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  1. Ezerona

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    Actually if you have room in the future, I have a new oc I'd LOVE drawn! Meet Estelle she's a vampire maid pony!
  2. Ezerona

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Awe thank you! It looks lovely! Even got her colors right, thanks again! <3
  3. Ezerona

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Thank you cant wait
  4. Ezerona

    Request Shop OC Headshots (Avatars)

    Perhaps my Ezzy could get an icon if you're still open? ^^
  5. Ezerona

    Request Shop I'm back to draw your oc

    How about Sundora? Owned by me and Zenzi
  6. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Ezerona


      Thank you

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    The way you did the pattern gave me an idea to put an eyepath on her in the future x'D
  9. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    Glad you love it and can't wait to see your half >w< she's beautiful btw
  10. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    Here ya go, there is a png version and a version with a color background! Hope you like it @Fenneko
  11. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    Working on my half right now might be done tonight or tomorrow
  12. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    Awe, who do you want done the most? Just quote me and give me a reference or pm it to me in private! Idm either way!
  13. Ezerona

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    If you still have more slots open, I'd be more than happy to do a trade with you also. I can offer a soft shaded fullbody! My work : Also here is some ocs you can choose from if you accept. These are the three I want more art of, the Shark pony is very new also, Revia is fairly new, and Camilla has been around for a while as my FOE character for fun. Is there anyone you'd specifically want done? I'm down for anything.
  14. Ezerona

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Awe! Thank you, she's so cute and shy looking, thank you so much ^^
  15. Ezerona

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Thank you, can't wait to see what you can do, dear! God bless! ^^