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  1. Request Shop OC Requests

    Hey Sketchy are you able to do Draconequusss ?
  2. Taco?! by KrazyEzzy
    I drew dis because I'm craving tacos!

  3. Krazy Commissions {OPEN}*Updated 4/28/18*

    without glasses With glasses Thank you for your commission @Sunset Rose
  4. Krazy Commissions {OPEN}*Updated 4/28/18*

    Style update Tried glossy eyes and they made a huge difference. @Dark Horse owns all right to this character.
  5. Krazy Commissions {OPEN}*Updated 4/28/18*

    Yes of course, let us discuss it in private chat, thank you for coming <3
  6. Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    I absolutely adore it, thank you!
  7. Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    Oh my....GOODNESSS... this is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely going to get more of her done with this mane omg <3 thank you
  8. Request Shop Free Signatures for Everypony!

    I would love a signature done if youre still open to it I would love one of my Ezzy
  9. Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    Maybe have a crack at my oc? Her name is Ezzy, she's sweet friendly, but really chill as well, very quiet and a goody good. Best part about her mane is that it's wavy and not too straight or smooth.
  10. Request CONTEST

    Whoever can come up with a mane style for Ezzy, its whoever's mane style Idea I love the most
  11. Request CONTEST

    So lately I've grown tired of Ezzy's mane at times and she could use a few new designs to work with so I'm asking for everyone's help here! I just want you to draw a new designe for her mane, you can use bases as long as you credit them accordingly. What does the winner get? A headshot and full body from me for free! Here's some of my recent work! And yes it CAN be a custom if you're looking to have your ponysona made or redesigned. I will choose the winner by what I like the best, make sure to put some effort into it, this is just a mane contest, if I love it enough, you'll win, if I don't then sorry in advance. Really hope people will enter this, I really need some new mane idea for Ezzy GOOD LUCK! Entry end date is May 18th, thank you! Here's my ponysona's references :
  12. Krazy Commissions {OPEN}*Updated 4/28/18*

    Bump Bump Bump Bump this place is dead ;w;
  13. trade Art trade with Stormy

    OMG, thank you, Storm! I loveee it!
  14. trade Art trade with Stormy

    @StormBlaze Here ya go my half, sorry it's late!
  15. trade Art trade with Stormy

    Ill do your oc, but ill do it tomorrow, I have a date day today, so ill be out all day with my fiance. <3 So I'll have it around then. Ty <3 @StormBlaze Btw any expressions or poses in mind?