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  1. "Well I'm just not one to 'swoon' over boys." She said cooly "And I don't really like you" she added in a whisper Her horn glowed and she grabbed a bouquet of roses with extra sharp thorns. "Here," she said giving him the roses "To remeber me"
  2. Amethyst fainted but Lezal rolled her eyes. Lezal began trotting away
  3. Awww thanks I will start the roleplay Lezal trotted through Ponyville and stopped when she saw Electro Flash at the flower shop with Roseluck, Daisy and a bunch of other girls swooning around him. She rolled her eyes and trotted on but was suddenly stopped by her best friend, Amethyst Heart. "What's up?" Asked Lezal looking slightly confused, but happy to see her friend. "Isn't he soooooooooooo cute!" Replied the purple pony with a dreamy glance at Electro Lezal rolled her eyes
  4. @Night _Glider banned for being on the show
  5. Scared for life 😫😱😭 that was some creepy Sh¡t
  6. My last video was "What my cutie mark is telling me | A notion remix" by "Brony Notion"
  7. Banned because you just got REKT @GunPla_GliMMeR_4