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  1. Hey there! Unfortunately nothing that I know of. I'll contact you if I find anything but at this point probably best to sports for your own room and get other people to rent it with you.
  2. Mystic lotus


    No problem. And if you're looking for a room I can refer to you to the guy that I'm staying with? He's got extra space.
  3. Mystic lotus


    Hey there, thanks for your message. At the moment I am planning on staying with another member at the Hyatt. We're planning on splitting a two bedroom room. Assuming that doesn't come to fruition for some reason, I would be willing to consider your offer? I'm coming up from Riverside so I'll definitely need a place to stay either way. Anyways feel free to message me back if you like and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks
  4. Contacted you on Skype
  5. Hey there do you have any spots open? I'm looking for a room at the moment.
  6. Hi there I'm looking for a room for babscon 2017. I'm 28 years old and live in Riverside, I'll be coming up to San Francisco on the 13th of April and hope to find a room before then. Skype is thedonman2
  7. Definitely interested
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