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  1. Fire watch is probably the most replayed game out of all the other games I have ever done ! Just really love the story and the mystery behind it along with my other favorite indie game night in the woods

  2. u know i had a flurry heart almost like stewie griffon ? just more babyish and obviously not talking yet...kinda reminded me a bit in flurry of emotions.

  3. bears i remember watching this movie ! good memories !

  4. ahhh good ol loony toons

    babbit ! hey babbit !

  5. ahhh good ol windows 7 will be using it till 2020 sadly....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Iris Flower
    3. MagicFlare


      and i idk if its just me but when scrolling on the forums and other sites seems much smoother...

    4. MagicFlare


      @Iris Flower becouse i miss having the old os plus more stable lol

  6. So when dreams come out someone should make a ponified world ! :3 I mean heck someone re created P.T. ! we can do this !!

  7. So who is ok with putting your picture on the forums ? Haven’t seen the post a pic of yourself topic shown up in a long while

    1. Altastrofae


      Im alright with it

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      well.. you can go in there and see who is ok with it, lot's of ppl have put theirs there

    3. Phosphor


      I usually don't like to post pics of myself online, but I might on the forums. It would be a thermal image tho. lol

  8. Setting up windows do just for the fun of it lol might even install the original halo xD

  9. Who is getting dreams on the ps4 ? Someone actually made a re make of the canceled pt ! Love it !

  10. Well time to install windows 10 again

    1. Altastrofae



      If you are speaking truth, I must implore: Why?

    2. MagicFlare


      Well hard drive got all messed up becouse of trying to install Ubuntu but then the power went out so now there was nothing on the hard drive will have to re install it again tomorrow

    3. Altastrofae
  11. Alright installing Linux was a no go for me...might as well stick with windows 7sp1 for a long while till it’s end cycle

  12. Welp my hard drive is currupted...guess I’ll be using my iPad / iPhone for the forums for a long while...

  13. MagicFlare

    Favorite soda

    rootbeer , pepsi , dr.pepper , and canada dry ginger ale :3
  14. MagicFlare

    Request Shop Cyber's Request Shop (fullbody + background)

    here is me ! go wild with it xD but really lol i think i have a reference pose some ware, but if possible of me with derpy hugging ? :3 here is a sample pose XD and i do like the simple full body look you have there :3