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  1. h0BA83820

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    2. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      @Valencia Tis imperative we keep the castle safe from all invasion...including aliens, demonic entities and undercooked hamburgers.

    3. Valencia


      @Nightmare Mirage *shudders* the meat is so grainy :yuck:

      on second thought, maybe this is a priority for the realm:sealed:

    4. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      @Valencia Indeed. I recommend 70% of our budget be allocated to the NLR!


  2. I'm always told I'm cute, by both sexes. 8/10
  3. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Perhaps some of you get to spend a long weekend with the Holiday? :ticking:

    Listen to music!


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    2. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      @Twilight and Starlight That's great! I have been having a great time enjoying the nice weather, thank you. :D


    3. Flutterstep


      Did someone say complextro? :o


    4. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear your day has been an enjoyable one! :yay: Mine has been alright too! :rarity:

  4. I give brohooves unless the circumstances are tilted to the right reaction... Ninja... The rarest...hmm, probably a cougar. What kind of ice cream is your favorite?
  5. This is called 'mending broken hearts'. I don't know if this has any context in the show or...comics? Anypony? Still, very cute pic.


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    2. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      @DivineGuard1000 This is true! So adorable to see them all playing and fixing the toys together. Precious!! :D

      Great leaders.

    3. Valencia


      one must keep the heart young :mlp_rarity:

    4. TigerGeekGuy


      I remember reading the backstory to this image somewhere before. Apparently, it’s a commission piece that metaphorically depicts several members of the fandom being mended by the show and its fandom. It’s a nice image that really rings true for several of us.