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  1. Snow Walnut

    cutie mark (symbal) help

    i think they're in need of better cutie marks (symbals) then what they have .... fuzzy's symbal's fine, though *i know it's not really mlp, but it's just a parady of the song, but with pokemon .... my pokemon from my games, that is * buttercup (bellossom) has rina's (nidoran) poison symbal rina has kindle's (flareon) fire symbal pachi (pachirisu) has houdini's (abra) psychic symbal houdini has pachi's electric symbal & kindle has buttercup's grass symbal
  2. Snow Walnut

    name for my batpony's pet

    maybe though, i've picked out a name for her already.... Flappy thanks anyway
  3. hm i love fizzy by the way and her sis is so cute 

    1. Snow Walnut

      Snow Walnut

      thanks very much :mlp_icwudt:


      fizzy's my favourite out of the two ^_^  i even made a best pony logo of her :yay:fizzy_is_best_batpony_by_akarifan25-dcgw

  4. hm flutterbat

  5. does anyone know of a good name for fizzy's pet bat ? *fizzy is the name of my adorable bat pony, here *
  6. Snow Walnut

    Bat Ponies Fanclub

    fizzy's little sis, Honolu-Loo *i really wanted her eyes to be like her big sis, fizzy's eyes, but i just couldn't get it right* & here's some more of my fizzy baby fizzy baby fizzy filly fizzy fizzy, nuzzling her pet bat
  7. Snow Walnut

    name for my pony

    i'll take dawn treader *dawn for short* thanks
  8. prequel? summer dahlia (cutiemark) (twilight's sister - dawn treader *dawn for short*) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ sequal? *yes, i know i'm getting ahead of myself, but i already had the characters anyway* shade kettle corn rosy beige tornado bolt - kids winter tiffany sugarberry _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - kids has her daddy's powers she comes later ______________________________________________________________________________________ *older barry* - kids __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - kids lofty sunbreeze thistle __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - glory ___________________________________________________________________________ dazzle haze *tina's best friend* _____________________________________________________ sundance *braeburn & crimsen gala's daughter*
  9. Snow Walnut

    name for my pony

    does anyone know of a good name for my pony? in my twilightverse au, she's twilight's sister
  10. many people are doing these on deviantart, chibinekogirl102's Lunaverse: what my cutie mark is telling me .... & MoonlightTheGriffon's WHATverse AU - The Mane 7 & BubblestormX's MLP AU - Glimmerverse Main Characters for example
  11. i decided to change 'tiddley' back to my 'promi the dragon' cause i found it was a bit hard to change dragon to pony on this perticuler base: **
  12. Snow Walnut

    Lyra & Bon Bon Fan Club

    lyra & bon bon's best friendship is *one of many* best ship
  13. Snow Walnut

    Ask the Mane 6

    yay! *hoofbump* are you ok, flutters?
  14. Snow Walnut

    Ask the Mane 6

    you have flurry heart by your side in my Alternate Universe.... in that universe, she's your sister ... isn't that great?
  15. Snow Walnut

    opinions on my au pony's pets choices

    well...sort of well, summer dahlia, snow walnut & autumn rhythm are my oc's, so i have a feeling that their pets fit them... but i'd love some opinions on all of them anyway i guess you like peanut, then