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  1. Thanks how cute! Awe how cutely pretty much us cuddling lol he always pretends he doesn't love the sweetness I givehim thanks again!
  2. Ezzy : Secretly made oc for bf : Just really want the two cuddling, but I want my boyfriend's oc to be making an unamused and embarassed expression, mine can just be smiling and enjoying the snuggles and loves. My boyfriends pony, just like mine, does NOT have a cutie mark.
  3. Request Shop

    Wow this is pretty o:
  4. Request Shop

    Congratulations on the new place,take your time and no rush here if you need refs again let me know and I can send, enjoy your new home.
  5. request

    Do as you please I have three oc's if you want pics of them all here ya go : Camilla : Ezzy : Symphonia :
  6. request

    I LOVE IT <3 thanks
  7. request

    Oh my good golly gosh, this is so absolutely breath taking, she looks beautiful, thank you so much <3 ALSO : I LOVE THE CUTIE MARK, looks better this way, thanks allot!
  8. request

    Of course, again any style is accepted, I love seeing the different styles XD
  9. request

    Would take any art of her, another character to possibly add to the short stories I may write Name - Symphonia Gender - Female Talent - Playing Violin and Piano Personality - Calm, collected, loves peach tea, picnics, long walks, night skies, and pretty shiny things. Reference -
  10. request

    Sure that's fine, just need more nice pics of Camilla. <3
  11. request

    Just have a request I REALLY want and with all these super talented artists on this forum, I have faith someone will make something really cool that fits what I want. OC name - Camilla OC reference - Type of art I'm requesting for - Headshot Pose/ Expression - Fighty/determined/pissed expression , holding a short sword in her teeth perhaps? <3 Other - She's a warpony, a moody warpony, that's other enough, right? Art Style : Either really good colored traditional or Digital art, please, if someone doesn't mine.
  12. Request Shop

    Sorry <3 I will post when you're ready again! Beautiful work
  13. request

    That sounds fantastic actually!
  14. Request Shop

    Definitely going to request when you're open again, beautiful stuff
  15. It's fine I need several refs of her at least someone did the head for me and I appreciate it and the get things done part was for Storm.