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  1. Hi ponies! I've been pretty swamped with life, I'm very sorry for not staying in touch. And I lost my primary internet service so I have to depend on my phone 4G for now (which isn't very reliable atm). So a bit of a struggle to keep up with my internet stuff. :dry:

    I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer! I have taken the liberty to go outside and enjoy the nice weather when we have it - it's been so rare - it feels like heaven when it's above 70. ^_^

    Oh and I lost another friend, so, I'm really bummed. :( I have to be honest, I've been losing enthusiasm. It's very hard to face silence without explanation, especially after being so close...or so I was led to believe.

    I do not mean to dampen hope, nor quench the magical spirit the fandom has - it's just my current state of affairs. I'll come back, as I always do, and hopefully just a little bit better of a person...

    Lots of love to all of you. May Luna's wings always carry you home.

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Welcome back, my friend. You have been missed. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Losing a friend is never easy but you have a lot here waiting for when you're ready to come back. :kindness: *hugs*

    3. TigerGeekGuy


      Welcome back, man. Looking forward to your presence once again!

    4. Phosphor


      Hey @Mirage!

      Hate to hear about ya loosing a friend. That's always really tough. :( Hope the lovely weather and star-filled night sky lift your spirits. :grin:

  2. It's your birthday? I'm very impressed...


    Have a good time!  :D


    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Aren't I always impressive in some fashion? :mlp_proud:

      Either way, thank you very much, Mirage! :darling: I wish you a lovely day today as well!

  3. Banned for not taking them there instead...even villains can show courtesy when there's an advantage involved. o3o
  4. Banned for knowing that already. :3
  5. Banned because some are better than others. :3
  6. Banned because, that's you opinion man!
  7. Banned because that is a good frame of mind. But I'm a villain, so it's actually OK either way.
  8. Banned because not all, I'm intensely hated by some.
  9. Banned because you can't ban somepony if they're over 10,000 posts.
  10. Banned for not knowing the answer. :3 Banned because don't be silly!
  11. This is why the Night should last Forever!


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    2. GlimGlam


       @Nightmare Mirage Nighttime  for ever with Luna Sign me up.

    3. Tacodidra


      Games... and chips! :pinkie: I'd love to join her! :yay:

      Even if I have no chance against her in the games! :P

    4. Mirage


      @Tacodidra She'd gladly teach you how to pwnage!

  12. We had Jennifer Granholm as governor here in Michigan a while back ago. She served 8 years I think. Anyway, she was our 'first' female governor and people were soooo excited that Michigan was going to be saved from the Obama Economy, our pollution would disappear, our roads would be fixed, etc. After 8 years, most people realized she was a democrat and governed like one. Surprised? You shouldn't be!
  13. 475044 yay @Rainbow Cloud