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  1. Checking in after too long a time...
    Finally got all my tech back and will be wrapping up owed art.

    After that, I'll be shutting down commissions on here.

  2. Just passing through, trying to get affairs in order.

    will have access to my personal laptop (and commissions I owe) at the end of March,
    circumstances out of my control bar me from doing so ay sonner.

    Sincerest apologies to everyone 

  3. Happy Birthday to ya, Cestrum! Hope it's a good one! :D

    1. Cestrum


      Thank you for the birthday wishes, Dark Horse :pinkie:

  4. Happy birthday!

    1. Cestrum


      Thanks for the birthday wishes :3

  5. Cestrum

    Cestrum's Art Shop - Closed

    Why yes I am! Feel free to PM me with the details or questions and I can give you a price estimate.
  6. Finally saw the new MLP Movie! 
    I won't spoil anything, but the animation style was so amazing! All the little ponies looked so squishy and cute! :D

    1. internet pone

      internet pone

      Also Derpy. Ooops, spoiler!

  7. Cestrum

    Cestrum's Art Shop - Closed

    Bump bump, sugar rump~! Hey everyone, posted some new art examples and re-organized the art in the spoilers. Now they're in 2 neat groups. MLP and Non-MLP! Commissions are still open (and now with lower prices), so be sure to check them out!
  8. Commission Shop has lower prices now, whoo! :D

    Please consider taking a look if you'd like some artwork of your OC, a custom design, or even just fanart of your favorite pony!


  9. Commission Shop now has lower prices, yay!

    In other news, I'm really itching to draw Pokemon OCs, are those a thing?

  10. Working on getting new (lower) prices in my Commission Shop, whoot!

    Also thinking of doing a Halloween Art Raffle~

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    2. Cestrum


      @Snow My username is the Latin name for a genus of flower.

      Cestrum - a large genus of fragrant tropical American shrubs (family Solanaceae) having red, yellow, or white fragrant clustered tubular flowers.

      Specifically, I chose Cestrum Elegans for the flower's red color.




    3. Snow


      Oh I see, It just struck me as odd because centrum is the name given to a weed in Australia, one that if you touch leaves your hands smelling really bad, I assume that bush is much more pleasant?

    4. Cestrum


      Indeed it is X3

  11. Cestrum

    Would You Rather...?

    Kittens, at least they can be trained to use a litter box. Would you rather go into space, or scuba diving?
  12. Cestrum

    Cestrum's Art Shop - Closed

    Hey guys, check out the commission I recently finished. You can also see it in the top post!
  13. Cestrum

    Would You Rather...?

    I'd rather have stuffed toys, less maintenance and money spent on food and things. Would you have have super strength or super speed?
  14. Cestrum

    Cestrum's Art Blurb

    I definitely plan to open up requests over my Christmas break (December), since I'll have 3 weeks off of school. Thank you so much for the compliments, and just hang in there a little longer
  15. Cestrum

    Cestrum's Art Blurb

    Here's a flat color commission I completed for @Dark Horse