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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Sassy Sweet

    Been Awhile

    So yeah, I am not exactly new but awhile back, around June or July, someone hacked me and pretty much destroyed every aspect of my online life. I mean we are talking about deleting the bigger stuff like blogs and folders in Google Drive to logging in to a bunch of my accounts whose passwords were saved and creating havoc to get me banned. It took a ton of explaining and figuring out just what was affected and where. I guess that MLP forums was not on their top priority to create chaos on and it sort of got lost in the shuffle. I feel bad for saying that but at the same time, it is great be
  3. Tall Tales is a pet project of mine (and my daughter's) that is set in the MLP Poniverse. It has been shaped by innocent questions like "Where do Sirens come from?" or "Is there more than one Changeling Queen?", to Roleplaying is Magic created characters and stories, to bedtime stories told over about seven years to my daughter who shaped them with her interruptions. Even though it won't be licensed, I am actually working on a little anthology book that I will have made for her. It has been 100 years since Twilight Sparkle was crowned as the Princess of Friendship. Celestia had always
  4. Being lazy now that summer break has hit.

    1. Snow


      Hard to blame you, I hope you enjoy yourself. ^_^

  5. I very much agree with this particular post and this thread in general. First off, just going by MLP fandom OCs, the level of the character is normally reflected in the age of the person behind the screen. Yes, if you have some 10 year old playing an OC, then that character MAY be all sunshine and lollipops. If not, then that tends to be sort of iffy depending on how much that person has gone through to properly pull from their backstory. But if you have someone more mature who has a character with a tragic past, then the character they play is going to be more mature. However, the sa
  6. I feel like doing a damn essay. What I Learned from Wisdom Teeth are... that they fucking suck! Oh my god! Remember how shortly after I joined, I said that I would likely just go back into lurking mode? I know I haven't really been around long enough for anyone to miss me or notice that I was gone (more than likely) but I didn't mean to drop off the radar for almost two weeks. I also didn't know that your wisdom teeth, which hadn't given you a problem for years, could suddenly just go batshit crazy and make you want to take a drill to your mouth. temporomandibular joints Go
  7. First off, what is your definition of "dating"? I know it may sound like a stupid question but apparently, it does have different meanings to different people. Some people define dating as seeing other people in a non-committal way and say they are "in a relationship" if they are only seeing one person. Others refer to just flirtatious texts and phone calls as them dating someone. But anyways, to the point and regardless, the answer would be yes. You, yourself, may be ready for marriage and someone else may be as well, but that doesn't mean the two of you would be able to make a marriage
  8. As I type this, it is 3:40am. I should be sleeping. But I am not. I'm eating Thin Mints between cigarettes. It's a bad habit; never pick it up. Sometimes I wonder why the more dangerous things are perfectly legal and other things that shall not be named are not. The husband (Bryan) and I figured out at our old, old house that smoking inside is horrible. We didn't have kids then, so we were fine with killing our own lungs. The smell still gets stuck in fabrics and white walls end up looking yellow with time. Now we're mostly outside smokers. It's only the beginning of May a
  9. Being an incredibly light sleeper and insomniac plus living in a house full of deep sleepers and toss-turners?  Does not make for happy mornings.

  10. A few things should be noted first: I have a major in creative writing; I seriously have OCD (and it sucks), and I'm crazy with details and inspiration. With that out of the way, I have been asked before (on other forums for now, but maybe on this one in the future) how I come up with some of my characters. For some people, it is very easy. They get an idea, spend a couple of hours developing it, and boom... finished product. For me, it can be a little more complicated (read that as a lot more complicated). First off... I don't really worry about names. They usually come toget
  11. So to begin with, I'm not exactly sure where this goes on the forums. This seems to be the best place for it but if it needs to be moved, I'm totally okay with that. These are just the main tools and resources I use on a regular basis. I can barely draw a stick figure, so I mostly use line arts and bases. Paint Programs Not free, but totally worth it Paint Tool SAI - If you're like me and you have a laptop or tablet with a touch screen, this is definitely worth shelling out a little bit of money for a software license. Unlike Photoshop, which is also totally worth it
  12. Hooray for another fellow fatalist! I found myself a little disturbed with King Sombra's FIENDship is Magic and the entire Seige of the Crystal Empire arc. I mean, like you brought up, if you don't fit into their mold, they break you for the "betterment of society" kind of way. If Princess Amore would just have been honest with Sombra and tried to help him rather than leaving him to his own devices... I'd be pretty pissed and go on a rampage too. It set a whole series of events in motion that seemed to backfire. Then you have Radiant Hope, who even though she was misguided in her in
  13. Sassy Sweet

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking that it is 4:00am here and I should totally be going to sleep... but my head won't be quiet whenever I lay down. Yay insomnia!
  14. Whenever I am on an MLP fandom forum, the question inevitably comes up. Why am I an adult fan? Everyone has their reasons, I am a bit more blase about giving some of the reasons that others may be more used to hearing. I was a wildly obsessed with it when I was a little kid. I mean, come on, what little girl who grew up in the 80s and 90s is not willing to admit to loving all the colorful designs, cutesy names and themes, and styling the manes and tails of the pretty little ponies? But little girls grow out of the "girly" stage and the cartoons and movies themselves lost their appeal
  15. I'm in total agreement with this. I can't use the 3DS for health reasons (yay seizures) and I absolutely despised the size of the original 2DS. It was pretty unwieldy for me as an adult, so I can only imagine little kids trying to use it. Also, it was almost impossible to find non-Nintendo accessories for it like covers and cases. Even then, Nintendo seemed so focused on clampshell design that it just didn't put much out for the 2DS.
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