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  1. If you want SAO but better, look up SAO Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment. Fixes 99% of the controversial stuff, easily and legally found on Youtube, and hilarious. If not, well, we all need a little trashy escapist anime now and then ;P
  2. I think you'll like Fire Force then. While I don't find it annoying (most of the time, Black Star is an exception), I do recognize SE was more 'juvenile' with its humor. There's still a little bit of that in FF, but nowhere near as much. Overall the series seems directed a more adult audience.
  3. Well what about Soul Eater did you find annoying? Kinda hard to answer the question without knowing that first.
  4. It's a very good show. I love how Atsushi Ōkubo comes up with such unique worldspaces to set his stories in. Doesn't hurt that the animation and sound design are beautiful as well XP
  5. I mean, does Barnstormer need an explanation for this song? XP
  6. Fire Force 8. Done by the same peeps who did Soul Eater back in the day. Similar art style, but the animation is smoother, visuals are crisper, and the overall vibe/storyline is less childish in it's humor and direction. And the sound design is wonderful. Plus, who doesn't love a show focused on pyrokinetics fighting fire demons?
  7. I don't see her exploding in anger like this. She strikes me more as the "kill you with passive aggressive sarcasm" type.
  8. Was glad to see more unique, expressive, and funny facial expressions make a return in this episode. I feel like those have been kinda absent this season. As far as actual content, I didn't think I was gonna like this episode, since I tend not to enjoy the whole 'stereotypical teen/pre-teen dance/romance' shtick, but it was cute. Deadmau5 Spike gave me a giggle. Also can we talk about how adorable this face is?
  9. If you think the majority of women are getting abortions simply because they didn't use contraceptives, or if you think being on contraceptives negates all possibility of needing an abortion (because NEWS FLASH, contraceptives can and do fail) I want nothing to do with your ignorant, dipshit ass.

  10. Have some porn :P


    1. Phosphor


      That was awesome!  

      That reminds me, I haven't looked at any Sunspots in a while  :P 

  11. Do people just not fucking read posts/comments anymore?

    Posted like 3 different threads on 3 different sites and each one had between 1 and 4 replies that asked questions I'd already addressed in the OP or in replies to comments.


    1. Meemfestivefox


      Well...that meme relates to over half of the Internet world. :mlp_laugh:

    2. Barnstormer



      Well...that meme relates to over half of the Internet world. :mlp_laugh:

      I fixed it for you :P

    3. SolarFlare13


      that's what I thought :blink: O_O :confused: thank god I'm not the only one who noticed that...

  12. I know, right? I grew up with him too, and I love that he just took the gloves off. "We broke Bill Nye!" Yes, yes we did XD There's another clip or two of him earlier in the episode that aren't quite as in your face, but are still great, if you didn't see them/watch the whole thing already.
  13. OMFG, I loved this and just had to share it (timestamped at appropriate moment w/ slight lead in for context) Didn't know where else to post this, this forum seemed most appropriate, but I just had to share. "I for one am absolutely on board with his new gritty reboot" You're not alone in that, John XD
  14. For-inktober-I-focused-on-Mental-illness

    Pretty much sums up my last few days.

    (Not mine, btw. Ways back an artist from Ohio did sketches of various mental illnesses for Inktober, this is the one he did for what I have. Always been relevant, but more so the last week-ish.)

    I'll just be over here in this corner if anyone needs me.

  15. Ah. Weird. I posted because I've been on the site off and on for a year now and it only just started happening to me in the last few days, so I was very confused lol.
  16. Is anyone else having issues where they can't move the text cursor with their keyboards arrow keys lately? As far as I can tell it's not my keyboard or PC, cuz it works just fine on any other site or text editor program, it's just the textboxes here, but it seems not to happen immediately...there's something that causes it to stop and I can't figure out what, or how to get it working again once it's stopped besides going to a new page and writing a new comment/post/message (eg. just before I posted this, I was commenting on a friend's status, worked fine initially, had problems start at some point in the middle of writing the comment, and now it's working fine again as I write this post).
  17. Found this, figured you'd appreciate it


    1. SolarFlare13


      DANG!!! :confused: THAT WAS AWESOME!!! O_O :o I remember watching this scene when I was younger and this part made me sad. (Obi Wan is my favourite character) :( Man, I wish Disney Star Wars was more like this :dry:  Seriously tho, that was AMAZING!!! :love:

    2. Barnstormer


      If you want a "spruced up" version of the whole OT, check out Star Wars Revisited, by Adywan. He's still working on ROTJ, but ANH and ESB are out for download. Loooots of quality if life touch ups, like fixes in visual errors and flukes (flat lightsaber blades from certain angles being one of the most noticeable), minor consistency edits, improved CG (Alderaan's and DS1's destruction are SO much better, and the battles of Hoth and Yavin are friggin epic now). Honestly it's my new gold standard, I cant wait for him to finish ROTJ. Word is he's restoring cut scenes of B-wing pilots in their cockpits at Endor, by building the cockpits and outfits himself and getting actors to act that he's filming all on his own.

  18. Fuck it

    Fuck everything

    Fuck people


  19. Generally/for past seasons, I'd agree. Like I said, from the pre-season marketing it seemed like the majority focus was gonna be on the clash between the two sides (Mane 6 vs Grogar and company). Again, I get that not every episode was going to be about that, but the frequency of that story arc popping up is spread out so far it kind of ends up feeling like filler in something like, say, DBZ, where you're just like 'GET BACK TO THE DAMN STORY/FIGHT ALREADY.' I also mean there seems to be a number of episodes that aren't following the villains and the conflict with them, that (from the descriptions anyway) also don't seem to have a lesson in mind, they just seem to be there to reach the total episode count they were aiming other words, filler. It's a SOL show, but it's SOL that's also trying to share moral or life lessons. When the majority of episodes are focusing on everything but what you marketed as the main arc of the season, and then some of those also seem to have no lesson, which is the main point of the show....yeah, it starts to feel the same way as filler. Sparkle's 7 is an example of what I'm talking about. It's not focused on the overarching season plot, and near as I could tell there was no lesson it was trying to share. It was just....there. Ie., filler. As filler goes, it wasn't *bad*, but it 1) also didn't really get me hyped, and 2) just adds to me wondering when we're gonna get back to the overarching season plot. Did that clear up what I mean? (Genuine question, not being snarky, and I ask cuz I'm reeeeally tired so I might not be expressing my thoughts in the clearest way).
  20. Aside from the premiere, this season's just been very meh or outright disappointing for me. Like I know not every episode is gonna be about the stuff that went down in the premiere, but the way they made it seem in pre-season marketing was that there was gonna be more of a focus on that, which I was looking forward to. But we've had not a single episode on the subject yet, and a good number so far have been about things characters already learned in the past (Twilight's OCD and panic, the School six not arguing to the point of calamity) or were just filler (Twilight's heist). I haven't watched this episode yet, but the description just isn't 'revving my engine', which sucks cuz I love Patton. Next week's episode is about middle/high school BS, seemingly (school dance), and possibly lessons that have already been expressed by other stories (stay true to yourself/just be who you are), and then FINALLY the week after that we get another peek at the villains...and then we go back to 'normal' episodes for at least 5 weeks...which brings us to episode 13 in a 26 episode season, after which (meaning s9e14 onward) I can't find any titles or descriptions, until the first part of the finale, which reads: .........thanks IMDB for that stellar grammatical checking job, there; did the 'Does Bruno Mars is Gay?' author write that one for you? Dunno why all the other descriptions you have read just fine, but whatever -_- Anyway, that's one episode in an entire half season where we see what's going on with the villains, and if they keep that track record, that means we get ONE more episode before the finale showing how the villains are planning to do whatever it is they do, in the middle of a bunch of (again, to me) very meh episodes. So unless they change something, the finale's gonna seem like it came from nowhere, and I'm not going to be very enthused about the other episodes. From looking at the descriptions for what's ahead, I see only one besides Frenemies where I'm actively interested (The Last Crusade), 2 where I'm not actively interested but am thinking 'this could be good, depending' (Going to Seed and Sweet and Smoky), and 3 that fall into either the 'filler' or 'they learned this/showed this lesson already' categories I mentioned earlier (She's all Yak, Student Counsel, and Between Dark and Dawn). I dunno, maybe the second half will switch it up and be primarily about Grogar and co., but.... I just hoped for better from the final send off of the show :/
  21. Why do I bother?

    Life is shit, people are fucking idiotic douchewaffles.

    I'd say "I'm out, I'm done", but I'm a fucking coward.


    :angry: :(