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  1. Yo Judge. This is Victor  For the Last minute post. the 135 will cover all nights.

    I can carpool to and back if you want but i would appreciate it if you can cover some gas money. 

    I will be leaving in the morning tommorow (8- 10 am) and I will be returning home Monday Afternoon so we can get home before 12am with Traffic on way back.

    Please respond quickly cause times about up.


    1. Judge


      Hello victor,

      Could I have some travel info such as what kind of vehicle you'll be using, how much space for luggage, how many will be travelling, and what your road map from LA to SF is? Also will I be getting my own bed or the floor?

  2. I love their design. The flash animation from the tv series are great for syndication but the flat and sharp edges on the character outlines are something that were not very pleasing to look at. I'd say the movie animation is much more softer looking and can look more lively.
  3. Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, 90s and 00s cartoon network, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken, Gravity Falls, Phineas and ferb, and any animation from Pixar. Yep
  4. Hi this will be my 4th year vendoring and I got a room with 2 Bed Spots Open ( Same Bed) 135 ech or 250 for both spots (couple discount) Thursday night to Monday Morning - 4 Nights Check in time will be 6pm to 9pm Thursday night, I am driving from LA to San Francisco Food: Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, bottle water, snacks will be provided throughout the con. Bonus: Microwave provided as well. If there is any accommodations needed, please ask away. For more info Please reply.
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