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  1. Critique Wanted

    Creativity does sound like a name that a pony might have, but the way I see it ponies names relate to themselves without being fully direct. Look at Rarity for example: She is super creative in her fashion design, but she is also an 'upperclass' type pony as well as a kind soul (and a bit of a drama queen XD) The name 'Rarity' implies that she is unique (leaning on to her creativity) while also speaking for her other traits (eg kindness shouldnt be a rare thing, or upperclass people are generally rare to find). Without me trying to sound like some kind of fashion designer or artist looking for a name with "pizaaz!", that's exactly what we are looking for as well as some uniqueness toward the character. Your OC seems to be verging on the 'smart guy' vibe (by the image in your profile picture), and not just creative. (Correct me if I'm wrong) They seem to be friendly but also reserved. Here are some names that I'm thinking: Multi-vision (a play on the glasses and the creativity), Rainbow thought (the uniqueness of their way of thinking plus the leg warmers XD), Mind-Scape (A play on their creativity and the vastness of it), Innovate Variable (powerful and unique thinking), Sam Same (An ironic name for what is actually an 'unncommon' individual), Snooty fruity (snooty for the smart side, and fruit for the colors. Also a bit of a fun name), and Inky dinky (just a fun name i came up with XD). By the way, welcome to the forum, I see that you are new here
  2. That's very true. What I hope to achieve with this song is just to see what a song that wrote feels like to be finished and see it finished. I'm also getting practice with working with others on making one and learning about how long it take to find others to work with etc. (This is my first time getting a song produced after all) Still, I'm excited to see it's completed form .
  3. There won't be critique. I don't plan on selling it or distributing it. This is just for fun.
  4. Well the current backing track is already set for the song, and I don't want to change that. However, what if I wrote another song and you could make the backing track for that one instead? I am after all planning to make more than one . PM me if your Interested .
  5. Vote for me and get free Kalamari from the 10th to the 20th of every month (Weekends and Holidays not included) (No I am not wearing a costume)
  6. I'm so sorry mister Octopus. It should have been me!!!! (XD)
  7. Hi everypony, how are you? So I have something interesting here you might want to check out if you would like your voice to feature on a unique MLP song (one of possibly more to come ). So, as a hobby I am a writer of songs and poems and I have written my very first My Little pony themed song. The song is called "Poniville's Greatest Day" and it is set in Poniville before morning and progresses while the sun is rising. As everypony wakes up, they begin preparing for a big celebration (Poniville's 100th birthday!!). The song involves the whole town singing together and the main characters from the show getting their own solo's. The song carries that jolly feel that you would in song from the show. I am currently looking for a bunch of singers to sing the various voices of characters from Poniville so that I can have a nice crowd of voices going to give the song that strong positive and fun feeling A backing track for the song has been made by the pony @MC'01, and he has also set up a casting call on the website 'Casting Call Club' where you can audition your voice for one or more of the various parts of the song. Here is the link so you can check out the backing track as well as the lyrics: The characters participating in the song are: - All of the mane 6 (Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie) - The Cutie Mark Crusaders (Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo) - Other random town Ponies including at least one male and one female voice If your interested, then give it a shot and show me and @MC'01 what you can do If you get a part for the song, then you will be listed in the songs credits once its made too I am very excited to see how my song turns out, and also to work with you guys . I can't wait to hear your voices combined with my lyrics and the backing track. Its going to be epic and loads of fun
  8. Enjoy your stay here Zakhep. Welcome to the herd
  9. ....................
  10. ....................
  11. Nope XD. I meant happy birthday to Canada from me in South Africa . Sorry I wasn't super clear .
  12. Happy Birthday from South Africa Canada . Have a great day and many more to come .
  13. Here's a hard one for you . Hint: its a reference to an episode from the Mighty Magicswords series. Bet you'll never get it right Don't strain yourself ().
  14. No they are not the villains. Just because they don't accept something does not mean they are evil. It means that they stand for something that is opposed to the things they don't accept. Not accepting evil is not just okay, it's be obvious. If they don't want to live in Nightmares moons eternal night or Discords chaotic world, they "will" say no. You shouldn't be worried about sparing the feelings of something trying to ruin your way of life. Standing up for what you believe in is not evil, it's means that you care about something and won't just let the villains walk in and do what they want because you don't care about anything. I'm this case, the ponies of Equestria stand for friendship, unity, kindness, and love. How is it evil or in any way villain like to stand for that? .... and their thoughts were not altered. Nightmare Moon was angry and confused and returned to her true kind self (Luna) after beaten. Sunset Shimmer was revengeful and also angry and confused. Lastly, Discord intentionally chose to join them and could have easily vanished after they set him free or attacked again, but he chose not to to see what would happen (Discord has described himself as "evolved" and has proven to be so on several occasions if you noticed it [such as dropping the ponies hints about the battle with Tirek by making marks in their journel]. A being as evolved as him would never allow brainwashing to even touch him [it would be "below" him]).
  15. I'm gonna miss the play too, but the ideas are still in storage and waiting to be used . I will make a spectacle out of them yet . Proofreading, got it . I generally tried my best to do that, but I see know that it's something I must put even more attention to. Thanks. Thanks for the reminder, will get on changing it when I can . Alright, so I need to be even more clear on 'displaying' certain scenes. Will make sure to improve that in my future writing. Comet Dust was meant to be a mysterious character to start with. His character is one of a very quiet pony who prefers thinking to talking, and more was only meant to be learned about him later. Still though, I should have hinted at mystery (etc) and not assumed it . Nice to hear a few good tips from you guys, will keep them noted and do more research (like I always do, I'm a walking encyclopedia XD). Enjoy your days guys . Perhaps in the future our paths shall cross on the forum again .