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  1. Hey fellow Fluttershy fan! Haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well! :kindness:


  2. I missed a few, but I haven't forgotten you. ;)

    Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! I hope life has been treating you well out there, or at least fairly. Here's to a great Friday and an even better weekend. :)


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you my friend. Life could treat me much better but... Friday is still the best day and good friends, like you are still priceless. :) Have a great Friday and the weekend @Totally Roseluck !

  3. I haven't forgotten my favorite yellow pone. ;) Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! I hope you're staying safe out there. Keep on smiling when you can, and have a nice weekend. :)

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you so much my favourite mint pone!;):BrightMacContent: I wish you exactly the same!:P A lot of smile, sun, pizza (as free as big and tasty :)), happy Friday and the weekend! You really improved noticeable my day. Thaaanks my friend! ^^

  4. Please my friend, read my message, whatever is going on. It is urgent and important *hugs*


  5. *sneaks in with a cookie and a hug*

    Happy Friday Flutters! :D Have a fantastic day today. :)

    *boop* :P


  6. *hugs @Fluttershy Friend* :squee:


    It's been a while since I've seen you here, my friend! :o I hope you have a wonderful day! :rarity:

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you my kind friend. I have presently some ...problems. I became mostly a guest here. Have a nice day @Tacodidra

    2. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! I hope things get better for you soon! :kindness:

  7. *sneak*

    Happy Friday! :yay: I hope you have a great one. :squee:

  8. Guess what day it is. :ticking:

    Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! :pinkie: I hope you're having a great one so far. I hope your weekend is a great one and brings you one hundred reasons to smile. :D


  9. *sneaks in with a tray of cookies, then takes the cookies and lays them out spelling the words "Happy Friday!"*

    Good morning and happy best of days Flutters! :squee:

  10. Wow :) Congratulations! :) And thanks that you have remembered to let me know after so long time! :) Good luck!
  11. I didn't forget. Nope, not me. :P

    Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! :pinkie: I think yours will be over soon, so I hope it was a great day and that tomorrow is even better. :D

    *gives a Friday boop :P*

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Oh, it was the last time - Friday is almost over here, as you have noticed properly.^_^ *thumb up*

      But you own Friday is fresh, wonderful, ready to use, enjoy it! :mlp_icwudt:

      Have very nice one! Thank you that you always remember about me. :squee:

      *gives a Friday boop and some Friday cookies*:P 

  12. Happy Friday my friend! :fluttershy: Have a nice day and 25 % better weekend!:BrightMacContent:

    Yeah, yeah, I know that it is very early, :orly:, especially for you, ;)but you must understand - this time I simply had to be the first. :proud:^_^


    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Oh my. :o

      You certainly beat me this week. ^_^ Happy Friday my kindest yellow friend! :squee:

      25%? That's a lot. :wau: I hope your weekend is even better than what you wish for mine. :D

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      :proud: &:squee:

      Have I written 25 % only? :awwthanks:Sorry -  it is my mistake in calculations! ^_^Have 100 % better weekend!:mlp_icwudt:

      Once again, because THIS DAY has came:yay: happy Friday!:)

  13. *sneak*

    Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! :pinkie: Have a fantastic morning and an even better rest of the day. :D

    *sets out a pie and cake, then leaves* :P

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Sorry for the delay! Thank you my friend! :P

  14. I beat you this week. ;)
    Happy Friday Friend! :love: Have a fantastic day today and tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow. :D

    *shares cookies and hugs* :squee:

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Well, the fact-this time you were first. Let's see what will be next Friday. ^_^ Thank you, of course, my friend. :) I wish you exactly the same - fantastic Friday, the weekend and nice weather! :P

      *eats cookies and hugs his minty friend too*

  15. Do you know what day is it ?!:P

    Noooo? :confused:

    So guess my mint friend!:toldya:

    WHAT? :wau:


    NOOO! I assure you that no! :please:

    I thought it would be easy question. :awwthanks:

    A little prompt: free pizza, begining of the weekend,the best day of the week....:grin:


    Could you repeat louder?:ooh:


    YESSSSSSS! It is Friday!!:pinkie:

    Happy Friday, my friend!:fluttershy:


    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      That just made my day. Thank you! :yay:

      Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! No Friday is complete without these Friday wishes. :squee: I hope your Friday is filled with joy, filled with peace, and filled with ponies. :pinkie:


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