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  1. K.Rool Addict

    Stuff You Just Can't Take Seriously

  2. K.Rool Addict

    Gaming favorite card game and video game

    Favorite card game is YU-GAY-HOE! Objectively best videogame of all time is Super Mario Sunshine (with Shadow of the Colossus as a close second o,o)
  3. K.Rool Addict

    in love with a fictional character?

    Lol, I didn't mention videogames? I guess that's what sleep deprivation will do to ya xD But yeah, Daisy is def a waifu. I think videogames is the only other medium that counts iirc.
  4. K.Rool Addict

    in love with a fictional character?

    Where did you hear that waifu/husbandos also included live action characters? >.> That is purely fallacious... Waifu/ husbando is meant to refer exclusively to fictional characters, from animation, comic books, visual novels, and even regular novels I believe count as well. But live action characters are def not waifu/ husbando material. Only times I hear people listing live action ppl as waifus is when they are totally joking around, like listing Cory from Cory in the House as their husbando, for example
  5. K.Rool Addict

    spoiler What do you expect episodes 24-26 to be like?

    From someone who hasn't touched a single S7 episode with a ten foot pole... I am expecting some srsly crazy shit to go down in eps 25-26. Idk what exactly, but something really REALLY over the top. ^Not to say that "over the top" is a bad thing, at least not when Studio B/ Dhx is involved
  6. K.Rool Addict

    Nintendo's E3 Spotlight 2017

    Oh LAWD, more downgrades incoming -.- ^What is Nintendo taking cues from Ubisoft now? Srsly tho, this game looks downright depressing. Killed all my enthusiasm as soon as I finally saw some legit gameplay. I would go as far as to say, this game looks about as bad as Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness... on the PS3! And even that game has a more solid frame rate (given there are less enemies on screen, but my point stands). ^Nintendo, can we have enough of this decade old tech pls? kthxbaaai~
  7. K.Rool Addict

    What would you change your national anthem to?

    ^"Originally published by swordsman3003 in October 2nd, 2007" <-- Just for a little context I disagree that 4chan died in 2007, btw... I'd say more or less around mid-to-late 2009 is when it "fully" went under -.-
  8. K.Rool Addict

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    ^LMAO! That passive-aggressive hostility xD
  9. K.Rool Addict

    in love with a fictional character?

    ^Yes, OP, I believe that is the very definition of a waifu https://mlpforums.com/topic/165210-post-your-non-pony-waifus-husbandos~/#comment-4868423 ^^^Relevant topic is relevant >.>
  10. K.Rool Addict

    Best cartoons of the 2010s.

    That's because Gravity Falls is...
  11. K.Rool Addict

    The Atari Is Back?!

    Attention? This is the first time since the Dreamcast that we've had another competitor (potentially) entering the console gaming market. Since the Ps2/ Gamecube/ Xbox generation, we console gamers have been stuck with nothing but Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. I would say a new face entering the console gaming space would be quite the hot topic, especially amongst younger gamers who have never experienced anything but the "big 3" console manufacturer/ 1st party devs Of course, this is assuming the console does indeed have the power to back itself up. If it ends up being a little Nes Classic clone or an Ouya-like console, then there is no hope whatsoever. Only time will tell, I suppose. Would be really exciting to see a "new" face joining the big leagues after all these years =^-^=
  12. K.Rool Addict

    Post a GIF that describes your mood!

    I think this is pretty damn accurate: