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  1. Dawna's eyes opened wide as she was pulled forwards. surprise filled her heart and her ears flung back as she worried about what to do. she had never kissed anyone before."do i close my eyes?" she thought silently. instantly she shut her eyes and hoped for the best.
  2. Dawna looked at Shadow in shock as he spoke those words to her. "i love you too" she said blushing. the world around her was spinning and laughing in a world that she never once new before.
  3. "um... i hypothesis that we hit the ground at about a 20 Degrees slant going about 45 miles per hour or so... by the way, that was exhilarating! I've never gone that fast before!" Dawna said her hear beating out of her chest. she no longer felt nervous around other ponies something about shadow made her feel brave. brave for him.
  4. Dawna was too busy looking at shadow to realize where they were going, before she could tell they where in the forest staring face to face with two other ponies
  5. "yea... how did you know my name? or at least i think it's my name. no one has called me at all for a long... long time." she said. she looked behind them. the Big Pony was up but still looked a bit dizzy and couldn't tell they where there.
  6. "i think you mean 'nice'?" she giggled. "whats your name? i never got it before..." Dawna Smiled Brightly for probrably the first time she could remember.
  7. "that was very smart and expertise of you... or really dumb of him, either way, good job... i think." Dawna says clearly not dazed by any of the violence at all.
  8. at that moment Dawna wished she had some sort of training in any sort of physical self defense. "i dont know what i should do!" she thought. "i...i..." the pony Bit Down on Shadow."i don't even know his name" she panicked. "but i need to find out." She thought angrily. She ran towards Shadows attacker and prayed that her hooves would know how to lead her.
  9. "there was someone there. watching that i did not see before. I don't talk to anyone, because i don't like ponies to know i am there. he saw me cry." Dawna said trying to keep from crying again. "yet i talk to you. freely, without any barriers to catch my mistaken words."
  10. "Although we have only met once... you know where i hide, and how i think..." she said turning her head sideways like a puppy does when confused. "how?"
  11. Dawna heard the voice but stayed hidden. "what actions will he take to a pony who is not there?" she asked herself in silence. she knelt into the shadows and left no markers of her existence in that ally.
  12. yes i made this btw i like your picture
  13. Dawna Fawn


    OHHHHHH shadow! i got bored and thought i'd make a picture for you
  14. Dawna Cried as she regretted leaving so suddenly. she stopped in another Ally and sat down hoping to find some sort of Drama to get her mind off of the guilt eating at her chest.
  15. Suddenly Dawna remembered the other pony who was there. and opened her eyes wide to him. Something about him scared her, she didn't know what. she backed away slowly and blinked. then ran. she ran into the shadows tears of sadness replaced her tears of joy as she had to leave. she ran hidden and away.