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  1. Request Shop

    Awe I rather like the half pony tail look, thanks allot, Ruffles~!
  2. Request Shop

    I was mis-guided the first post shows three empty slots and says OPEN (You should always update that page, because not everyone reads the entire forum, so they get mislead quite often. ) So maybe update the first post to avoid these confusions?
  3. Request Shop

    Ooo Me Me Me Can you do Symphonia <3 I saw a chicken dancing.
  4. Request

    When I'm no longer sick I could take a crack at it, send me a private message for where the scales should be , but I only do pencil sketches, but they're pretty good I have a thread on here called Ezzy's shop of sketchiness !
  5. Request Shop

    Oooo I want one, if you don't mind, if so I'll wait till you're ready, your art is amazing! If you do one I either want Ezzy : OR Symphonia : Either one is fine! You take your pick!
  6. Request Shop

    Goodness, Ruffles, you've improved so much dude, you're doing a super job with these! Keep on drawing and never give up, because you're learning fast!
  7. So just wanted to say, I know the few of you have been waiting and I'm super sorry, I've had the flu for a bit, since the 3rd actually so , should be another 2 days until I fully recover. Earlier if I'm lucky! Hope to draw soon, miss you guys! Thank you for the patience. <3
  8. Request

    Thanks allot, she's super cute, you're getting better!
  9. Can you do a human version of Camilla. Personality : Attitudish, battle born, battle ready, hard headed, and strong willed!
  10. Request Shop

    I'd love to see her super spaztically excited, if possible?
  11. @TimeyMarey007 @Tao Yes, I would love to do them I'll try to get them done within a few days, but I have church and other things to do, so I only ask that you be patient! Thank you for choosing me to do your ponysona's they're both so cute!
  12. Request

    You're welcome, enjoy it~!
  13. Always happy to assist. <3