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    Stop worrying about what others think of you - be yourself so that you genuinely attain the freedom of true generosity.
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    Where do I start...Writing, Digital Art, science, technology, philosophy, RP, fitness, caffeine, women, party cannons

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  1. Clip of Luna from the MLP Movie.
  2. Yeah, that is a real let down. Nothing is going to stop me from going to go see it though!
  3. What do you like about Twilight Sparkle? What impresses you most about her character?
  4. Avatar is NOT cute! Driz is cute, Shadowwarp is cute - I aer teh not cute. I aer Mirage - Loyal to the Princess of the Night.
  5. Slice of Life huh? Okay - I hafta know - what did you think the first time you saw DJ Pon-3 and Octavia ROCKIN it to the wedding!!!!!!!
  6. First of all - I'll definitely kiss that vampyr. Second, I think Luna would definitely nuzzle the Fluttershy.
  7. Right now I feel like there's a raging phoenix in my gut, thanks to Hot Boneless Wings from BWW.
  8. If you had $1,000,000, what would you be doing right now?
  9. It's been a while since I've built a PC - what the heck is that gaping hole for on the back panel toward the bottom? The case didn't come with a cover...what am I missing?

    1. Mirage77


      Nevermind - it's for the flipping power supply - DOH! Never saw it on the bottom befir!

  10. Welcome @Starlight = Best Pony! It's okay - you can be yourself here. Easy to make friends!
  11. Mega Thread

    Banned for BAnning.
  12. Mega Thread

    Banned for duck'o'lantern.
  13. Mega Thread

    Banned for enigmatic pun usage.