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    Next door to Discords house
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    Don't say nothing can stop you, because then it will. Rather say that you cannot be stopped.
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    Magic! ( ;) ), philosophy, karate, gaming, programming, history, writing, and spirituality.

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    What about him? lol

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  1. "HA! That was my fake head" (XD). "I have another, its over there" he points. *Directs the black hole @CrystalBloodMoon*. *a giant cream pie comes out of the black hole* (don't ask why XD) *and smack BloodMoon onto the Dark side of the moon*
  2. @CrystalBloodMoon I am Solar Magus! By my name defined, I command all the iterations of space, and not just the stars!! Scars are a signs of failure, not strength. I'd be more scared of what did that to your moon if I didn't already command them too. Lets stop slandering each other and attack. I feel like a barkless dog! *opens black hole*. This is your final hour!!!! Any last words?!
  3. Indeed you are correct.
  4. @Arid_BlitzAre you challenging me? Do not test my patience puny one!!
  5. I'm way more excited than all of you!!!!
  6. I approve good sir.XD @GunPla_NiNJa_4
  7. Then lets get dancin!!
  8. You ain't no gangsta like deez gangsta's.
  9. Mwahahahahaha!!!! ....... i mean. Yaay
  10. "Stars are the ultimate embodiment of fire, the force of destruction. My stars may not be dark, but their fury is in no way kind @CrystalBloodMoon. Rain? Ha! You do not know the rain until you have suffered a barrage of my flaming Solar flare attacks! There will be blood, but it is the moon which shall bleed like it has before." lol I'm loving this XD
  11. "She did, but my army bolsters millions in strength, and its not like the Solar Magus needs his troops to defeat the likes of you @Twilight-Sparkle17 or you @CrystalBloodMoon!!" "The Solar Magus's countless stars shall incinerate your cute little moon @CrystalBloodMoon!! ...... as soon as he finds it". XD Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person twice. Don't judge me !!!! XD
  12. "None can comprehend the epicosity of my magic, for I, am the SOLAR MAGUS, and I posses the very power of a thousand Suns!!!! You are no match for me @CrystalBloodMoon!! Your power shall evaporate before me". XD and scene.
  13. Still single, and looking for that lovely lady to be with one day .
  14. Howdy @mintdemons, and welcome to the forums!! *trumpet sounds* I hope you enjoy your time here on the forum with everypony . *brohoofs*
  15. "Youd better run" XD