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  3. I'd say that she developed it over time out of her interest of the fancy life. She always had a dream of going to Canterlot to meet the other high-society ponies instead being in the more humble Poniville, so my bet is that she made it her goal and I guess joy to take on their behavior with her own style of course ^^.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope you have a fantastic time .
  5. rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hi everypony. I apologize for the very late response, but a lot has happened for me personally recently. As a result I've been very focused on that. Due to everything that is happening with me, I am afraid that I have to cancel the play, and may not be on the forum much again. I do apologize for the unfortunate update, but for those of you that are interested I will gladly put together a small document showing everything I had planned for the story for those of you that wanted yo go the full distance with it and wanted to see what was going to happeb. PM me if you are interested and I'll send it to you. I am sorry once again guys, but I've been very caught up by the recent events. I would have loved to go the full journey with you guys, but things happened and I have to deal with them. I'm sorry once again.
  6. Sounds like a good idea . rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hi everypony. so as per Techno above suggestion, I would like to ask all of you what kind of devices you are using that would allow or not allow you to view the plays Soundcloud links? I want to find a better alternative so that all of you can use links to the plays music without any issues. Sorry again for posting so late, my home internet has been giving some trouble. Since today is Wednesday, the next response day is technically Friday, but if there are enough responses before that, then I will post tomorrow to make up for my lost time a little bit .
  7. The troops that ready'd their bows fired a volley of several hundred arrows at Bright Shinning. She stops her dive and focuses on dodging the arrows. Among all the activity, a portion of the arrow barrage flew straight at Techno just as Bright began dodging the arrows. Not a single one hit her as she gracefully and strategically avoided them all. She even protected Moon from a portion of the volley with a light shield. However, she was thrown off her course in order to dodge the arrows and was stopped from reaching Rip Tide. She responded after dodging: "What is it Moon?" As Bright Shinning just finished dodging the arrows one of Wavecrash's water columns managed to hit her left wing also stopping her from talking to Moon, and she spiraled downwards toward the heart of the soldiers on the left bank of the river. Before crashing she pulled herself up and unleashed a blast of air powered by her wings knocking several hundred troops out of the way, clearing herself a landing zone. As she landed, the troops now surrounding her prepared their spears and poised to charge at her. Bright Shinning said to Moon up in the air: "Moon. Come to my side. Let us stand back to back, and you can speak to me as you wish while we fight." The Red pony said: "A mix breed Griffon. Well, that is something I have never heard of before. You two must be the only of your kind. How fascinating." he seems a little on the posh side. "Indeed, I am here for the festival. I wouldn't miss is for the world" he smiles. "Personally, I myself am here for the Science expo later today. I am very interested to see what Starlight and her team from the Tower of Magic have come up with this time." he seems excited. "They truly are a brilliant bunch those Ponies. One day I want to be a part of their team." he smiles. He looks left and right. "Between you and me, I found out that those ponies have managed to invent a teleporter that can take you to anyplace in all of Equestria. I hear that it can even take you to other dimensions." he thinks to himself for a few seconds. "You know, I know some ponies who are involved in the expo and they are going to let me see the portal before it is revealed during one of its pre-show test runs. They said that I can bring friends, and since I have no one to bring, I'd be honored if you two would come with me if you would like . It would also be a chance for me to chat more to you about your interesting heritage." He smiles. Starlight Glimmer: "Oh, that's quite alright Discord. I'll see if I can't find Twighlight for your two." she smiles. "I should be able to help you find her pretty easily. Check out this sweet new invention." she opens her saddle bag and pulls out a cone shaped device. She casts a small activation spell on it. "We're still working on getting a simple On button for these things." she smiles a little embarrassed. It turns on. She speaks next to it. "Hi team, Starlight here. Discord and Fluttershy urgently seek to speak with Princess Twightlight. If you see her let her know. Thank you." Its fizzles out. "Dang contraption. Well I think it still worked. Basically what it did was send my message to the minds of everypony that have what I call a 'listening' spell on them. So this means that everypony in my team for the expo now knows. They'll send Twighlight your way if they see her." she smiles. "You says you've got a bad feeling? Well, whatever it is I'm sure it's nothing." she seems a little bit nervous. "Canterlot is the safest place in all of Equestria. You two shouldn't be so worried, just enjoy yourselves. A festival like this doesn't happen often you know." she smiles. "Well, I best be off. Hopefully you'll run into Twighlight. Tell her I said hi." Starlight walks away in the direction of the Castle. Black pony: "What was that? Did you say something Maple? You've been awfully quiet back there." Blue pony: "Yeah, whats up?" Black pony: "Sit tight all of you, we are almost there." He blasts a hole in another wall, revealing a spiral step way downwards. "No more digging, it's just walking from here. Lets go." Sunset Shimmer: "Okay then General. A museum? Well if I do find something of interest then yes of course, but the magical properties of many of the items link them to the site so it would be best as far as I know to keep them there. At least for the time being. Anyway, bye bye General." she gives another distrustful look to the military figure. A soldier in the Canterlot Castle royal guard uniform shows up and approaches General Napier Flight: "General, your meeting with Celestia is drawing closer. I believe it is time to head to the Castle sir." Sunset Shimmer has finally gotten to the front of the line she is in. "Ahh finally." "One please." she asks the pony behind the stand. She was buying a Daring Do book. "You would like to know more about the dig. Well, I'll tell you on the way. Lets get started walking to the entrance." As they begin walking, she speaks "so yes I do have a map of the site. We dug many tunnels around it, under it and over it, and we have found that it is square in shape and about two floors tall. It is also roughly the size of 3 and half city blocks in width." "By the way, you say your mercenary band is around in the festival. Would you be able to gather them at the entrance before we go in, within say the next half hour?" "Sever their connection? Isn't that too much control for you specifically? Shouldn't this source of energy be more accessible to all?" Maud looks in front of her. "You seem like a pretty tough pony. There are so many more of them nowadays then there used to be. Alicorns popping up everywhere, super charged unicorns, and mix breeds of a lot of kinds. Equestria really is going somewhere, but I wonder where?" Maud looks back at Heathlife. "I'm glad you'd be delighted. I can't wait to show it to other ponies" Maud almost cracks a smile but her face drops to her normal stare quickly. Maud watches as Heathlife stands up. "You don't have to buy me anything in exchange. I was just sharing my interests, it wasn't a favor at all." Maud smiles.... She waits for him to finish responding to her current comments. Seconds after he finishes, Heathlife receives a swift and sudden blow to the back of his head. He falls unconscious as he is watching Maud.
  8. Misunderstandings suck XD. They are the root of many problems in the world. I'll see to it that I be more clear in later posts . I do remember that other RP'ers had trouble viewing the links in the past. This is actually good that it was brought up. I'll make a post in the OOC later to discuss a solution with everyone .
  9. I see whats up. You thought the artifact was the center of the conflict? Not at all. If you read the discussion that Bright Shinning had with Rip Tide before the fight started, you will see why this is all happening. Basically, Bright wants to stop the Seaponies from getting to the city because she fears that they will be in great danger if they are there when her predicted event will happen. The Seaponies want to be there to participate in the festival that is hosted in their honor. The artifact, like I said before, is being brought by the Seaponies as a gift to the capital. Bright said nothing about the artifact in her reasoning as to why she is doing all of this. I'm not so sure, but did you read that conversation? It explains everything. If you are confused about something, just ask. As the DM, I meant to help you guys out if you need it. You don't have to run blind.
  10. Techno, I never stated in any way or form that the artifact had magic in it. This is now the second time that you have assumed something without asking me. Also, there is no way you can destroy the artifact by avoiding the fight, it is smack dab in the middle of the river between two 3000 soldier armies. If you wanted to destroy it, you'd have to get in the way of a lot of ponies including the Rip Tide who is literally meters away from it as shown. Also, you didn't even explain as to why you want to destroy the artifact. What would that do for every one? And why would Techno suddenly decide to want to destroy it when it has nothing to do with the battle itself? Please change your post. You can't keep assuming things. Why would Bright Attack Techno right now? As far as she knows Techno simply happens to be there, but he hasn't done anything. She would only attack him if he tried to get in the way of why she claimed to be there, otherwise why would she? If Techno is standing for something against what she is doing, then he will have to protect what he's standing for if he wants to uphold it. So, before you change your post ask yourself what is Techno standing for in this battle and how can he do it? Try considering each the characters motives. Each pony is there for a different reason, and are focused on different things .
  11. @rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hey guys, sorry for the delays. My home's internet was down about the past 2 days. I'm replying now to everything now.