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    Oh yeah, My Little Pony.


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  1. oh wow this is terrfying to look back on how did yall put up with me as a kid

    thanks for the fun times, you made small me very happy <333

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. It’s been a year


    1. Duality


      A year and yet the eternal 'welp' lives on. Glad to see you back. :-D

  4. Silver Note

    Gender Race

    1121 Haha... 21 ...Don't judge me.
  5. Guess what? 

    I got a drawing tablet for Christmas. 

    So that's a thing. 

    Here are some random pictures I drew because THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN DRAWING WITH A MOUSE. 





  6. Hey, bronies and pegasisters. Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve. I’m not dead. 

    I shall now present you with a drawing because I feel like it. If you can guess what this is from, you get a fluffy Hearth’s Warming hug from Fluffle Puff. 



  7. Welp. 

    I'm home sick. 

    After fighting a cold for three weeks while singing three church songs, including the Hallelujah Chorus, participating in a school chorus concert where I sang 5 songs and an assorted collection of Christmas carols, and practicing for everything, my voice has left me. 

    I'm not even done yet, though! I still have a quintet to preform in where I carry the melody Tuesday and three songs to preform tomorrow. Two of them are just me and my ukulele. 

    This probably happened because I haven't been wearing a cumbersome, fat, darn coat. 

    Screw it. 

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    2. Hierok


      The yelling doesn't help either. It is the bragging that they are smarter and richer then you are. :3

    3. Duality


      My doctor doesn't do that, though.


      I may need a new GP.

    4. Hierok


      Well, then we have the reason you are feeling sick. :P The bragging is the reason you Will het better.

  8. Welcome to more trashy drawing by me!

    This one I made the lines way too thick... whoops. 


    I don't know if anyone watches Sander's Sides, a Youtube series by Thomas Sanders, but I created my own versions of my sides. 


    Cringy, as always. 

    I should do homework now. :nom:

    1. Duality


      still better than my drawings :ooh:

  9.  62AXCtw2TciSul4jIMd06i00rWIuP7xHJg4xPqXWRlsvHqBHcNqU6mrcP7VfueMZjOMdbSbE-yK7DTdzH82xFkowhO6MtjYFgaJIu_QVfeov76hjQxq6TCDq0sGlviG4jckVEhRK

    I've been attempting to draw digital art lately, so... why not? :D

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    2. Duality



      it's glorious

      you da best fanartist

    3. Silver Note

      Silver Note

      Just wait until I don't have to draw with a mouse...



      I don't know why music has anything to do with my mouse, but it does. 

      I said so. 

    4. Duality


      I believe you. :proud:

      And don't forget to remember me when you're famous.

  10. PqUqN2bJ0vazph7n6j7Qfy_SoTVqqa-pkVUIl_4ZqWuUGx0qmi0Qij9wP-LXA0vDV69gwo-3kZKi6_jvaS9ZRRUVed7VV-rrwbQt_e0HjpGE8_SAXcLqiEyVsgZcQavJoifpaPbT

    1. CypherHoof
    2. Silver Note

      Silver Note


      I don't have a drawing tablet, so I'm stuck with a mouse for now. :D

    3. CypherHoof


      Well, its not easy to conjure a tablet I guess.

      You COULD use a pencil and paper though, and either scan it in or photograph it with a phone and use the image. penmice can be used as a poor but usable alternative to a tablet (I mean, they are much, much cheaper) and so forth.

  11. Welp, I created my first digital drawing! It's trashy and things because I didn't know what I was doing and I had to use a mouse, but meh. 


    I'm cringing :nom:

    1. Silver Note

      Silver Note

      Just realized I forgot my signature, but does this really need it? :D

    2. Duality


      Mice are the worst for drawing digitally. :crackle:

    3. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      Trust me its better than my first digital drawing... ajbemused.png



      This is why I stick with photo altering rather than drawing.

  12. My schedule's been a bit heptic, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the roleplay. Sorry about that. Have fun roleplaying, everypony!
  13. I actually have both a ponysona (Silver Note) and some OCs I've created, namely Día Rosetta, Lilac Snow, and Mint Berry. I like having a ponysona since it represents me and I can use her to insert myself into the pony world, but I prefer using my OCs to do one of my favorite things on these forums - to roleplay. Although I like my ponysona, I would rather use OCs that have flaws and talents that I won't personally be embarrassed about. It is much easier to roleplay as another pony than yourself.
  14. Happy birthday! :fluttershy:


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