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  1. Date a fancy horse as a human, ehh not so much, but date a fancy horse as a horse You my friend have yourself a deal!
  2. It took two hours, but I did it >:D (Just click it and zoom on the page to see it :P)
  3. Name: Shining Light (or shine/light) Appearance: (look at the picture silly) Occupation: Part-time mage, called in to fight only when need be. Magic Specialization: Light/Holy magic, closely represents Celestia's style of magic, yet a fair amout less powerful How he was made: I was roleplaying with one of my other main OC's ThunderStorm, a dark and gloomy pony, and I wanted a counter-part to him.
  4. Hi there! I'm Shining Light, or Shine... or Light... what ever you wanna' call me I guess ^-^'. So I guess I should say stuff about me then, huh? Alright... I do a free-style sport called Parkour (or free running), I shuffle, I do animation, and I'm generally a nice guy. (Wow, I feel like i'm making a tinder ad) Those aside, I really like talking to people and meeting others who I don't know yet. I do projects I like to post often and ya'll can expect a few here (one in the works right now actually, look out for that) But yeah.. that's me, and I hope to meet some awesome ponys ^-^ ... OH! right, I like to debate with people on dumb topics!! Yeah.. I'm going now... bye...