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About Me

Favorites of things:

Books: Anything Star Wars (pre-Disney takeover), J.R.R. Tolkein, Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter

Movies: Star Wars (again, pre-Disney, excepting Rogue One), Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, V for Vendetta, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Mary and Max, Top Gun, MCU, Red Tails

Games: Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Fable, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption 2, flight sims, some RTS, the occasional FPS. Lots of old/classic Star Wars titles in here, too.

TV/Anime: FMA, South Park, Mythbusters, astronomy documentaries, , Futurama, Venture Bros., Doctor Who, Bob's Burgers, Soul Eater, Archer, Black Butler, Area 88, Attack on Titan, Magi, Supernatural, Hetalia, Hellsing, SAO Abridged, DBZ Abridged, Avatar: TLA, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, My Hero Academia

Music: Lindsey Stirling, Cartel, Three Days Grace, Gaelic Storm, Ludo, Secondhand Serenade, Five Finger Death Punch, Red, Breaking Benjamin, Eric Calderone (aka 331Erock). Lot of video game and anime music.

MLP-specific stuff:

Favorite character (of anyone): Luna

Favorite from the Mane 6: Tie between Dash and AJ

Favorite Villain: I'd say Chryssi, but that's mostly due to fanfics, so I'ma have to pick Discord

Favorite episode: Wonderbolts Academy

How I got into brightly colored cartoon horses: Memes, honestly. Browsed a lot on back in the day, and started seeing MLP stuff pop up everywhere and thought they were genuinely funny, and wanted to get where the references were coming from, so I started watching and fell in love immediately.

My OC/'sona: Barnstormer, aka Stormie; Show style:


My own rendition/how I see her:


She's basically what I'm not/can't be IRL: A great flyer, biologically female, confident, and cute as all hell.

About me:

Obviously from what I've put down for interests, I'm a massive geek :P I'm also somewhat of a furry, as well as a Brony. Beyond that, I'm...gonna save the 'dirty details' for when I've talked to someone a bit, but the TL;DR: while I do identify as female, I still have the male body I was born with (meaning I haven't done hormones or surgery). As far as what to call me....Stormie is fine, and female pronouns please.

I....kinda don't know what else to put here. Just send me a nice 'hello', see what happens? This should be enough to get us started....right?