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  1. OOC

    Sounds like a plan . Nice to see you guys making some interaction plans for you OC's. That's gonna be really cool. Posting a song. That would be epic. If you want to do that then go for it. Im keen . Whatever your other idea, I'm also open to it. Perhaps there could be performances of other kinds as well like acting, or tricks etc. Any pony interested, just lete know and I'll male it happen for you . Nice to see that you've put thought into their family outing. A little extra detail goes a long way . Not forgetting though that Fluttershy is comfortable in crowds, just not just with brash interactions with others. Also, Fluttershy always goes where her friends go. However, it will be a party so perhaps she won't be too comfortable with that either XD. Whatever before hand plans you got, let me know if you wanna use them . More OC character links. Very nice . Let me know if you need any help setting it up .
  2. Critique Wanted

    I dont have a name, but ive got a bunch of words that may help you in making the name. Dynamo, Express, Flex, Flow, Gust, and Rust (dont know why I said the last one, it just felt cool XD).
  3. You had me rolling on the floor laughing at that one XD. lol. You got quite the profile there Miss Glimmer. Ya know, I got minions, you got minions. What do ya say we work together and take over the world under the starlight tonight?
  4. I've tried to leave you. I really have, but I just cant le-go of you .
  5. Cursed to admit that Starlight Glimmer is the best pony!
  6. Cursed to never comment here ever again....
  7. I can't come because I'm going to be uni-cycling on a jet with my head upside down while carrying a steel beam with Pinkie Pie sleeping on it, and wondering how my circumstances led to that situation. My party will be at the psychiatric ward. Dont be late because Ghandi, the delivery man, and Mona Lisa are coming too. Oh my. lol XD
  8. Mega Thread

    Its because I saw the Hercules animated movie recently .
  9. OOC

    Awesome stuff. Sounds like a plan. You said you were starting in the Castle gardens correct? The castle itself is away from the event (which is happening in the city). rolle, one of my 2 OC's, and maybe Once will be starting in the castle as well, so you have potential interactions if you'd like to start there. I do remember you saying that they would be together, I'm just looking to see if there was maybe anything you wanted ontop of that. I like the idea of Woody performing. How would you like to go about doing this? Another roleplayer is also planning on performing, and I'm thinking of throwing in some of the cannons as well for some fun in between performances. My only other thoughts on it is what will you be having Fluttershy and Discord do? I remember you saying it was a family outing type thing? If you want, I can also have my OC Comet Dust start near you like in the original boot?
  10. Lich
  11. OOC

    @rolle, @Der Kerzenwaechter, @Celestial Flight, @Once In A Blue Moon, @C. Thunder Dash, @Star48955, @Techno Universal, @Maple Bat. Alright guys. Now that the big event has been revealed, I can discuss with you in more detail where you guys would like your OC's to start their journey's in the War the for Equestria. So where will they be, what will they be doing, and will any other ponies be with them? What plans would you like to make (like do you want to interact with certain cannons etc). Let me know when you're ready, so that I can set it all up for when we launch.
  12. Come to think of it, my name does start with a D, but I didn't think it further. Oh wait, i remember I'm...... Derpy!! So...umm.... never mind.. (XD)
  13. I already did !! I was the first one to post!
  14. OOC

    @Techno Universal, thanks for your OC's link. You are now added as well.
  15. I would say far more than likely XD How do you know he's not already on the forum ? I bet that you are Discord. Admit it! XD