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  1. Hello! So I adopted a new oc and for once having trouble picking a name for her, I wish it was easier! Anyway I don't mind two worded names but it we could keep it a one worded name that would be great lol !
  2. Request Shop

    A little flat, but it doesnt matter you could always come back to me when you have the time, im in no rush for anything, but looks great otherwise
  3. Request Shop

    This is amazing, you're getting better, you were already so good, but your line art is so clean and amazing. <3
  4. Request

    Oh my God thank you she'll love this <3
  5. Request

    Okay so I have this friend and the only ref's or pics of her oc are the ones I made, mine are good yes, but I think she deserves better so I'm looking for some art worthy of using as a profile pic or better reference art, her name is Fae and she's a changeling guardian or aka Guardian of the Grove she calls herself
  6. Request

    I will attempt sometime tomorrow maybe if I'm not busy, my sons home for 2 weeks so I've had him up my bum recently! But definitely want to try this! NOTE : Been busy irl, doing yours tomorrow though, so be on a lookout! <3
  7. Request

    Np <3 I had fun hope you like it
  8. Request Shop

    If you can keep her bad arsery in tact , I'd love another piece for Camilla. Camilla is my FOE ponysona, a fighter side of my personality, it doesnt show much but if it did this would be it. She's an old war pony who's family was destroyed by the nuke , she was one who escaped one of the stables and made a life for herself in the rough wasteland. Personality : Stubborn, slightly greedy , adventurous, courageous, usually serious, or often cocky when she's in a fight. And if it's not TOO much I'd love a simple ref sheet of her <3
  9. Request Shop

    Practice makes perfect thank you for the pic you're getting better
  10. Request Shop

    Whisper , an Indian pony proud of her culture! I love the braids, so maybe tweak the rest, but at least leave a braid ? :3
  11. Request Shop

    Nonnne been trying since day one ;-;
  12. Request Shop

    Ooo got more slots? <3 If so do this one, if you can't i understand