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  1. Probably been a furry for a good 10 years but until a couple months ago never really identified as such, and have never really interacted with the fandom. I don't have a drop of artistic talent but I love the art and have always been a fan of anthropomorphic characters. I'm probably moving a little fast, already planning to attend my first furry con in the summer and I've even commissioned a fursuit as it's the only way I can see myself participating in the fandom in a meaningful way due to the above lack of artistic skill. I'd appreciate any advice as a new fur and any websites, artists, c
  2. I have no problem with Flurry Heart being an alicorn considering the parents, I have a problem with her being a princess. If there is one thing the show has been consistent about is that being a princess is something that is earned, it's not given by birth.
  3. The Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Brotherhooves Social, what do they all have in common? They all place secondary and or background characters front and center. This is a season that emphasizes that there is a world beyond Twilight and her friends and that minor characters can have just as much of an impact on this world as our heroes and I think this is going to play a role in the season finale. I could see background characters being the ones to get through to Starlight, not the mane 6, and not the CMC like some are predicting. One charac
  4. There is very little difference between the two groups. Both like anthropomorphic characters, both can very passionate, sometimes to an extreme extent, both have image problems, and both produce copious amounts of porn. The only real difference is that Bronies are a little more exposed due to the fandom being centered around a pop culture icon. But in the end we have more in common than either fandom is willing to admit. I think some bronies see aspects of themselves and the fandom they don't like in furries and that makes them angry.
  5. Leaving the country with no food, no weather control and the sun way stuck in the sky. At least the crystal ponies got to live.
  6. It's been a great year for gaming what's your personal Game of the Year? Mine has to be The Last of Us. Rarely has a new IP impressed me so much.
  7. If we ignore the comics this would also explain Luna's transformation.
  8. This is clearly fake. The Government is shutdown right now. NASA can't announce anything when it's not even open for business. https://twitter.com/NASA/status/385017361125736448
  9. So the lesson for this episode is "Let someone walk all over you and they'll be your friend"? Are you fucking kidding me? It's bad enough that Discord's heel face turn occurred so fast it made my head spin but he spent the entire episode taking of advantage of Fluttershy. Yeah that's a friendship with a great foundation.
  10. Actually she's been the lead story editor for the show since Rob Renzetti left the show at the end of season 2. So no, it doesn't mean anything.
  11. No, he introduced the Federation to the Borg before they were supposed to encounter each other and in doing so may have saved the Federation. This was probably his intention all along. And it's probably a good idea not to trust an omnipotent trickster god who's motives are probably beyond human understanding. By the end of TNG he's really more of anti hero.
  12. No, you-know-who went from being humanity's greatest enemy to it's greatest advocate. By the end of the series he was introduced in he helped save humanity, pretty big development since in his first appearance he put it on trial.
  13. It also doesn't help when you only have 13 episodes this season, meaning there are fewer episode you can say you really loved. 1. That's gonna happen in a flash show. 2. How is that a bad thing? Moving away from the standard forumula should be a good thing. 3. A silly complaint that has no bearing on the quality of the show, it's not even a different VA. 4. Lacking a point? Every episode has had a clear lesson, even if it isn't spelled out for you at the end.
  14. When you say things that blatantly aren't true specifically that AJ who has gotten more screen time per episode than any other season isn't getting enough attention to say nothing of being the only character to actually talk in every single episode thus far. I'm gonna call you out on it. Now how is she not getting enough attention this season?
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