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  1. How is a GTX 1060-1070-1080 (the latter of which only performing slightly better than a desktop GTX 1070) "insanely powerful specs"? I mean, its not like I'm dropping real $$$ on a beast like this: Honestly... both =^-^= The Razer Blade 14'' would clearly be the winner here for portability. But its meager GTX 1060 is a tad underpowered for my tastes (especially since I would intend to play many games at the native 4k resolution; don't worry, I'm playing mostly older titles) Still, a GTX 1060 isn't gonna offer me locked 60 fps at 4k in many games even if they are less graphically demanding. I'm loving the power and cost efficiency of the Alienware 15'' r3, BUT I am not loving the ugly matte display :/ Razer Blade Pro has , like, the perfect screen and GPU power for me, but the keyboard is off center and it has those annoying "clicky click" mechanical switches >.< Not to mention the thermals are a little too toasty >.> Idk, everything seems like a compromise regardless of the money I spend Q.Q These three laptops are merely the ones that come closest to suiting all my needs. Razer Blade 14'' is like a little waifu-tier laptop; beautiful design and perfect for snuggling up with in bed Alienware 15 r3 is the sensible option. Better bang for your buck with better cooling, lower fan noise, built to last. Razer Blade Pro is the luxury option, and thusly, very tempting due to the gorgeous large screen and awesome GPU It is quite difficult to choose; I have been narrowing my choices down for the past 6 months >.< (had around 15 laptops on my list initially lol)
  2. I'm not just in a relationship, pfft. I have been in three romantic relationships simultaneously since I was 17. Get on my level Proof! ^^
  3. Technology

    Money is not really an issue lol. I value a few things those 3 laptops provide. #1 They ARE laptops (I tend to like the portable aspect in general; and I am the type of person to lug it around pretty much everywhere; hell i used to have a 10 lb MSI laptop and that thing was practically glued to me at all times no matter where I went lol) #2 The Razer Blade 14'' and the Alienware 15 r3 both have centered keyboards. Something I cannot stand is when a laptop insists on having its keyboard shifted over to the left in order to make space for the numberpad (which I never, ever use). It tends to make for a very uncomfortable typing/ gaming experience, at least for me. I say this having experience with this type of keyboard on my old MSI "gaming" laptop from 2012. #3 The Razer Blade Pro DOES have one of those shifted keyboards. However, the trackpad placement, combined with its size and multi-touch buttonless design, makes it the perfect accompaniment to the shifted keyboard, as resting your hands in the neutral positions for both the WASD keys and the center of the trackpad WOULD indeed keep your general arm/ hand position CENTERED with the screen. (and yes I know this whole "centering" thing sounds very petty, but it is inconceivably annoying to play games for extended periods of time unless the general positioning meets my requirements lol) #4 I value build quality quite alot. I don't particularly like when my laptop just feels "cheap", you know? Like, when the plastic creaks, or the keyboard flexes too much as you type, etc. All the above laptops have quite stellar build quality from what I have researched (and believe you me, I have done a hella lot of research xD) #5 Speaker sound quality must at least be good. Don't want tinny, or overly bass heavy speakers, or anything that crackles at higher volumes. #6 Generally, I would like the screen to be extremely beautiful. 100% sRGB, 80-95+% adobeRGB, good NTSC coverage if possible; the whole shebang. Lower response time is a plus but not too important to me as long as its not obscenely high. Screens that dim via PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) are ABSOLUTELY prohibited. I can very clearly see that screen flickering (even at above 300 hz) and oh God is it an eyesore. Also, Glossy is a MUST (but I "might" be willing to break that one requirement for the Alienware 15 r3; that is the only laptop I've found good enough to get me to potentially make a compromise) #7 Lastly, the wifi-card must be good. Good connection, etc.
  4. Technology

    Yo, I need some assistance: ^Needs to be a laptop one of those three: Razer Blade 2017 refresh UHD, Alienware 15 r3 2016, or Razer Blade Pro 2017
  5. The shorts were pretty bad tbh. I hope there is a significant improvement in writing/ general direction :T
  6. Oh yeah... I watch anime I gotta admit, though, anime has really gone downhill in recent years :/ So much lazy animation and generally generic plots/ characters/ pandering elements... ugh. Last good anime I watched was Anohana, before that Ikoku Meiro No Croisee, and before that it was freaking 2008 -.- I still consider myself a massive weaboo, but I am just not as enthusiastic about anime as I used to be. Maybe when the next earth-shattering show like Death Note or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni comes out, my I will regain interest.
  7. Rainbow Dash is clearly a retired criminal. ^She didn't even bat an eye at the thought of breaking back into that hospital to steal something as insignificant as a book. And all this was just in order to avoid embarrassment at the hoof of Twilight seeing her eating her own words as she asks to borrow the Daring Do book from her library. That tells me Rainbow Dash very clearly has done this sort of thing countless times in the past. Otherwise, she would have exhibited far more reluctance to engage in such a "taboo" act like breaking and entering, not to mention stealing the book in question. No doubt, Rainbow Dash's incredible physical aptitude has aided her in her past "escapades". Think about it. She was clearly the type to not second guess hanging out with a "bad influence" like Gilda; who's to say she was never swept up in more criminal activities with her old friends at flight camp/ Cloudsdale?
  8. Financial success? I would say yes. But quality of the show? Hell no. I don't understand why people care so much if the fandom is dying. If the only reason you watch MLP is to be a part of this little "internet clique" than I believe you are completely missing the point. As long as the writers and animators keep churning out awesome episodes, I have no complaints.
  9. Say hello to the Razer Blade's bigger brother~ Waste of money, or worth it if I have enough to throw around? I tend to like "wow factor" tech: ^IDK how I feel about those thermals/ fan noise. Also the mechanical key switches might annoy the fuck outta me xD
  10. This guy pretty much hits on all my main criticisms of Sonic Forces:
  11. Oh shit, OP, you just brought home the nostalgia. I haven't listened to that song since this MLaaTR vid back in early 2008
  12. Hmm, I must have been thinking of the shorts then...
  13. Wait, wasn't this old news?
  14. A Sonic x Mario crossover RPG lead by Intelligent Systems would be <3333
  15. Let's overview the the beginning of the Dark Age. Long hiatus. Fans unsure whether or not we'd even get any more episodes. Then, BAM season 3 (aka the "mini" season) confirmation. The Crystal Empire Parts 1& 2 was a great step up from the mediocre A Canterlot Wedding, imo. Lots of really awesome fantastical elements, Twilight and Spike interactions, and just generally a really enthralling atmosphere. Was Sombra a good villain? No. Were those boring as hell parts with the rest of Twilight's pesky friends protecting the fake Crystal Heart fun to watch? Hell no. But everything else out of that episode impressed on ALL fronts. I understand this is quite a divisive 2 parter, but, imo, it was only a slight step down from the masterful Return of Harmony. Ok, so what happens next? Too Many Pinkie Pies. Yet another episode with a focus on an "other-worldly" atmosphere. Like, where did that magical cave come from? Why did Pinkie Pie not travel there before? Mere plot contrivances and failure on the writers' collective part to properly build up to such a thing? Possibly. But, to me, the viewer, it created an illusion of seemingly endless possibilities within the lore of FiM. How many OTHER whimsical elements like this are just hiding beneath the surface? The thrill of potential discoveries in future FiM episodes is what captivated me so damn much with this episode. Pinkie Pie was actually pretty good in this episode too, which was a breath of fresh air after her horrendous, flanderization in season 2 (unfortunately, this was merely a cock tease as Pinkie's characterizations went to shit immediately after this episode and have continued in almost every single episode to this day Q.Q I won't focus on this too much, as this one little topic resulted in a 500+ post thread on Ponychan a few months ago @_@) Anyway, One Bad Apple... one bad apple indeed >.> This episode was rather lackluster, I cannot lie. Thankfully, it had one very big redeeming factor which made me completely forget it's shortcomings ---> <--- Probably still the best CMC song to this day. Catchy af, great music video-esque visual sequences, just plain awesome. To be perfectly honest, I didn't consider season 3 to be all that amazing up until this point. Sure it was solid, with a great 2 parter, intriguing lore/ world building in TMPP, and the best song since Smile. But it didn't quite scream "best season evar1!1!" or anything. But... ohohoho, BUT then came Magic Duel. Oh boy... I just wanna go on record here and say Boast Busters was probably the worst episode of season 1. It introduced 3 awful new characters, in Snips Snails and Trixie, had bad writing in spades, and was just generally a bad episode. But Magic Fucking Duel, HOLY fucking shit. Upon my first watching I immediately concluded "This is the best MLP episode I have ever seen". Never before had an episode evoked such feelings from me. I will stop myself from gushing too much here, as I don't want this post to end up being obscenely long. But man oh MAN, Magic Duel is EVERYTHING I ever wanted from an episode of MLP:FiM. The only thing it was missing was a kickass musical number lol. Now, in the fashion of keeping this post shorter than an 15 page essay, I will cover the majority of the remaining episodes briefly. Sleepless in Ponyville - freaking awesome episode albeit a tad overrated Wonderbolts Academy - insanely good episode with next to no flaws for me whatsoever Just For Sidekicks - surprisingly great episode ( cream of the crop when it comes to Spike & CMC episodes) Apple Family Reunion - bleh Spike at you Service - ^ So three really good episodes, one mediocre, and one atrociously bad. Then we had Keep Calm and Flutter On... what an odd episode. I have overall very positive impressions of it, but this was really something else. Once again, I loved the whimsical elements mostly exclusive to Discord's shenanigans here. I loved how the episode started with such a serious concept, something I wouldn't expect from anything but a two parter. Some of the characterizations / writing were a bit iffy, admittedly, but I feel like that was made up for with the abundance of positive elements here. Games Ponies Play was kinda "meh" but still entertaining enough. Now we get to the juicy stuff Magical Mystery Cure was absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, an IMMACULATELY-conceived work of art! ^Every damn song here. Every damn song is at bare minimum a 9/10 in my book. Season 3 had a lack of quality musical numbers? Well let's just cram them all into this one episode for the viewers' collective convenience. This episode had NO brakes. Just constant entertainment, second after second. By far the most "dense" episode of MLP yet. And if all that wasn't enough to satisfy us long time viewers, we also got the single best piece character development in the entire franchise! ^Bask in her magnificence you filthy peasants! From this point onward, Twilight Sparkle became more and more and MORE likable to me. I loved how Twilight finally achieved her "SSJ form" after all those years of painstaking work under Celestia. I loved her newfound uncertainty over fulfilling her princess role. I loved how she developed this weird sort of awkward quirkiness to her sense of humor. I loved the adorable and inconceivably fluffy wings <3 *flap flap* Basically, this WAS the defining factor for the "Dark Ages" for me, as well as the rest of the brony community. Others hated it, but I absolutely LOVED it \(^o^)/ (So, I think I will break this post into segments, as covering season 4 will take quite a bit of time and effort, and I don't want to just gloss over it here lol. General reception of season 4 was pretty damn good though, so I don't know if it will even be required )