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    Video Games of all kinds! Strategy, fantasy, sci-fi, stealth, shooters, etc.

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  1. Off-Kilter

    About the recent changes: Redux!

    New changes sound awesome, can't wait 'til they roll out~
  2. Off-Kilter

    A game for every pony

    So sorry, thank you for moving it. I wasn't sure if it was meant to go there or in Sugarcube corner.
  3. Off-Kilter

    A game for every pony

    Video games might not be as big in Equestria as they are here in our world, but have you ever looked at a pony and thought "This pony might like this game..." I thought a pony like Twilight might be into, say, the Civilization series of games. I thought it might be fun to brainstorm what the main cast and even background ponies would play if they had access to our games. Share your thoughts bellow!
  4. Off-Kilter

    What's your pet peeve?

    I really really can't stand when people do the same grammar error over and over... Especially when the rest of their sentence is written correctly, ooooh that's just the worst...
  5. Off-Kilter

    What animal do you most identify with?

    Excluding the obvious pony, I find I'm quite alike a mouse. Nice, but I'm spooked easily...
  6. Off-Kilter

    Foods you dislike that everyone likes?

    For some reason, I have a very strong aversion to pasta... Doesn't matter if it's noodles, spagethi or even ramen. Anything with that slimy, squishy texture just reminds me of worms... I can't even look at the stuff without feeling bile rise up in my throat.
  7. Off-Kilter

    gaming Video games you play before bed

    I usually pick up a Mario Party game, or Mario Golf for the Game-Cube... Weird choice but those always make me ready to sleep. If I'm too lazy to pick up the ol' cube console. I go for Skyrim or Fallout. And I couldn't agree more with ooBrony, if there's a mod conflict, no chance I'm going to sleep that night...
  8. Off-Kilter

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    The John Carter of Mars series, old and classy. I got them from a relative when younger. Never left my side since. It's cheesy, but not "bad". Sci-fi fantasy and all that. It's quite riveting if you don't mind "Strongest and smartest man in the universe" type stories.
  9. Off-Kilter

    Worst Movie You Ever Seen

    Street Fighter (1994) still makes my skin crawl just thinking of it...
  10. Off-Kilter

    Do you live in a town or a big city?

    Welp, at least now I have a reason to feel stupid for not reading myself, haha!
  11. Off-Kilter

    Do you live in a town or a big city?

    Woops, I meant big, my bad, I ought to re-read myself. But yeah, countryside living is the way to live!
  12. Off-Kilter

    Do you live in a town or a big city?

    I live in a city with about 380 Thousand people, I come from a small country town, so it's kinda scary to go out, let alone go downtown...
  13. Off-Kilter

    Not sure how to go about this, but... Hi!

    Thank you all very much for all the nice welcomes!
  14. I'm not very used to things like forums and such, I don't really know where to begin. I'm a half-Brit half-Canadian High-schooler. I caught a glimpse of the show about a week or two ago and got quite hooked on it. I'm a huge fan of video games, but if you asked me which type is my favourite, I couldn't answer you... One minute I'm playing Civilization and the next I'm deep in Fallout 4. I play just about anything moddable with the exception of Nintendo good, I never outgrew kids' games, so no wonder I would get into shows like Steven Universe and My Little Pony! I've never been very social, both out in the real world and online, so I hope the guys here are nice!