzy *batpony* *in my twilightverse* she got bitten by a vampire fruit bat when she was younger... & fizzy's little sister, Honolu-Loo *batpony* *in my twilightverse* *she replaces tempest in the movie for my version* queen dark *in my s2 & in my story* *vampirebat* *in my twilightverse* *i'm not sure i ever gave her a name* *vampirebat* *in my twilightverse* shade *he's in my story* *vampirebat* fizzy has her pet bat 'flappy' *in my twilightverse* a dear pony named summer Dahlia *in my twilightverse* 2 cat ponies.... Catastrophis *in my twilightverse* tina * Devastina in full* has chaotic powers Catastrophis's daughter *in 'to be written' my story* *has her daddy's powers* gemshard *half dragon, half pony* *he's in my story* summer dahlia's brother - mineral lace *in my twilightverse* 5 dragons tirla the dragon *in my twilightverse* *she's part of my young six... fizzy & tilly are too * she's more or less the same height as smolder... only a little bit smaller orchid the dragon *in the rainbowverse* in my twilightverse promi *in my flurryshy verse* unnamed dragon *in my g1 verse* some of the pets in my twilightverse 2 of the pets in my rainbowverse one of the pets in my g1verse
  5. these ponies are based off of my toys.. so it's kinda hard sometimes on terms of personality... can anyone help me? the one's i mananged to think up, so far are: the pegasus, piyo - personality: she is energetic and tomboyish... She complains about having to listen to "sappy" and "namby-pamby" stories... Although brash and spunky, she is skittish and self-conscious.... the pegasus, hina *rather... she's a flutter pony.. she's pretty like one * personality: hina is very kindhearted and innocent.... Despite this, she is often mischievous & naive...However, she remains positive and well-meaning in times of crisis, especially if she is responsible. she's a little shy as well the earth pony, aoi - personality: she's Brave and independent... she's kind & helpful.... *i'd like to expand just a little bit, if i'm able to * the one's who need personalites are: the unicorn, creamy *blacky & flossy's best friend* *unicorn* the earth pony, blacky *earth pony* flossy if you think of anything that might work on them, i'll think about them & let you know... that'd be great
  6. Snow Walnut

    singers wanted :3

    hi, everypony *or creature* i wanted to do a mlp cover of a japanese song from the japanese group called akb48. this is actually my first collab.. the song is called 'dakedo' *in english, it means 'However...' . * *i really like this song * *i wanted to do this on castingcall club, but somebody behind it banned me for some reason... & he/she hasn't replied back yet * here's the song: 【Live】【Theater】 AKB48 Team A 2nd STAGE - Dakedo... смотреть ... *here's the actual lyrics: * I need: twilight sparkle rainbow dash pinkie pie fluttershy starlight glimmer rarity *i'll probably end up doing either twilight or fluttershy... who knows who i'll pick * *a couple of notes: where 'buckball' is, it was originally 'baseball', where 'in the corner of the library' is, it was originally ' By the bike rack at the corner, ' & where 'You showed me, That the town isn't, far away', it was originally 'That the town, isn't far away, You showed me* the lines: twilight/rainbow: On campus, the chime for the end of school rings, rainbow: A colorless sky applejack/pinkie pie/fluttershy: the buckball team, is searching for, a missing ball rarity/starlight/fluttershy: in the corner of the library, I line up on the, other side, fluttershy: of the wall Without being able to speak twilight/starlight: so as to return the book i always asked to borrow, i came here with a facade mane 6: however... mane 6 & starlight: "I liked you" I wanted to say it in the end rarity: The trees in my, applejack: chest sway in the wind twilight: "I liked you", My voice couldn't come out fluttershy: As though that, moment went unnoticed, I smiled starlight: You showed me, That the town isn't, far away Without the distance, You'll disappear, Tomorrow twilight/rarity: The pool that shifted the waters, Glistens and shines Like the future… pinkie/rainbow: Nothing began, Only time, rusts the, wire screen all: mane 6: however... mane 6 & starlight: "Even if I could say it now…" My heart is shouting pinkie: Memory is, always a forgotten thing mane 6 & starlight: "Even if I could say it now…" The tears seem to overflow twilight: The sunset, dazzled my eyes... I hung my head in shame starlight: "I liked you" I wanted to say it in the end... The trees in my, starlight/rainbow/twilight: chest sway in the wind all: "I liked you" My voice couldn't come out fluttershy: As though that, moment went unnoticed, I smiled if you've heard of the japanese girl group, akb48, that's great... but if you haven't, then that's ok too *last part, partly what fluttershy said in school daze pt 1* If you would like to do a collab, please PM me via
  7. Snow Walnut

    Gaming Your preferred US/UM Pokemon!

    in ultra sun, i choose a female rowlet which i nicknamed 'moku' & in ultra moon, i choose my female minchinno which i hatched in another game... i nicknamed her 'fuzzy' speaking of popplio, i choose popplio in pokemon sun... & i have a brionne in ultra moon
  8. those lyrics actually sound really good.... i may use it... thanks
  9. those sound really good i was thinking of having them live & work in ponyville... but these are still really good
  10. can anyone help me come up with some lyrics for my version of 'what my cutie mark is telling me' ... i have no idea at the moment.... any ideas for lyrics? the element of loyalty, bluebell has peachy sweet's cutie mark (a apple pie) the element of generosity, lemony gem has blue bell's cutie mark (a cartoony cloud) my oc, the element of laughter, autumn rhythm has snow walnut's cutie mark (a music note in a heart) my ponysona oc, the element of kindess, snow walnut has autumn rhythm's cutie mark (a music note and a flower on a music panel thingy) & the element of honest, peachy sweet has lemony gem's cutie mark (3 diamonds) i kinda have an idea for my pony; autumn rhythm's personality..*i'll update with it later... if i can think of it * .. but i'm not too sure about bluebell ** *look for Blue October / Blueberry Muffin, & bluebell is underneath her*, peachy sweet ** & lemony gem ** *except for the quotes, maybe* snow walnut: she's a bit shy, but tries to help her friends, if she can... she's afraid of adult dragons... she loves her pet hamster, fluffy.. she wants to join the ponytones, but tends to get a bit nervous at the thought of it... she lives in ponyville.... she loves animals... she loves to sing
  11. can anyone help me think of other lyrics for my song in my mlp fanfic,the confrontion of Jubilee Dreams little bit of info: her friend, summer dahlia, went to cantalot, & left her behind another bit of info: even though, these two ponies are two seperate characters, living in two seperate universes, in this story, they're in the same universe it's to the tune of 'The Pony I Want to Be' jubilee: ♪ she's my best friend in the whole world We had lots of fun times together And now she's gone, I don't know what to do She's in cantalot and I'm here by myself♪ ♪ i know those ponies, out there want to be my friends but the two of us, the two of us had a real connection♪ ♪ we had a whole lot in common, we liked a lot of the same things but now i really don't know, i feel like i'm lost without my best friend around♪ *but i'm kinda stuck on any other lyrics on jubilee's parts & i don't know what i'm going to do for twilight & starlight's parts... those parts are going to be to the tune to 'Light of Your Cutie Mark' *from 1:04 to 1:49* 1:04 to 1:05 is a sung a little softer, though, i think
  12. what do you think about the other 4 ponies personality description?
  13. yeah, they are... the one i'm on at the moment.... Daring Do and the Eternal Flower .... i like that one... it's really good
  14. thanks... that looks good i've updated the original post with who has who's cutie mark
  15. mmmmmm maaaybe *what trixie said in 'to change a changling' * it's just that i have trouble figuring out personalities for them sometimes.... & lyrics