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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Absentia_brony

    S07:E12 - Discordant Harmony

    how in celestia's name do I find this episode?! somepony please tell me, it's like NOWHERE on the internet!
  3. Absentia_brony

    what are some good stores in real life to buy Brony Stuff

    Try Tesco extra. It sells almost as much as toys R us and you don't always have to go to a checkout and be embarrassed. you can use one of the self checkouts. try any locals supermarkets would be my advice.
  4. Hello everypony. Or should i say nopony because nopony is going to look at this feed.

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    2. strongwilled_pegasus



      i was eating lunch at that point in time

    3. Absentia_brony


      heh, that's cool I guess. - I didn't expect anypony to actually read this. how did you come across my account?

      My room as it currently is. it took a lot of work to get all this stuff.


    4. strongwilled_pegasus


      whenever someone updates their status or their blog, mlpforums "advertises" this fact on the far right of the screen on the main page

  5. Absentia_brony

    Will you go to see the movie?

    I really want to, but its different for me. I'm only 13 years old. don't get me wrong, I'm as completely brony as all the rest of you, I'm no stranger to the fandom, but its tricky. because I have to ask my parents
  6. Give me my rainbow dash plushie

  7. Absentia_brony

    Telling your parents you're a brony

    Yeah, I wish it was this simple for me. I mean, I've got it the worst. I'm a thirteen year old BOY. My parents are paranoid about me being on devices and I'm currently using my sisters phone to watch mlp in secret at 12:00, I steal mashem I wish it was this simple for me. I mean, I've got it the WORST. I'm a 13 year old boy, I am using my sisters old phone that I stole to watch mlp at 12:00, I steal mashem mlp figures from shops, everybody at school knows I am a briny and my parents are finding out the hard way. It's depressing. I need help as to how to break it to them. Eventually I'll have to. It frustrates me soooo much! I keep seeing plushie rainbow dashes in shops and would give anything to buy it but I can't with my parents following me around and breathing down my neck. Help.