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  1. Lyra can be added when She leaved Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops and go to Canterlot to meet Twilight's new friends and reunited with her old friends
  2. Pandora from Warriors Orochi That's my choice for narration music It's for Nightshroud and myself This music can be good and perfect with the narration text's color is yellow gold and with blue sky with clouds as background for the narration
  3. Ahem one by one please Mane 5 first,Starlight second,Sunburst third,Thorax fourth and Discord fifth and the last Sorry,Moondancer is absence or just make a cameo and will not speak in the episode She's just one time playing her role in the show she only mentioned or just make a cameo at one of Twilight's old friends
  4. Because his hoofs is white So it need to be muscular and bulky
  5. AwesomePony14

    animation Is Disney's Hellfire full of controversies

    He killed his mother accidently But he must raise Quasimodo to pay the blood that he spilled The eyes of Notre Dame is actually Judeo-Christian God that watching him through many statues for his sin that he commited To avoid this punishment,he must raise a child that have her mother killed by him He felt in fear because Yahweh can see his wrongdoings through eyes of notre dame TBD you also must watch the latin fandub by 0ivette in youtube You will find all the meaning of latin chantings in the lyrics
  6. Pinkie Pie meet Twilight's old friends in Amending Fences But should Fluttershy,Rarity,Rainbow and Applejack meet them too Probably they can communicate each other Should they meet Twilight's old friends What would your reaction if you see Mane 5 meet Twilight's old friends
  7. AwesomePony14

    animation Did The Simpsons really predicted the future

    Family Guy dind't predict any events of history Instead they just copy it because they think it was cool The Simpsons is the real future predicting show The Simpsons predict many future events The Brony episode that have referenced to FiM Is actually a prediction that Brony Fandom will appeared on 2010
  8. AwesomePony14

    animation Did The Simpsons really predicted the future

    They also predicted Ebola Virus attack and Farmville game addiction
  9. AwesomePony14

    spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    This Mare Do Well will attempt to murder Rainbow Dash That parodied Physco famous shower scene with Physco Strings music/The Murder by Bernard Hermann played in the background When RD takes a shower suddenly she see Mare Do Well holding a knife try to kill her because this MDW is Sunset Sunset doesn't like anypony jealous of her becoming Equestria's Superhero so she attempt to kill Rainbow by stabbing her wings Gozer is ancient evil that also Supervillain MDW is the superhero that must stop him
  10. All must be muscular Including Flash Sentry Redesign all stallions to have muscular hoofs Redesign all the stallions
  11. AwesomePony14

    spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    Not a superhero but a supervillain that is pretending to be a hero She leaves Canterlot High every single night to help Pony Twilight Because Pony Twilight helped her defeat the sirens So to thanked this kindness she must help Twilight too It will not reported I use harsh word to make you listen so you accept Sunset Shimmer as Mare Do Well Sunset should be Mare Do Well No More Denying I will rage at all of you So you know your listen Status update:Don't post any denial posts in this topic
  12. Muscular bulky body type is the coolest Husbandos always have this body type He shall be redesigned in Season 11(That set 30 years after Season 10 where Mane 6 is now fully grown up and the time where Flurry Heart have becomed a teenager) He shall have this body type Is the most coolest body type than the other body types in the show I like Muscular Bulky Body they're awesome
  13. Why he doesn't have a muscular bulky hoofs He has normal stallion design without muscular bulky hoofs Should they redesign Sunburst with muscular bulky hoofs like Shining Armor,Big Mac,Blueblood and Bulk Biceps Muscular bulky hoofs is a hoof that doesn't coat covering the entire hoofs of a stallion
  14. This comedy show have predict the future many times The episodes of the old seasons of The Simpsons is foreshadowing the future Many articles in the internet said that The Simpsons really is predict the future and it was true Brony Fandom are also predicted but dind't appeared on any articles The predictions are many I can't described how many of all of this predictions
  15. Do you guys ever watch it Your favorite actor Morgan Freeman stars in Nat Geo Documentary series Story Of God The documentary series about beliefs and spirituality in 4 different religions This documentary series is first aired and premiered in 2015 Morgan Freeman dind't became Twilight Sparkle's VA instead he stars in Nat Geographic Documentary series Story Of God featuring him as a host of the series