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  1. "I've never seen them just show up in a black Chevy Suburban like that."
  2. Do the shadows speak? The darkness covers the forming frost, their bitter edges bite into the hearts of all. All are alone, yet all are together. But they say nothing. They wish it. How can this be? What will you do, Luna? You know what is happening... Tis all can I mend?
  3. I keep thinking I see @Princess Luna popping up in Status Updates but it might be a @Mirage:blush:

    1. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      Dost thou see a Mirage? Is it a dream or nightmare, what dost thine heart speak?

      Not all are taken by the bitter edges. I thank thee. Thou shalt see once revealed.

  4. 473822 It's been a while, Flutters... *glomps* @Flutterstep
  5. Still there is silence...isn't there?

    " sister is close to me..."

    Ah, she loves thou? Do we believe?


    She will always accept you so. Even when you fall, when you fail, when you lash out!

    " not wish to hurt her..."

    Then we shant...


    You always see me. I am your true self!


    Then why ist thou in constant pain! Why! Always silent, left alone. Their lives better off without...for why else would they ignore thee? Face the truth Luna! Thine reflection never lies!




    "Tis true..."

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      *Glomps the moon pone*

    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Hmm, I should probably clean and shine my NLR armor. I get the feeling I'll be using it soon. :huh:

  6. So many walls among them, they will fall like dominos.

    Worry not, dear Luna, I will protect you from their stares and idle hushed chatter. They will know nothing...they never pay attention anyway...

    Do they?