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About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting. :LunaMCM:

I'm just a big fan of the show and I enjoy making friends with other fans. ^_^ My favorite things to do on the forums is hang out in the Games Topics and visit my friends on their Updates. I dabble in RP, but I wouldn't say I'm a regular. :grin:

My favorite pony is Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, then runner up is Vinyl Scratch(DJ Pon-3). I also really like Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash. But aside from Luna, it's really hard for me to rank my favs, they always seem to change and that's okay!



Knights if Luna

The KoL is a group of us members who do their best to keep our community safe, fun and welcoming. KoL make a special commitment to comfort the distraught, be a friend to the lonely, and include the shy and timid. Our commitment is genuine, although the membership is just for fun and not an official MLPF club or event. If you'd like to join, all you need to do is pledge your allegiance to Princess Luna! She will inspire you to be your best (and PM me so I can include you in the list :D )


Our salute is ' {KoL} '.

Please feel welcome to use our sig:


KoL members:

@Mirage, @Alexshy, @Twilight Luna, @Sparklefan1234, @Loyal Defender, @Tilgoreth



I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! Please come and visit anytime, and feel free to chat, if you so wish. :LunaMCM: