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  1. Already seen this episode but gotta say I really liked this episode. It was a great insight on their relationship.
  2. I liked this episode. It was simple but sweet. 4/5.
  3. It actually has been confirmed that he is trixie's dad. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/04/jack-pot-is-actually-trixies-dad.html
  4. Even if those links didn't get taken down the movie is just 3 days away so the damage won't be that big anyway
  5. Hard to Say Anything, Honest Apple and Not Asking for Trouble are the ones I dislike.
  6. Look what I came across lol. Could be interesting.
  7. What...just no. Starlight turning evil again would not make any sense and would be stupid. It would mean that all the development and progress she got the past seasons was for nothing
  8. I'm pretty sure they are not going with that route for her. What would Starlight be the princess of anyway? The princess of...friendship? We already have Twilight for that. Making Starlight a princess would be pointless and redundant.
  9. No way. I mean what would Starlight even be the princess of? We already have a princess of friendship, we don't need two.
  10. Is it because they are born Alicorns? If so, why doesn't Flurry Heart's mane flow then??
  11. Regarding Flurry Heart: It's not like Cadence has a long life span like Celestia and Luna do. Somepony will have to take care of the Crystal Empire after Cadence dies. That somepony will be Flurry Heart.
  12. Watch this! I think it will make you appreciate applejack more and the reason why she is the least popular out of the mane 6.