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    Hiding in the laundry basket, waiting for the stop-animation monsters to come.
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    If it ain't broken, wait until it is. If it is broken, wait until it isn't.
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    Heathers, Hamilton, My Little Pony (duh), Harry Potter, animals, animals, did I mention animals?, books, veterinarians, marine biologists, basically anything having to do with animals, malls I guess.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Oh, um, he's still doing well. He still wants a herding license, though. I just really, really hope he doesn't get one.. Oh, dear... um, are you... alright?
  4. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long, everypony! One of my pets passed and I was so distraught over him that I forgot about this site! The adventure? What adventure? Now that you mention it, I did find cinnamon nuts scattered around the castle when I got back... Oh... um... w-well, that really is very sweet of you both, but um, I already kind of like Ra- Discord...
  5. Wha... oh! I'm sorry, that was for a costume party I went to earlier and I guess I forgot to take the makeup off...
  6. Oh! Well, the fanfiction and the picture seem really great. Make sure you keep drawing!
  7. Oh... um... thank you, but I think that Princess Luna can handle that herself. I'm sure he would... but... while Discord's a real sweetie, with Discord being Discord, and Zephyr being Zephyr, I'm not sure how well that might turn out. And Spike helps out with the animals. Just last Tuesday, he foalsat everyone for me while I was out at the spa with Rarity! Oh, thank you! The photo's really neat! My only question is why Sunset's an alicorn.
  8. Oh... him. I heard he tried to get a herding license, but they denied him one because he only just got the job. Still, it's good that he's finally working for himself! I'm proud of him! Come back any time you need! My door's always open. That said, everypony, I think I'm going to hit the hay, so I won't be answering any more questions for the night. Goodnight, everypony! I should be on tomorrow after school I get back from the spa with Rarity.
  9. Oh, how sweet! But I'm not sure if you could, what with Discord constantly following me... O-oh! Thank you so much! Of course we could be friends! Just... please don't disturb Angel Bunny during his naps... Mhmm. I actually found a stray lion cub wandering around last week! I hope you don't mind a cub... He's really playful right now, so don't mind if he nips you gently.
  10. Oh, I had a cup holder in the car that had a lid. I don't know how their legs came off, I guess they just got themselves stuck?
  11. I would probably follow a very, very strict checklist to make sure not a hair was out of place on her head, but also play with her whenever it wasn't time for a bath or feeding or something. I'd also make sure she didn't get upset at any time, and snap and do the things the two above did do whatever she wanted as long as that didn't counteract the schedule.
  12. I would bow but probably fall on my face in the process, and then get her to take me with her like stated above.
  13. I think I'll go to the movies if I can afford it. Probably not on premiere day, though. It's way too overcrowded...
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