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  1. Sorry for the late reply and yes we can! Let's get starred if you're ready We open. In a strange, chaotic castle shaped like a mismatched pyramid "So bored......" a chrous of voices sighed
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to equestrian villains Victorious based on Disney villains Victorious the fans in which all the djsney villains have conquered bits of the world and ate now warring for control over all of it except now we have a MLP /Isfet verse version of it where Equestria had been conquered by villains hailing from both their world and not feel free to join enjoy the anarchy!
  3. Close. But in the Cutie Re-mark every villain has a separate timeline in this one they'd win in a sense but have to compete with each other for the lands of Equestria rather than having it all to themselves. I just made the RP thread put a little bit of my own spin on it if that's alright everyone (including you of course) should control a villain and some heroes to get started
  4. Yeah it'd be awesome in fact. I declare the idea of a RP on the subject who's with me?
  5. Well yes the villains wining is always a possibility but I meant as in the villains dividing the world and warring over it in different territories no particular one being the outright winner.
  6. [OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/165293-chaos-reigns-oocplanningsearching/] (Since almost no one responded to the OOC thread I'll just start this and anyone who wishes to get involved can do so ) We open. In the Badlands outside of Equestria a land that has been thrown into eternal strife by Isfet. "Ugh bored ....." the chaos lords groan looking around the kingdom with apathy "Well we finally got rid of Throax dumb bug was getting in our way. Chrysalis is right he had no idea how to rule the changelings ah well he's gone now ha ha ha!" The mad gods surveyed the
  7. We've seen our fair share of what happens when villains when in MLP the man villains almost always have the upper hand until the main six bring down the magical rainbow hammer of death by friendship upon them , plenty of tics have been written about the villains winning and of course we have the alernate timelines from season five but has anyone ever done a MLP version of this? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TabletopGame/DisneyVillainsVictorious For anyone who isn't aware Disney Villains Victorious is basically a timeline where all of the major and some minor Disney villains
  8. Chaotic Overlord

    Ask Isfet

    Hm we'll let our version of Discord handle this question alike Alright well I don't think particularly highly of my other self. He is indeed a wimp though I suppose he can be quite powerful when he eats to be as for the reformed thing we're wgwt you might call "semi reformed " we still cause chaos across the multiverse but we don't bother Equestria as much as we used to hey being free with certain limits is better than being statues or stuck in the frozen tundra.
  9. Chaotic Overlord

    Ask Isfet

    Isfet chuckled That's quite alright we get it and we've got our own nation to run too and boy is it stressful. So nice to meet a princess who actually understands our life unlike boring old Celestia.
  10. Chaotic Overlord

    Ask Isfet

    Isfet grins * a fellow Chaos being hm? Awesome! The kind of chaos we do anything really from small pranks to natural disasters to national takeovers we've done it but probably our favorites are A causing mortals to fight and B making deals that make them look stupid.
  11. Chaotic Overlord

    Ask Isfet

    If we vanished well everything would be peaceful for a while. Then it would die because as much as those stupid mortals hate to admit it you need both chaos and order.
  12. Interesting take on matter. What about those who are aware that they are causing suffering and pain but feel some degree of remorse they continue doing it however for a perceived greater good a "the ends justify the means " sort of thing?
  13. Hello everyone I'm Chaotic Overlord and welcome to another Isfet verse RP of mine. In this RP however Isfet is not the main focus no their children IJ are IJ which includes twisted versions of dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls are much like their parents sadistic, egomanic, psychopathic chaos gods. But unlike them their childish immaturity and lack of understanding of the limits of power make them even more dangerous. This is based on Bad End Friends so their corrupted hero gang fill include Beast Wurt (over the garden wall) Ice Fiin (adventure time) Steaven Di
  14. Hmm. Sounds interesting would the ambassadors be OCs of canon characters or both?
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