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  1. Hello everypony ^^. I have returned to the forum for some more good times. I hope to have loads of fun with all you guys once again ^^

    1. Fluttershy Friend
    2. General Solar Magus

      General Solar Magus

      Thank you ^^. Big smiles for everypony <3

  2. I'd say that she developed it over time out of her interest of the fancy life. She always had a dream of going to Canterlot to meet the other high-society ponies instead being in the more humble Poniville, so my bet is that she made it her goal and I guess joy to take on their behavior with her own style of course ^^.
  3. General Solar Magus

    Hi Everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope you have a fantastic time .
  4. rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hi everypony. I apologize for the very late response, but a lot has happened for me personally recently. As a result I've been very focused on that. Due to everything that is happening with me, I am afraid that I have to cancel the play, and may not be on the forum much again. I do apologize for the unfortunate update, but for those of you that are interested I will gladly put together a small document showing everything I had planned for the story for those of y
  5. Sounds like a good idea . rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hi everypony. so as per Techno above suggestion, I would like to ask all of you what kind of devices you are using that would allow or not allow you to view the plays Soundcloud links? I want to find a better alternative so that all of you can use links to the plays music without any issues. Sorry again for posting so late, my home internet has been giving some trouble. Since today is Wednesday, the next response day is tech
  6. The troops that ready'd their bows fired a volley of several hundred arrows at Bright Shinning. She stops her dive and focuses on dodging the arrows. Among all the activity, a portion of the arrow barrage flew straight at Techno just as Bright began dodging the arrows. Not a single one hit her as she gracefully and strategically avoided them all. She even protected Moon from a portion of the volley with a light shield. However, she was thrown off her course in order to dodge the arrows and was stopped from reaching Rip Tide. She responded after dodging: "What is it Moon?"
  7. Misunderstandings suck XD. They are the root of many problems in the world. I'll see to it that I be more clear in later posts . I do remember that other RP'ers had trouble viewing the links in the past. This is actually good that it was brought up. I'll make a post in the OOC later to discuss a solution with everyone .
  8. I see whats up. You thought the artifact was the center of the conflict? Not at all. If you read the discussion that Bright Shinning had with Rip Tide before the fight started, you will see why this is all happening. Basically, Bright wants to stop the Seaponies from getting to the city because she fears that they will be in great danger if they are there when her predicted event will happen. The Seaponies want to be there to participate in the festival that is hosted in their honor. The artifact, like I said before, is being brought by the Seaponies as a gift to the capital. Bright said nothi
  9. Techno, I never stated in any way or form that the artifact had magic in it. This is now the second time that you have assumed something without asking me. Also, there is no way you can destroy the artifact by avoiding the fight, it is smack dab in the middle of the river between two 3000 soldier armies. If you wanted to destroy it, you'd have to get in the way of a lot of ponies including the Rip Tide who is literally meters away from it as shown. Also, you didn't even explain as to why you want to destroy the artifact. What would that do for every one? And why would Techno suddenly
  10. @rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hey guys, sorry for the delays. My home's internet was down about the past 2 days. I'm replying now to everything now.
  11. It's all perfectly good . I'm a little worried for my minions as to what you might do to them XD. I guess I'll have to wait and see now . Sweet, what I'm trying to do with all of this is encourage more freedom of choice for all the players OC's. It makes the whole thing a lot more fun for all of us and a lot less predictable that way . I'm hoping that by the start of chapter 2, that everypony is comfortable interacting with world in all the ways that they want to, when they want to, and as it comes to them or not . That way, we can really get some fun going .
  12. @rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hey guys. So I would like to make a mention about the play as a whole. Up until this point, you guys have seen what going on so far, and your OC's are enjoying themselves and experiencing the story. So far, some of you guys are playing with a reactive approach, meaning that you are reacting to whatever I send your way. But you don't have to . I've designed the world in a very detailed manner, so if you wanna go ahead and make your OC's do something that yo
  13. Spike: "I should probably go live with the other dragons now." Celestia: "I'm taking a break." Granny Smith: "I'm dyin'...." Queen Crysallis: "Friendship is Magic." Celestia and Luna: "How did I even get here? Do I even have parents?" Flim and Flam: "Does anypony know ours surnames, or are we both just one word?" Any of the Yack's: "We've finally stopped naming ourselves at the start of every sentence. Hazaa!!" Anypony: "Don't look at me, I'm naked." Anypony: "So .... do we even have a King or Queen, or do the Princesses just like the title?" Anypon
  14. I throw Pandora's Box.... while it's opened!!
  15. @Techno Universal @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter Something I forgot to mention to you guys. In the battle the post orders are first come first serve, so each of your posts are either following on after each other or are happening the same time (if you do it that way). The NPC responses come (from Bright Shinning, King Rip Tide, etc) when each of you have posted at least once.
  16. Just saw a small error in the post. Fixing it now. Edit done. The @Once In A Blue Moon and @Dream Walker conversation has been changed.
  17. @rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hey guys, so I managed to find time to do the posts anyway, so enjoy the new content . Due to my exam, Techni going to camp, and Der being busy, the next response day will be late on Sunday afternoon C.A.T. time. rolle, I must say Heathlife dodged a bullet when Once's Napier Flight decided to be nosy about Sunset Shimmer XD. How these events are linked? That is for you guys to find out . A note to Techno. I see that when you post in the IC thread, that you just quo
  18. Thousands of ponies are gathered in city square watching the stage in anticipation for the big announcement of the festival launch. Twighlight Sparkle and Princess Celestia are on stage ready to give speeches when they receive their ques. Meanwhile, on the edge of the crowd. Pinkie Pie: "It is now time for the 25th annual Friendship festival to officially launch at this time of 9:30AM". Pinkie seems to be talking into a microphone, and is facing a pony with a camera who is trying to take photo's of princess Twighlight Sparkle on stage. Photographer pony: "Pinkie Pie, what are yo
  19. @rolle @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Once In A Blue Moon @Star48955 @Der Kerzenwaechter @C. Thunder Dash @Dream Walker Hey guys. So like Der and Techno, I'm pretty tight for time at the moment and this is due to a big uni exam I have on Saturday. I tried to fit in today's set of posts, but even if I did, they would have been bad quality as it is late at night for me right now. Thankfully this exam is the last one I have to do this year, so we won't be seeing this scenario again. Anyway, I'll be able to do the posts comfortably and properly on Sunday. I'm sorry I didn't have time
  20. @Star48955 @Techno Universal @Der Kerzenwaechter Warning!! Warning!! Major conflict detected.... Take care roleplayers, your OC's are soon to go through a great ordeal. Keep them strong, and keep them sharp. Also be aware, as I am sensing there is something more going on than what is just being seen. I will closely monitor the battle and report if I find anything suspicious. @Maple Bat @)o( Dream Walker )o( @Once In A Blue Moon Be weary players. Your OC's have become ponies of 'interest'. resuming scanning....
  21. Of course. A bowl of cats will do nicely for Hades XD.
  22. 'Eats' "Yuck!! Why does everything taste like chicken?! I don't even like chicken ".
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