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  1. Hated it. Very boring. Even college was. Going to trade school was much more interesting, because I actually did things that helped me learn actually skills.
  2. Hasbro is more concerned about toy sales than how well the movie does. However, if this were a film without an established toy line, this could be considered an awful gross. Again, Lionsgate/Hasbro put limited funds into their marketing, so if they do eat the bullet for this, it's going to be a meager sum of money. This is assuming that merch sales bump up with the film's release.
  3. Children were mostly receptive. Adults weren't very vocal.
  4. I have to admit, I'm fairly excited for it. But not nearly excited for this as I was for Godzilla (2014) or IT. It's not a knock against MLP, but because those two had such a bigger impact on my growth as a person. Still, I'm eager for Friday night.
  5. My tickets will be waiting at the box office window for pick up when I arrive on Friday night with my niece, so technically yeah. I already have. Mostly just to get it out of the way. Also because we want to arrive early in case certain friends decide to show up (but I'm not counting on it because they're fairly indecisive).
  6. I'm more likely to listen to friends than what the public is saying unless their opinion of a film is overwhelmingly negative. In the case of MLP, however, I'm not going to listen and just enjoy the ride. I think we should all do that.
  7. I don't have a source, but a friend I know who saw an early screening of it said that fans shouldn't worry because it matches the source material perfectly. Keep in mind, this was the same person who tried to warn me that Kingsman 2 was inferior to its predecessor (and it was). So I trust him when he says this.
  8. Halberd

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I'm worrying about things that are unlikely to happen. I certainly know better. My brain's other side does not.
  9. I was in a relationship. We weren't happy with each other like we thought we would be. We constantly argued and wallowed in each other's toxic feelings. No matter how much we "loved" each other (if one could even call it that), our hate for each other was much stronger. I still sometimes miss her...but then I remember why we broke up. As of yet, I still haven't felt bothered to enter another relationship, or even try to make myself open to them.
  10. Halberd

    Health Anyone Workout?

    I used to work out, however over the years I've slowed down with it. My physique was at its best when I was a swimmer in high school and college. But I've never really had an issue with gaining too much weight. In fact, I have the problem of losing weight and not being able to keep it up. So it's the opposite.
  11. Halberd

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    Just watched the first episode of Netflix's Castlevania. It has over-the-top gore and violence like an 80's anime, except it's competently produced.
  12. If we're talking about infatuation, I did when I was really young (single digits). There were a few. Got over that quickly, though. It's difficult for me to "fall in love" with a real person these days, let alone a fictional character. I've been burned enough times to know otherwise.
  13. This is a standard, cookie cutter movie plot. Not just in animated films, but various mediums as well.
  14. The only thing that makes me sad about this is Starlight Glimmer being relegated to a secondary character. I think it's by design since the movie was developed over the course of several years, but still....
  15. Took a nap. Woke up. Saw someone mention this on Twitter. My response:
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