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    Anime, Fur Art (Clean), MLP:friendship is magic, Cosplay, and conventions
  1. I'm right now with Snowhoof and Core which are a united Convention in Colorado. My fiance is helping us building it right now and I'm hoping we can work hard on it.
  2. Well...I mentioned it on there only after I mentioned it on Facebook. Now we're doing a planning for a convention for 2013 on June 7th...and also on skype at the same time...its kind of scary how this ended up happening...I'm still scared and a litlte nervous considering the clubs I already run. This is the first time I ever decided to take responsibility of something and work hard on getting something that should be great for all...and I hope all Bronies and Old Ponies don't get mad at me
  3. Okay, I just spoke to a group, we are doing a mass meet at my place on June 7th at 6pm to discuss the matter and also we're going to show Kickstarter as a group. Anyway, thanks for the support, we do need all the help we can get, i'm excited and I think that we can pull this off and bring all the ponies together, Old Ponies and Bronies
  4. SilverSilence

    Movies/TV Worried about Care Bears

    Okay, as one who was a fan of BOTH, MLP of the 1980s and also fan of Care Bears, Rainbow Brite and so forth, the three shows have never in the past tried to out do each other. Because the fans were all watching it at the same time as watching MLP, so they're not trying to rip each other, they are two separate things...that's all. Watch it if you like, but remember MLP and Care Bears have similar lessons and also have had fans who crossed from both. I started out as a Rainbow Brite fan before I was a fan of MLP, but MLP won me over due to story back then and now. MLP has one thing that Car
  5. I was talking on the official Colorado Brony Club and well...I mentioned we didn't have a Brony con, now everyone on the site wants me to help build a convention. I'm a little flattered and confused, I tried to contact the people who do BronyCon and I'm having some problems. I know I want to call it CBC: Colorado Brony Con, but I'm kind of nervous, i have several clubs here in Colorado that I already work with, Vampires Den 101 and Badge Collectors of Colorado. So I'm not sure how this is going to work. If anyone knows how to help a poor Pony out, please contact me or post
  6. SilverSilence

    Movies/TV The Return of Toonami

    YAY! This is going to be great, I can't wait to see it! I wonder if they are going to show Sailor Moon?
  7. SilverSilence

    Gaming WTF?! @ Diablo3 Whimsyshire

    Okay, after having to sit through that and watching my fiance play, its more a joke on G1 and G2, though I think it is all in good fun to me. Then again, I have always funny that people have made fun of the old ponies, lol....don't feel insulted, just feel that it is just a nod to us and also the fact that there are MLP fans who do play.
  8. You know what, you're fine the way you are, so don't try to conform to any one crowd. I fit in with several crowds in school, I was a drama club kid, I was in band, I was in student council, and all those things considered popular, but I didn't think I was popular. So really, don't change who you are simply because of the crowd. The only reason I fit in with the crowds I did was because I just told the people, "I'm me and that's all I will say, just accept me for me." Most of the crowd in all the groups listed considered me who I am and didn't seek a change. Though my freshman year in hi
  9. Okay, crush...crush.... Natsuno from Shiki Luke Skywalker (YES I AM A STAR WARS NERD) Lelouch Lamprouge from Code Geass, sure he's a jerk and I don't have a picture of him...
  10. SilverSilence

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    Sadly, I lost one cat in December, Kurtz For his memory, I took in a cat from a shelter named Hazel, she's been my buddy ever since. She wakes me at 3 am for a petting, she curls next to me when I'm sad, she is the best!
  11. Okay, my worst fear is losing my friends, after some jerk who shall remain nameless who used to be a friend turned on me, I felt like everyone of my friends would turn against me. That didn't turn out to be the case, but I'm still scared of losing my friends. I don't like the dark..I'm also scared of performing on stage, even though I'm a cosplayer, I'm terrified of competing in a cosplay contest...so I don't...I just do it for fun. I have a huge fear of flying, I have to basically take something before the flight that keeps me calm or i have a friend I trust. Heights, forget it, I
  12. Oh wow...just saw your Avatar, wow....it looks awesome, I like the colors and wow!
  13. I like it, I hope one day to be good as you, you're great inspiration
  14. Yay...I'm doing Firefly for Conventions in August and September!

  15. I found out that the Bronies are going to show at Rocky Mountain Fur Con in Denver so I'm going to be going as that as Firefly...I can't believe the Furs have been so nice to us....then again, I found out there are ton of fans of MLP in the Furs, and not in the bad or pervy way either....YAY
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