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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned because I'm 15. Take that!!! I'm younger than you!
  2. Mega Thread

    Banned for not paying taxes. That's a federal offense. Don't make me report you to Celestia. Seriously, don't. She's on vacation. On the sun.
  3. Mega Thread

    Banned for associating with taco enablers. All taco enablers should be reported immediately to the International Rehabilitation Service (IRS). We fix them by making them pay taxes!!!
  4. Mega Thread

    Banned because YES! You now have no tacos! Now you must suffer the horror that is QUESADILLA!!!
  5. Mega Thread

    @Lyra Feri I would ban you, but for the most part, I also agree. So I ban tacos. Tacos are now outlawed in this thread. @Hoppy Banned for ninja-ing.
  6. Mega Thread

    @Zachary If you get Rarity, I get Rainbow Dash. End. Of. Story. @Hoppy Banned for triple ship. No triple ships until I say so.
  7. Mega Thread

    Banned for unacceptable shipping. The following are acceptable ships: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich Fluttershy and Tree
  8. Mega Thread

    @Fillypino Fried Banned because that statement is false. This is Scootadash: @Hoppy Don't remind me...
  9. Mega Thread

    Banned because I am Rainbow Dash, not Scootaloo!!!
  10. Mega Thread

    No, no, no!! I changed my mind!! I unban myself!!! @Zachary Banned for not unbanning me. You can deal with Discord!
  11. Mega Thread

    OK. You know what. I see only one solution to this chaos. @ShadowDash13, I ban you to the moon!
  12. Mega Thread

    WHAT!!! I am so confused. BANNED. ALL OF YOU ARE BANNED!!!!!!
  13. Mega Thread

    I double posted? Where? Banned for confusinating me.
  14. Mega Thread

    Banned for making me think such depressing thoughts. Maybe alicorns are able to switch between the living world and the afterlife at will?
  15. Mega Thread

    @HoppyBanned for feeling fear. Fear is unacceptable, unless you are Fluttershy. Are you Fluttershy? No? I didn't think so. @Fillypino Fried Banned for both post ninja-ing and double posting. Impressive.