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  1. @@Skullbuster, Sapphire whispered into Strikers ear, he remained calm, showing no sign of emotion. Unlucky for Sapphire though, was how Striker had taken his blade back from her while she was close, there would be no evidence for her to use. He was a master of stealth and special operations, hell if he didn't know how to pick pockets, that was one of the first things he learned in basic training. as the rest of his team was at lunch Striker walked up to the captain "Hello sir, Me and my team are have made from the drop off point, i also accomplished that mission you wanted taking care of..."
  2. Striker said nothing, he simply kept walking, the group kept walking, they met no further resistant's, after 40 mins they had made it to the base. It was surrounded be fencing, and the entrance had a few guards waiting outside. "Wait here" Striker said "I will handle this." Striker walked up to one of the guards, Striker said a few unintelligible things, that the group could not hear, the guard looked frustrated for a second, then striker showed him a card, the guard seemed dumbstruck at first, but soon afterwards he was fumbling as fast as possible to open the gate, Striker motioned for the o
  3. Striker looked up, the tree he was lying under, seeing the others coming he got up, "We all done here? Let's go already!" Striker said in a worried voice, "I don want to hang around here for much longer, besides we still have not even gotten to the base camp, from what i understand it should only be about 40 mins walk away."
  4. "Who he was is not a issue to us, leave the dog tags for the enemy to find, we might have come here to kill them, but we sure as hell are not keeping them from there families." Striker said strictly, looking around he found more and more dead bodies, all killed the same way, horribly, Striker could not take much more, "I am going to... take a brake, tell me if you find anything of interest, ANYTHING!" Striker then walked through the bushes wipping his red hooves on a leaf.
  5. @@Ember_star, "That description might be closer then you expect..." Striker said kicking at some rubble, he was desperately looking around trying to find anything that could be linked back to him, knives, bullets, even the occasional tear of cloth from his clothes. He was searching around when he found a dead body under some rubble it's face was torn and there would be no possible way of finding out who this pony was, Striker remember exactly how he had killed him, a knife to the face, followed by a few bullets in the legs and chest... Striker remembered every gruesome move he had made on the
  6. @@Ember_star, Striker looked Sapphire straight in the eye, even through the mask she could feel the piercing stare he gave, "This place is left for the dead, and is haunted with the spirits of those who have died here, The monster who did this was evil and we must leave before anything happens" Striker said in a sad but yet somehow angry tone, "Now let's go before the creature comes again."
  7. Striker said nothing, he simply walked into the middle of the camp and went to the light post, there hanging on a metal bar was his dog tag that had been left there by mistake, he grabbed it before any pony noticed. looking at the soil he saw as his hoofs started to turn red, "We must leave this place... evil spirits lye here."
  8. @, "Right then! All you grab anything you can find and keep moving! we are going to need someponies to take Sapphire with us on a stretcher, we are still heading north!" After 2 minutes of searching the ground for supplies Striker shouted "Let's move! everypony Get going!" Striker took lead, he started walking north after about 1 hour the group made past the cliffs into the forests, there they found a clearing, with a light post, and a generator, but no camp, Striker recognized the area immediately looking down he could still see the patches of red from the blood he had spilled.
  9. (it seems to me that only three people max are playing right now, i have a bad felling about this.) After hours and hours of battle, they were finally done, all the enemies were dead and most if not all of the ponies were covered in blood that was not theirs. Striker especially did not look like himself, as his hair turned to a bright red color. Walking over to Sapphire he made sure she was alright, he was covered in blood and cuts but he did not care, "Hey? you alive? it's been about four hour's... you there?" Striker asked worried.
  10. @@Ember_star, Striker looked down, "No i am sorry..." Striker then ran into the bush's knifes ablaze, all his knife's every single one, were flying in the air, screams and bullets filled the air, including the mist of blood that started to mix into the air. a bullet in his chest, in his leg, and yet, Striker still managed to swing his blade's around silently.
  11. Striker ran and ran, following the blood trail, at some point, striker did not know when he found a large pool of blood infront of him, there laying in the bushes was Sapphire, half conscious and losing blood fast, reacting quickly he took out a med pack and sealed up her wounds, but he knew that without enough blood she was not going to make it, looking at her dog tag he saw that she had the same blood type as his, getting a tube, he manually sucked his blood out into a bag, and then hooked Sapphire into the bag. looking around he realized that they had been seen, and were soon being surround
  12. Striker walked out from the shadows, his face stinging all over, putting his mask back on he yelled, "Everyone UP, UP, UP! Sapphire just ran away, and we need to get her before she raise's any alarms and gets herself killed!, now LET'S MOVE!" Striker took all his tools and started to run down the cliff wall, looking behind him every few seconds to make sure everyone was following behind.
  13. @@Ember_star, "Sorry" Striker said, silently, he was still in the dark their was no way to see him, but he still had tears in his eyes, as they rolled down his face the tears stung his face, the pain insurmountable for most others, "I always wanted to say sorry, but at this point it does not matter..."
  14. @@Ember_star, "I don't sleep, not possible," Striker said in a gruff voice, "Notice anything about the lighter? anything at all?" Striker said questioningly, his eyes show his curiosity on the matter, "I would be surprised if you didn't see anything at all." Striker pulled back into the darkness, his eyes vanishing in the darkness, he was as a shadow, dark and silent.
  15. @@Ember_star, "I don't sleep..." Striker said calmly, he did not move, his eyes glowed with red in the darkness, there was something almost calming about his eye's, but if you stared at them for to long, you would see the evil that they beheld. Striker did not move to much, but every so often a small twitch in the eye here or there, "Look at the lighter..." Striker said
  16. @@Ember_star, Striker saw as Sapphire got out of the tent, he decided to leave his mask off, seeing as the pony did not notice him, he silently got up and walked behind her in a way that he was in the shadows but could still the picture she was holding, he looked at the picture, and automatically recognized the pony in the picture. A old lighter slid next to Sapphire. there was no way of knowing were it came from.
  17. @@Ember_star, Striker turned his head around, looking at Sapphire as she ate the food, he was silent, he did not say a word. Later when everyone was asleep, Except for Striker, He did not sleep much anymore, he took his mask off, letting the cool wind touch his face, it was a mangled mess of skin and bone, his skin on one side of his face was completely gone, the only thing you could make out of his face were the two blood red eye's that seemed to glow in a deep deadly way.
  18. @@Ember_star, "I've been busy..." Striker said bluntly, he did not like killing, not unless he had to, and he knew that they would need some supplies. "Here brought some supplies..." Striker said, he then took all the bags full of supply's and threw them on the ground, He then moved to the edge of the cliff and laid down, looking out at the land before him. he did not care if the cliff's fel with him, sometimes he just wished he could die.
  19. @@Ember_star, The radio was silent for a second, and in that silence the screaming stopped, suddenly the radio perked up, "This is Striker... everything on my side is... okay... don't worry to much, i will be coming back soon, i just need to take care of... something..." The radio went dead, and the screams did not come back up the rest of the night. Striker made his way back caring a supply's and ammunition, that he stole off of the soliders, but no pony would know that. Striker knew how to clean up, even if that ment making a mess, the camp which he left was gone, only the few items which c
  20. Striker walked down the Salt mine, silently, it was night when he reached the end of the cliffs, with only one or two close calls, he had finally reached the end. He walked silently, through the forest up ahead it was pitch black and he was as silent as a shadow, he walked along until he found a small outpost, enemies were every where, Striker laughed silently, "How fun this is going to be." He made his way to the camp, not a soul noticing him, there in the corner was the power box, a simple blade turned all the lights off. Panic, just want Striker wanted, for the next 10 minutes, this would b
  21. @@Ember_star, Striker pulled himself up the rest of the way, with a simple flick of his wrist the blades came back into his sleeves, "If anyone of you falls, you don't have to worry, there is a reason the other captain call me the blade... anyway lets move on ahead" Striker took lead again, and they walked for a good 30 minutes before they got to a wide spot on the side of the cliffs, it was protected with a large cliff face opposite the cliff egde, "Right then, let's set up camp here for now, their is something i need to check, i am going to go on ahead, you lot stay here."
  22. @@Ember_star, Striker walked calmly over the cliff with everyone trailing behind, even when giant chunks of salt fell he still walked forward as though this was nothing but a simple walk, he was not afraid, he was never afraid, not anymore at least. So he could not help chuckling when he heard sapphires worry, "You worry to much, we will be fine, i have been in much worse situations then this..." Striker paused a second and his face though no one could see it, seemed to drop in a way, a second later he shook it off, "Besides, as long as i have these" Striker said looking at his Sickles, "all
  23. @, "Well thats just it though! These cliffs are made of salt... and incase any of you runt's don't know salt is a very soft element, so for example..." Striker then proceded to walk a little father, taking his hoof he stomped the ground in a specific area, at first nothing happened, but a few seconds later, a HUGE chunk of the cliff fell away. Striker looked back at the group, "Now then... seeing how much you guys want to make it on ahead, who want's to go first?"
  24. @@Ember_star, "Were going this way" Striker said pointing with his hoof towards the direction they were going, the trail they were taking was on the edge of a cliff. As Striker walked forward and made his way onto the ledge he stopped only a few steps in and looked down, examining the ground he hit it hard a thought for a few seconds, before looking up again. "We have good news and bad news.... what do you want to hear first?"
  25. @@Ember_star, "Yes, i guess the cliffs are the best route from here, i don't think any pony really wants to be shot at right now... Lets head off then!" Striker made his way towards the cliffs looking behind him occasionally to make sure every pony was right behind. He decided when they reached the cliffs to call into command and tell them there situation, "Hello command? This is captain Striker of the 7th legion, we had to make a detour around the path to the Lz. we might be coming in late."
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