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  1. Te-he!:mlp_proud: I wish you happy Friday and big (really big free pizza) my mint friend!:P And taking into acount certain pony's last weekend:please:I wish you being extremally productive, full of energy and new fresh ideas on Saturday and Sunday!^_^


    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Thank you so much! :pinkie:

      Happy Friday to you as well friendliest of yellow ponies! :D I hope yours is a very relaxing and fun weekend. :squee:

  2. I like cookies so I will be guesing further. OK. IT was an alternative choose. Now I am sure. I will send you PM.
  3. I think that I know. It is a very small factory, isn't it? BTW, as your really caring friend *sighs* I strongly advice you to sleep at least from time to time.
  4. @Alexshy I see what you have done here. You are risking. I friendly suggest you to change this "pondering" reaction before our common friend will see it.
  5. *pokes his yellow snoot to the thread sniffing with curiosity* *boops @Alexshy (try to guess what is THAT. Good luck with ...........writing. Simply make IT purrs) @Totally Lyra (May all your future Fridays be full of free pizzas my friend! Thank you that remember about me!) @Rikifive (I really remember about you and I always read what is going with you... So I know..... If you will decide to ....forum...I will send you PM, OK?) @Rising Dusk (thanks for remember about boop my snoot)
  6. I'm really not sure if I should. Taking into account let's say middly average level of interest of your great book here (what is sad and totally not deserved!) I suppose that "The Guardian" would gain more attention if it would be a movie or a comic (certain pony-artist would kill me for such idea).
  7. Happy Birthday @Rikifive ! My the best wishes for you!:fluttershy:

  8. Thank you for all the wishes. I will read them probably later. I am really not in the enough good mood to answer, read, react.  

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      We’re here if you need a talk. Always glad to listen .

    3. Tacodidra


      You're welcome, my friend! :kindness: I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you my friends! :PI will read them soon.

  9. Hi my minty friend! It's terrible (really terrible) late (here) but happy Friday @Totally Lyra !:P

    Nice weather!

    Be free from alergy! Yeah I read your status updates at once. (I can give you good advice about allergy tomorrow).

    Have many free pizzas!



    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Woah! Happy Friday friend! This message just made my day. :pinkie:

      I'd love that allergy advice, this is a pain to deal with. :scoots:

      Your wish is already coming true, there's gonna be free pizza tomorrow. Thank you! ^_^

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Wow and yay! :P I will send you PM about allergy. At the first please write what you do yourself to minimalize simptoms. It will be useful.

  10. Happy Birthday My Dearest Friend! :P Accept my the sincerest wishes of all the best!:squee:

    Oh, please don't take too seriously the quantity of candles (on the Earth your age counts totally differently;)) .

    Go on ! Just use your both powerful wings and blow out them! :please:



    1. Alexshy


      *hugs tight and nuzzles* Thanks mine dearest friend! Alas, I had a less than fortunate 25th... But thy wishes made July, 26th better. Hopefully I can enjoy that birthday more than I expected :LunaMCM:

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend


      *hugs tight and nuzzles*

      *purrs and.....purrs*^_^



      Thanks mine dearest friend!


      You are welcome for obvious reason @Alexshy!


      Alas, I had a less than fortunate 25th...

      Judging by .....I think you shamelessly lie to me about your age!:please:


      But thy wishes made July, 26th better.

      Yay! :PSo mission complete!:D


      Hopefully I can enjoy that birthday more than I expected :LunaMCM:


  11. Aha. Hmm. It seems that smart yellow pony almost "touched the truth".
  12. Uuuuuuuu. Your yesterday post made my ambitions suffering. It is not possible to guess, keeping in mind just text of your book, I've read so far. So it is not a project of Alex's own tapestry to hang in the Canterlot castle. It is nothing what will be mentioned in the text of the book. There is not any sign in the text giving such possibility. So what it is? Project of Badge of Holy Patience for me? If I am right, it is definitely too small and too modest. If it is not exactly a logo of your book, but it is still something what is related with your book (I'm sooooo intelligent). Still looks like a kind of badge predicted for ponies who like "The Guardian", an universal sign for them. It is only possible explanation I can give now. Just in case - take into account that I had almost sleepless night.
  13. Mysterious like always...Will you let me suffer from curiosity or you tell me what it is exactly?
  14. Let me guess. It is a logo of your book. Symbols are very characteristic. Two nomen omen celestial bodies and legendary weapon of human kind. The general meaning - guardian, protector of land of Equestria co-ruled by two sisters- controling the Sun and the Moon. Uff....It is so easy to write some better text while you have a moment of rest during mowing the grass. :))
  15. Zodiac has a meaning for me only in astronomical sense and I literally have no idea what is mean being zodiacal Taurus. Besides I am simply now in definitely too grumpy mood to "safely" talking on the forum so maybe instead I am posting here certain sugestive illustration to the book.
  16. To everyponies who have noticed my absence on the forum, if any. I returned here only for a moment. I simply must temporary focus at my efforts to help for someone, I must use most of my time predicted for the whole online activity to do something important. I have no right and I don't want to do otherwise. Besides it is not the best time of my life and my mood is a victim of this situation. I would not be an interesting, good collocutor on the forum. I hope you will understand.

    See you later, all the best for you!


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    2. Flutterstep


      See you around yellow pone. Hope everything works out. :fluttershy:

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Good luck to you and see you around! We are pulling for you!

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been going so well for you - I've been feeling the same recently. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck!

  17. I hope your Spring is better than my Spr...Autumn. After your last message I'm the more frustrated that my wishes don't work, so if we separately came to the same conclusion.... OoooK. Let's check what will happen. Sooooo I wish you my dearest friend awfully busy and hard day at work. A lot of burdens, tasks, duties, system failures, burdens (un)wittingly formated had disks, many blue screens of death (uff I mentioned the worst problems I know. I am sure you would be able to make that list much longer). May your co-workers forget today how to use properly keyboards and computer mouses (hmm. Maybe it will be nothing new). Have no free time during the whole long day at work. (OK. Just a little to go to toilet..... Trotting). Uff enough I feel uncomfortable now but as you see I did my best. Maybe at last in some magic way my wishes will help….I'm very curious about the effect. From the other site if my not serious wishes will become true exactly literally in this way, it will be simple your usual day in prison so we risk nothing. *shrugs* Pictures to improve your mood, in every cicumstances. Sweet nightmare. Little blue liar. Um..hmm. How to explain, my princess... Something tells mee that probably the next horror movie is on.
  18. Don't trying to explain the reason of this mysterious cough, I can tell one thing: is very contagious. So cough I want She becomes an alicorn. She deserves so much to be one of the princesses. And thankfully to certain book I know that some day She will. cough Exactly the only one modification of Her shape/body I mentio..I coughed about it above.
  19. *simply hugs with compassion*I hope Monday paradoxically will be less busy day for you. Pictures especially for you to cheer you up although topic of my today post is serious. I thought that in this thread there is too little about science, so today will be about astronomical phenomena. The original title: "Unexpected eclipse" The next "unexpected" eclipse. And this spectacular astronomical phenomenon once again. .....and night will last forever for few minutes. Since thousands years menkind thought about of Sun eclipse. They tried to find the real reasons and to learn the nature of that amazing events, then they even tried to predict the moment of eclipse. If they only knew the truth. The same when it comes to the Moon phases.... ...and rise of the Sun. There were wrong. OK. Enough about astronomy for today. At least at the end something more light about astronomical phenomena. Have peaceful day at work, my friend! *snuggles*
  20. Luna and spring night. Your (cute) smile is very welcome my friend! *hugs* I see my Luna that your life is not easy..... .....that you have many too obstacles to spend your time in the most favourite way..... that your life is full of threats and you have to manage even with ..let's say not quite honest friends. ..that you may be stressed having such many sweet hunters around you. ...that sometimes you simply got enough..... .....and you think that only in these picturesque circumstances you will regain your inner peace... ...but please don't forget that you always can count at the trustworthy ponies around you....and at least one sincerest friend a little further from your palace.
  21. Probably you are right. Anyway finally turning Her into pegasus by Faust was a great idea. Angels and Roman Victory have wings what has meaning when I think about the yellow pegasus.
  22. Wholeheartedly I wish you free, stressless, restful time, especially this weekend, my dearest friend!:P


    May all your troubles, things that bother you will dissapear as quickly as it is only possible! :twi:

    Please don't forget that I am always ready to help you achieve this goal as much as I can.;)


    Few pictures following the rule the more smile - the better!:squee: