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    Gaming in general (virtual and table top) cartoons, books, music, the great and all mighty Cthulhu, long walks on the beach and eating the gift of the gods themselves...muffins

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  1. Favourite premier is definitely return to harmony i dont really have a favourite finale but if i’d have to choose i would go best night ever i just love the old episodes (not saying the new ones are bad)
  2. The Derpinator

    Back in the herd!

    Welcome back to our fandom, we hope you enjoy your return and hope you stay with us (forever)
  3. The Derpinator

    Best Pony Tug of War

    13 for she is the bestest and most powerfulest pony
  4. Look what just arrivedIMG_1752.thumb.JPG.b81f7a1842b6d9a4fa47f4c9f0713662.JPGtoday is a good day

    1. Kyoshi


      That is a big plushie. o_o

    2. The Derpinator

      The Derpinator

      It may just be the angle its only 12"

      but it is the biggest in my little collection

    3. Kyoshi


      Ah, could be the scale then. It makes everything else look tiny. :P

  5. O_o well darn, guess a cutie mark redesign is in order thanks for pointing that out to me
  6. Yeah I know I still need practice, I've only been drawing for a few weeks now
  7. decided to do a sketch of my oc and was wondering what everyone thought, and any advice they could give
  8. I'm now just realising I forgot his back legs... I'll fix that later can't be bothered right now
  9. "That smelly smell that smells...smelly"
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