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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Well I have no earthly idea what a "waman" is, and no offense but why would I respect the authority of anyone who cannot properly spell it?
  4. Holy cow, 1 long existential crisis later and I'm finally back!!!

  5. Do not say anything. hang up, and block the number. This is a phishing style scam. they can use your "Yes" to make it appear that you have agreed to just about anything. People who have said "yes" to these scammers have lost millions collectively.
  6. Banned for believing in emotion, as emotion is an illusion created by chemical signals in the brain.
  7. C'mon.... its pork. Its gunna be YUM! Potted Meat on Crackers?
  8. Ethics are a fickle thing, but I tend to go by some personal rules: Be Honest (with yourself and others) Never Assume anything Follow the law Be friendly Stand up for yourself and others Never let my emotions contradict facts..
  9. Last summer I came home for a 2 week break from that semester. my dad had me, my younger sister, and her BF help him re-roof the house. He wants to do it in corrugated metal sheets instead of shingles. So about a week into the project, we have 3/4 of the roof covered. I lift a sheet up to my father whom is on the roof, I suddenly lose my footing, so I drop to my knee to keep from falling. At the same time my dad loses his grip on the metal sheet, so it drops. Guess what it falls on?........ My exposed foot. I'm cursing, and dad rushes down the ladder. he helps me take my shoe off, and we discover the sheet tore through my shoe, sock, and cut down to the muscle of my foot. Blood is everywhere, my dad is freaking out. Mom comes to patch me up as well she can..... Paper stitches, gauze and several socks. I was unable to put much weight on that foot for 3 months, had to change the dressing twice a day to keep it from getting infected. It leaked a yellowish fluid for 5 months, and finally closed itself and became a scar after 6 months. It was quite the ordeal.
  10. now I feel silly... it was under my nose the whole time! Thank you very much.
  11. Hello this is your Master of Hugs typing at you, not so live, from the 4th story of a Dorm! I love science. I always have. There is something magical when the forces that control or shape our very existence are explained and understood. I created this blog with curiosity in mind. I want it to be sort of like a QA... If you are interested in a topic linked to science, please suggest it in the comments, and like other suggested topics. Popular topics, or ones I myself are very interested in will be discussed and explained in this blog. So yeah, please suggest topics!... I would love to know what my fellow Bronies/Pegasisters are curious about!
  12. I keep seeing blogs on the right of my screen. How do I make and post blogs? I am interesting in making a blog about science and political discourse.
  13. I was just saying that the movie had a very realistic portrayal of racism. When I saw the previews I believed it was going to be a complete circle jerk for extreme leftists, but was surprised when it was not. You are right, its racial tones are superficial, but they are there nonetheless.
  14. I don't GET the mentality. How many video game characters have openly gone through bariatric surgery?... a lot less than there are trans video game characters. How many people exist that have gone through bariatric surgery?.... A lot more than existent trans people. and yet I have never heard ANYONE complain that bariatric patients are unrepresented in video games (I certainty do not care that there's next to no bariatric patients in games). There seems to be only a few groups actually caring about their personally representation in games. Feminists, trans and homosexuals to name most of them. It just seems like a petty and oversensitive mindset to me.