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  1. Rate song, then post another!

    Rammstein: Sonne:7/10. This is probably my personal favourite of Rammstein's song (out of the ones I've heard, anyway). This song has some good parts and bad parts. The verses are oversimplified, slow, and don't really work all that well. What carries this song is the chorus (which occurs quite often in this song). Why do I find the chorus enjoyable? A few reasons. The female vocals add a nice tune which combines well with his singing and the overall ”feel” of the song. Maybe I'm overrating this song. Or maybe I'm not, I'm not sure. Oh, and as for genres, Rammstein is more rock than metal (Neue Deutsche Härte, to be specific). Which is basically hard rock music with industrial-ish influences. Powerwolf: In the Name of God: 7/10. I like the pre-chorus. The chorus isn't too bad. I like the harpsichord-like keyboards too. It's a nice song overall. Here's some melodic death metal with symphonic/neo-classical influences. More harpsichord-like keyboards!
  2. Rate song, then post another!

    A reminder: I consider anything above 7 to be a good score, and 5 and above to be a passing grade. 30 Seconds to Mars: The Kill (Bury Me): 3/10. First, the good parts: The drumming is decent, and mixes well with the guitars and bass. The guitar is pretty cool at parts. The bad parts: The vocals sound whiny, lack energy, lack catchiness, lack impressive technical skill. The song is overall rather simple, would it kill them to throw in a guitar solo? Firebird: Caledonia: 6/10. Rock with a blues feel? Could be very interesting. Unfortunately, this song is a bit repetitive, though it's solid overall. Animal Alpha: Most Wanted Cowboy: 5/10. The vocals sound overproduced. They're not bad, but sound a bit off. The chorus sounds a bit like a cacophony, with very little melody or harmony (or catchiness). The verses work better than the chorus, and the guitar sometimes makes some interesting sounds. Unleash the Archers: Shadow Guide: 7/10 or 8/10. Really nice mix of drums and guitars. The singer is skilled, although perhaps harsher and/or more aggressive vocals would fit this song better (as we notice later in the song). Good guitar solo. Overall enjoyable song. Peter Doyle: Rusty Hands of Time: 8/10. Nice harmonies, lots of different instruments working together to create a nice vibe. Def Leppard: Bringin' on the Heartbreak: 8/10. Really nice guitars, good vocals, very catchy chorus. Fun times! AcousticBrony & MandoPony: Loyalty: 7/10. Very The Offspring-esque. It has some variety, melodies, and an overall peppy feel. We haven't had any melodic death metal (or any heavier types metal at all) in a while now, have we? Let's remedy that.
  3. Rate song, then post another!

    Some more catching up, and like last time I'll skip a few songs that I'm not interested in reviewing. Kiss: I Stole Your Love (Live): Live version: 6/10. Original: 7/10. Catchy (but somewhat repetitive) song. The live mixing isn't great though, the original version has better mixing. Artillery: 8/10. Sounds like a mix of old school heavy metal and trash metal. The way the drums and guitars interact is actually pretty interesting, which lifts the song from a probable 7 to a solid 8. Rob Dougan: 7/10. I find the drums really interesting and appealing. The song is overall pretty chill yet somewhat mysterious and dramatic. Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like We Do (Live): 7/10. The audience is seriously annoying and they ruin parts of the song, which I find very unfortunate. A version without the audience would likely score an 8 or 9. Iron Maiden: Rainmaker: 7/10. For some reason, the vocals sound a bit muffled, perhaps due to poor mixing. This is unfortunate. The song is pretty good, but the mixing is off. Perhaps a remaster or a cover by some other band could do it justice? The guitar solo reminds me of Colony/Clayman In Flames (which makes sense, seeing how In Flames were influenced by old Iron Maiden). Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man: 8/10. I quite like Brave New World, it's probably Iron Maiden's second best album they've made post-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The chorus is a bit repetitive but still catchy, the guitar solo is very nice, the drumming does a pretty good job, and it's well mixed. Also, Bruce Dickinson does a good job as a vocalist. Middle Class Rut: Busy Bein' Born: 4/10. Sounds edgy. Is it whiny? I'm not quite sure, a bit, perhaps? The song a bit repetitive and simple, though. It's also kind of boring. Also, why no real guitar solo? A somber guitar solo could really have saved the song, but I guess they either decided to skip or or they weren't able to create one. Sabaton: 8/10. Well, it's pompous and powerful, with a bit of Baroque feel at times. The guitar solo is really good, the mix is really good, the singer is solid (as usual), and well... It works pretty well. At times it's a bit much, but if you're in the mood for some symphonic, melodic, somewhat cheesy power metal, this song will be pretty good (I would have liked more technical guitars outside of the solo, but oh well). The Arrogant Sons of Bitches: 6/10. That's certainly something, huh. Ska punk. This song is basically an energy boost, and it does a reasonable job at that. It's not terribly technical, varied, catchy, beautiful, but punk rarely is. Still, if you want a quick energy boost, you could listen to this song. Rancid: ”Old Friend”: 5/10. The intro is really nice. The music is pretty nice overall, but the singers are pretty bad. It might've been better as a fully instrumental song. The guitar solos are quite nice, though a bit short. The song should've been instrumental, then I probably would've given it a 7 or maybe even an 8. Heidevolk: Vulgaris Magistralis: 6/10. Metal with Dutch lyrics, huh. It sounds very much like a ”first album” to me. A bit unrefined, but with some potential (seems this song in particular is a cover byu the Dutch rock band Normaal, which explains why a folk metal band is playing such a technically simple song, I suppose). Karisma: Stairway to Heavy: 4/10. The recording quality is terrible. The mixing is pretty bad too, with the guitars being too quiet and the vocals are too loud in comparison (as are the drums). The guitarist has some potential, but the rest of the song doesn't really work as it is. Find some other vocalist (or ask the vocalist to change style or improve as a vocalist), get some better recording equipment and mixing, and focus more on the guitars. This band has potential to be good (or at least the guitarist), but I can't recommend this song. Pachelbel: Canon in D (Best version): 9/10. Is this the best version? I don't think so, since parts of it are played too fast, but it's still a good version of an amazing piece of music. Set It Off ft. Ash Costello: Partners in Crime: 7/10. Very catchy, good mix, and the symphonic elements are interesting. This song could be really interesting if someone made a metal cover of it. The male singer isn't that great, though. Iced Earth: Ten Thousand Song: 7/10. The singer reminds me a bit of Dio. It has a heavy sound, and the mix is fairly clean, but something is missing. The ending is nice. Gamma Ray: 8/10. The Winged Horse: Kai's singing is rather weak in this song, but the intro is really good, The guitar is really, really good though, and the chorus is catchy, so the strengths of this song greatly outweighs the flaws. Would listen again. No Doubt: Sunday Morning: 6/10. The song is fairly enjoyable, and she has a fairly uncommon. The song is reasonably entertaining, though it's fairly simple and gets repetitive on further listenings. Van Halen: Little Guitars (Remastered): 6/10. The intro is really good, and then... Eh. The instrumental parts work fairly well, but the singing sounds overly peppy. Kamelot: Forever: 8/10. Solid, catchy power metal. The melody of the chorus is based on Edvard Grieg's Solveig's Song. Given a choice between the two, I'd rather listen to Grieg's rendition, but this one works too. Stratovarius: Forever Free: 8/10. The chorus is a bit too cheesy, I think. Still, nice song overall. The drums are mixed a bit too loud considering how repetitive they are, though. Soilwork: Stabbing the Drama: 4/10 or 5/10. This feels like a significant step down from some of their earlier work. Instead of different melodies and variety, they're going with a fairly generic sound and disappointing chorus. Last Wail: The Doomed in Despair: 8/10. Reminds me of old Ensiferum, which is a good thing. Very melodic while still managing to retain a heavy sound. Feel a bit like a mix of old Ensiferum and old Thyrfing, overall. The Arrogant Sons of Bitches: (I Must Be a Proctologist Because) All I Do is Deal With Assholes: 4/10. Like the previous song from this band, this song attempts to be an energy boost. It doesn't quite work and it feels messy, and the harsher vocals sound somewhat whiny and don't really fit the overall happy mood of the music. Helloween: Silent Rain: 7/10 or 8/10. The chorus feels very Rhapsody, and it works pretty well and is catchy (and cheesy). The guitar is pretty good, the singing is passable, and overall it works pretty well. The guitar solo is really nice. Queensrÿche: Before the Storm: 7/10 or 8/10. The vocalist sounds like a slightly worse Bruce Dickinson, which isn't too bad, I suppose. Solid song overall. Fenrir: Whisperers of the Old World: 4/10. It has a very raw, ”demo” sound. The guitars sound bad, the music doesn't really mesh well with the singer, and overall it feels rough and not in a good way. There's some potential in there, though. Oh hey, I looked it up and this is, indeed, from their first demo. So I suppose I can't be too hard on them for the low production value. I listened to some of their other stuff and it sounded much better, so there's that. ZZ TOP: Burger Man: 7/10 or 8/10. It sounds like ”Let's listen to some rock music and have a good time”. It sounds kind of swingy, with a good rhythm, high production quality, and decent enough singing. I quite like the guitars. PMV: The Entertainer: 9/10. The video is blocked for me, but I'm going to go ahead and assume it's Scot Joplin's The Entertainer. Gamma Ray: Time To Break Free: 9/10: The singing reminds me a bit of some thrash metal bands like Anthrax or Megadeth, which is interesting (better singing than I'd usually expect from Kai Hansen). The verses pack a punch, while the chorus is catchy without being too cheesy. Oh, and a technical and really good guitar solo as well? I'm sold. Woodtemple: Path of the Runes: 7/10. It's cool. Could've been more varied. Blind Guardian: 8/10. Old Blind Guardian was certainly different from new Blind Guardian. Still good though. Great drumming, great vocals, lots of energy. This song reminds me of Metallica's first album (it specifically reminds me of the song ”Motorbreath”). Demon Hunter: 5/10. They want to sound heavy, and then the chorus comes and ruins that. Even then, the verses are not that good. The guitar solo is pretty good though. Sonata Arctica: Victoria's Secret: 8/10. A lot of Finnish metal bands seem to really like their keyboards, eh? Still, it's fun, fairly varied, and very melodic. Nice guitar solos. The Outlaws: Green Grass and High Tides: 8/10. The guitar is really good, but the chorus is kind of meh. Still, the guitar is enough to carry the song. If this song were instrumental it'd easily be a 9. Those guitar solos are incredible. The last 4 minutes of the song could be their own song and it'd be a 9. Wow, I've caught up? Cool. Let's celebrate with some classical music (Beethoven, probably the most famous part of his 9th Symphony).
  4. Rate song, then post another!

    Lindsay Stirling: Lost Girls: 7/10. Lindsay Stirling is interesting. She's a skilled violinist who actually is willing to add some nice violin play in her music. On the other hand, the other music has a tendency to be fairly basic, which is unfortunate. Still, the violin is in focus, and this song has some nice violin play. It also has a pretty nice beat (although fairly basic). Blue Man Group: Exhibit 13: 8/10. It's really nice, actually. At first I was like "This intro is good, but I'm a bit worried when a singer comes in and ruins it with a whiny voice". Eventually I figured out that wouldn't happen, and the song is better off for it (do note that I don't know of Blue Man Group, so I don't know whether their singer sounds whiny or not, but I've been burned before). @The Mint PoneI haven't seen Your Lie in April, but the show I had in mind was Rick & Morty. Oh, and a lot of people would probably like classical music if they gave it a chance. Most people don't make an active effort to listen to classical music, which I think is a shame, since there's so much amazing music out there. Composers like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven were musical geniuses. The song they used in Rick & Morty was based on the Chopin piece I linked earlier. Here it is:
  5. Rate song, then post another!

    Quite a bit has been posted since I last visited, eh? Time to start catching up. Oh, before I start, I suppose I should define what I mean with each score: 1-4: Bad, to various degrees. 5-6: It gets a pass, though I wouldn't call it good. 7-10: Good, worth listening to. Artillery: Bombfood: 9/10 or 10/10. Let's go! I should check out this band, this song is awesome. The singer sounds like a thrashier version of Dio, the song is full of energy, is decently technical, melodic, and varied. Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee: Subjective: 2/10. Objective: 6/10. I personally really dislike this song. Still technically speaking it's a decent pop song, and catchy and all that. I really dislike it though. Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand: 7/10. Some nice old school rock, why not? In some ways this song reminds me of a proto-metal Iron Maiden song. I wonder if Iron Maiden ever made a cover of this song? Hmm, doesn't seem like it. Maybe they should. Anna Clendening: To My Parents: 6/10. As I mentioned before, I try to avoid listening to the lyrics if possible to avoid subjective bias and give a review based on the music rather than the lyrics. Anyway, the piano complements her singing quite well, although perhaps the mix is a bit off. She's a skilled singer and it sounds nice. It sounds pretty nice, overall, though it kind of sounds like a pop song played on the piano. Rush: The Spirit of Radio: 6/10. It starts off promising, but then it kind of... Is it in major key? It sounds too happy, kind of like cotton candy is too sugary. It's unfortunate, because it had some potential. Megadeth: Return to Hangar: 8/10. Hangar 18 was better, but the song should be judged on its own merit. It's decently varied, decently technical, and fun overall. Death Grips: Punk Weight: 1/10. What. Seems to me like they're trying to create ”art” rather than enjoyable music. Die Atzen: Das Geht Ab (Wir Feiern die Ganze Nacht: 3/10. That rapping is pretty bad. Reminds me a bit of Bloodhound Gang. The chorus is somewhat okay. I suppose the appeal is similar: Funny lyrics. Unfortunately for Die Atzen, I don't rate songs based on lyrical content. Die Antwoord: I Fink You Freeky: 3/10. Well... That sounds creepy, arguably more than most death metal I've heard. That's something, I suppose. The song is kind of repetitive and simple and not very enjoyable, though. Still, it could have some use in a horror movie, I suppose. Hmm... There's quite a bit to catch up, so I think I'll skip a few songs that I'm not very interested in reviewing to catch up faster. Sounds good? All right. Halloween: The Chance: 7/10. Enjoyable Halloween song. Coheed and Cambria: The Running Free: 7/10. Cheesier than most power metal, but it works pretty well. Catchy and happy, with some variety, and the guitars are pretty nice. Has a pop-punk-ish feel. WagakkiBand: Senbonzakura: 6/10 or 7/10. The Japanese folk instruments are very interesting. Unfortunately, they don't seem to mesh well with the rock elements of this song. This would probably have been better as a Japanese folk song. Now it sounds kind of messy and rushed (perhaps they should have played at 90% of the current speed?), which is a shame. Motörhead: Hellraiser: 6/10. Eh. Feels like somewhat generic hard rock. Not bad, but I don't think I would go out of my way to listen to it. I'll do some more later. Before I end, I should do the most recently posted song: Aesma Daeva: O Death (Rock Me Asleep): 6/10. Interesting. Atmospheric. Ominous. Bit simple and slow, though. Seems I was ninja'd while posting, so I'll review the next song too: Knife Party: Give it Up: 6/10. Decent poppy dubstep. Easily digestible, though not very deep. Pretty catchy, with a happy atmosphere without being cheesy. Bit repetitive though. Aaaand let's have some good ol' classical music, shall we? If anyone recognizes the music from a certain animated TV show, you'll get a digital cookie.
  6. Rate song, then post another!

    It's been a while, and... Wow, over 30 new pages? Yeah, I think I'm to skip the whole "catching up" process and just jump to the current songs. If there's some song that any of you wanted me to review that I skipped, you could @ me and I'll review it. Guess I'll do the current page at least. Silverdollar: Evil Never Sleeps: 7/10. Good energy, catchy chorus (if not somewhat generic). The mixing seems a bit off, and it doesn't seem terribly complex. The chorus strongly reminds me of Gary Moore & Phil Lynott's "Out in the Fields", which is a better song (in my opinion). Still, this is fun. Chase Goehring: Illusion: 5/10. It's not bad overall. The rap part is pretty bad though. His voice isn't the strongest, but it works okay. K-On!!: U&I: 4/10. Would've been decent with stronger vocals. I'm not a fan of the whole "sounds like a baby" aspect. Otherwise it would've been 5 or 6. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood (Live): 9/10. His voice is so powerful and the guitar is so nice. Gamma Ray: Last Before the Storm: 8/10. I kind of wish Kai Hansen would sing this well all of the time. Good energy, catchy chorus, overall fun power metal. Never heard this song before, but I really like it. PVRIS: My House: 5/10. A problem I have with a lot of modern rock music is that they seem to substitute technical skill with loudness. Oh, and many alternate rock/nu-metal bands have a tendency of feeling whiny. This probably would've sounded whiny if a man had sung it instead of a woman, but somehow it sounds less whiny than many other modern rock bands. Still though, I wouldn't call it "bad", and I could see why people would like this. Parokya Ni Edgar: 4/10. That's... Pretty bad. The guitar solo isn't bad though, but that vocalist... Judas Priest: Bloodsuckers: 5/10. Judas Priest really dropped in quality after their Magnus Opus, Painkiller. Tim Owens isn't a bad vocalist, but he's not Rob Halford. The guitar feels uninspired for most of the song, and it's not really that fun to listen to. It works okay, but why listen to this when Painkiller and other great Judas Priest albums are available? Compare this song with, say, "All Guns Blazing" and it falls flat (in my opinion). Kamelot: Prologue & Center of the Universe: 8/10. Kamelot struggles to produce 9 songs, but they've made a bunch of 8 songs. Catchy, well-produced, some technicality, good singing, overall enjoyable. The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter: 8/10 or 9/10. Wonderful guitars. Singing could've been better, as could the vocal/instrument mixing. Still, the song is really enjoyable to listen to, and I understand why people might consider it a classic. Angra. Wings of Reality: 6/10. I've reviewed it before: "It's okay, though at times the tempo seems odd to me (bit slow, but also fast)." Santana: Into the Night: 6/10: It's catchy, feels like pop. Iron Maiden: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: 8/10. It's Iron Maiden. Good energy, skilled singer, awesome guitar solos, catchy chorus. Good stuff. Crazy Lixx: Snakes in Paradise: 6/10 or 7/10. Some catchy hard rock that isn't terribly complex, but with good singing and good production. Why not? It's somewhat generic, but also fun. The Hobbit: One Ring: 5/10. Eh, sounds like slightly below average pop music to me. I find the chorus annoying. Love Live!: START:DASH!!: 6/10. Sugar rush! It's a bit too much for me, but I can understand why other people might like it. The Fugees: Fu-Gee-La: 3/10. This song is repetitive, with generic drumming and the vocals don't really mesh well with the instruments. It lacks energy, the music isn't very technical, and it's not very catchy at all. Now for something different: Progressive rock with yodeling!
  7. Rate song, then post another!

    I'll do some more, and as with last time, I'll skip some songs. Megadeth – Polaris: 8/10. Good stuff. Woods of Ypres – Wet Leather: 7/10. The lyrics suck, but I try to disregard lyrics when rating a song. The song could've benefitted from better vocals, but overall it's quite enjoyable. Surprisingly happy-sounding, despite the lyrics. Very catchy. Bit repetitive though. Metallica – Fight Fire with Fire: 8/10. Good stuff. Black Math Horseman – Tyrant: 7/10. Nice and chill. Iced Earth – Raven Wing: 7/10. Enjoyable. Nice guitar solo. Heathen – Guitarmony: 7/10. It's nice. David Garret – Sandstorm (cover): 7/10. It's Darude Sandstorm. And for the latest one: Corvyx – My Immortal (Evanescence cover): 6/10. Potentially better than the original. Still kind of boring though (it tries to be beautiful and works to some extent, but not super well, in my opinion, and neither does the original). Here's something a bit older:
  8. Rate song, then post another!

    Yeah, Mustaine has some strange ideas. That is quite unfortunate, though he's not quite as bad as, say, Varg Vikernes. Anyway, so I'm way behind, so I've decided to skip some songs in order to eventually catch up. If I skipped a song that any of you guys wanted to hear my opinion on, tell me and I'll review it later. Mozart – Turkish March (Dan Mumm) – Classical Shred Guitar: 8/10. Turkish March is a masterpiece. This is a reasonable performance, though something is... Off. I'd rather listen to some other electric guitar cover or piano performance, but this one is still good. Metallica – Orion: 8/10. Sounds nice and old school. Do I hear a hint of blues? Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: 9/10. Such a powerful song. Megadeth – My Last Words: 9/10. Full of energy, awesome guitars, and overall packs quite a punch. Lindsay Stirling – The Arena: 8/10. The violin is such an underused instrument. Unfortunately, the other music doesn't quite live up to the violin's quality, which is unfortunate. Still, Lindsay's violin playing carries the song and makes it good. Gamma Ray – All of the Damned/Rising of the Damned: 8/10. Surprisingly heavy for a power metal band. Unfortunately, the singing isn't quite strong enough to fit the heaviness of the music, which clashes a bit. I'd be interesting in hearing a cover of this with a different singer. The verses should probably have been slightly faster too. The instrumental parts are really good. The Primitives – Crash: 8/10. It shouldn't work. It's somewhat repetitive, fairly simple, and the singing is somewhat flat. Somehow it still works, though, probably because it's super catchy. Angra – Newborn Me: 7/10. It has a very ”modern” sound, which is risky when it comes to metal (and music in general). Unfortunately, I find it lacking in power and energy, despite trying. Still, it's clean and fairly catchy. The guitar solo is really nice. It has the potential to grow upon further listenings, I suppose, perhaps growing into 8/10 one day. Latest: 7Almas - Nueva Tierra: 8/10. The singer has a really nice voice, the chorus is catchy, and the guitars are nice too. This could make for a great theme song for some animated show. Now for something different:
  9. Rate song, then post another!

    So I haven't done this in a while, so, well, here's some catching up. Demi Lovato: Heart Attack: 7/10. I'm going to assume you didn't mean for us to judge the Behind the Scenes video (if you did, 4/10, some of the talking kind of ruins the ”song”). I'd say this is one of the better modern pop songs out there: There's some variety in the instruments, there are some interesting melodies going on in the background occasionally, and the chorus is very catchy. Gamma Ray – Somewhere Out In Space: 9/10. Somewhat aggressive guitars and drumming, decent enough singing (I'm not a super fan of Kai Hansen's singing, but it's fine). The chorus is very catchy and has some punch. Voltaire – When You're Evil: 8/10. I find the dark cabaret sound interesting. Reminds me a bit of folk music with some soft rock added into it. Voltaire is a very good singer, the chorus is nice and catchy, and the song is quite fun. Angra – Wings of Reality: 6/10. It's okay, though at times the tempo seems odd to me (bit slow, but also fast). Starset – My Demons: 6/10. Decent modern rock music. Anthriel – Under Burning Skies: 7/10. Pretty good. Motörhead – Heroes: 7/10. It's good. Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams: 5/10. Meh, not their best song. K-ON – No Thank You: 6/10. It's kind of catchy, but her voice doesn't work 100% together with the instruments, and at times the instruments sound a bit tame. Sigala, Ella Ella – Came Here For Love: 5/10. Generic pop song. Kind of annoying too. Diamond Head - The Prince: 7/10. Disregarding the lyrics, the song is pretty good. End Under Down – Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound: 7/10. Atmospheric. It's like... sitting in a cabin on a cold autumn night, drinking hot chocolate. Kyuss – Whitewater: 6/10. Sounds dirty, low production value. It's not for me, but it's decent enough. Nice bass. Avantasia – Serpents in Paradise: 9/10. Awesome. Great singing, great production value, catchiness, nice drumming, fairly nice variety, and very happy. XYZ – Face Down in the Gutter: 7/10. Fun. Avantasia – The Scarecrow: 8/10. Tobias Sammet is a great singer, and it's a fun song, although a bit generic (modern Edguy has a tendency to sound samey, and it carries over to this song, I suppose). It's still a very good song though. Jørn Lande has a very strong singing voice too. The slow instrumental part doesn't really work that well though. CHON – Splash: 8/10. Some really nice instrumental music. Instrumental music is underrated. And the most recent: Shelter – Porter Robinson and Madeon: 8/10. It's quite nice. Skilful playing, nice harmony, nice melodies, quite a bit of complexity to listen for and variation while being catchy. I didn't like this one that much at first, but it grew on me:
  10. Rate song, then post another!

    Type o Negative: 8/10. It's very nice. Iron Maiden: Empire of Clouds: 10/10. Brilliant. Super Mario Odyssey: 8/10. Such a happy song. Lots of fun, and feels like Mario too. Angry:8/10. Fun and fast. Eluveitie: 8/10. Catchy, and lots of melody. Not very heavy though The Machine: 8/10. Groovy. And the most recent song: Van Halen – Dance the Night Away: 7/10. Some nice hard rock music. Zelda 3 meets jazz (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is cool jazz):
  11. Rate song, then post another!

    Totorro: 8/10. Dirty and rough sound, but still with interesting melodies and variety. Sounds pretty happy. Anthrax: 9/10. Some really, really good trash metal. Mono: 9/10. Atmospheric, varied, nice melodies, dirty while still positive. Jackson Breit: 6/10. It's okay. Metallica: 7/10. Undertale Trio Remix – Stronger Than You: 6/10. Disregarding the lyrics (spoilers btw!), the music itself is decent. Morbid Angel: 9/10. Technical, nice guitars, good energy. Spawn of Possession: 9/10. That drumming, so nice! Really nice guitarplaying too. Enforcer: 8/10 or 9/10. Good energy, nice (and happy) guitars, nice singing, pretty nice variation. Beauty Plus: 6/10. Elevator music. Kind of pleasant though. RWBY: 6/10. Some pretty pleasant pop and chill music, actually. Mike Perry: 6/10. Simple, but catchy. Darkness Dynamite: Song not available. Giraffage: 5/10. On one hand, it's kind of annoying and repetitive at times. On the other hand, it has some decent melodies. It gets a pass. Megadeth: 8/10. Such nice guitars. And the latest: Ghost Wavves: 5/10: Same simple melody repeated over and over again, with some variations. Annoying and boring. Still, it's kind of catchy, so I suppose I'll give it a pass. I won't deny that there's a lot of metal and hard rock, but other genres are also represented, such as punk, pop, classical, folk, jazz, rap, and electronic music. Case in point, jazz:
  12. Rate song, then post another!

    Unleash the Archers: 8/10. It's fun, nice melodies and catchy. AC/DC: Live: 7/10. Original: 7/10. Fun song! Old school hard rock. Die Antwoord: 2/10. Lacks melody, lacks beaty, lacks energy, lacks variety, lacks complexity, overall really lacking in qualities. Freedom Call: 7/10. Freedom Call is sooo cheesy, but also fun. The guitars are a bit heavier than I'd expect from a Freedom Call song though. I like the piano-like sounds (I assume they are keyboard sounds?). Little Big: 7/10. Good energy, power, and some interesting melodies. I kind of like this, actually. Might be a good idea to avoid the music video and ignore the lyrics. They could've been the lyrics of a Death Metal song, heh. Some of the lyrics: Accept: 9/10. That intro, powerful and majestic, with some nice riffs. Good energy and good singing too. The guitar solo too, so emotional. Eazy-E: 2/10. Generic and simple beat, repetitive, and kind of boring. Tall Cans In The Air: 6/10 or 7/10: Nice energy, kind of fun. Faith No More: 6/10. Kind of repetitive verses. Still, the energy is pretty good, and the chorus is interesting, and the guitars are pretty nice at times (and the solo is really good). Orden Organ: 9/10. Catchy, powerful, atmospheric, awesome. N.W.A.: 1/10. Lacks energy, lacks melody, lacks atmosphere, lacks catchiness, lacks power, lacks complexity, lacks depth. It's also very repetitive. Transplants: 6/10. Happy atmosphere, decent background instruments, catchy lyrics, and the second verse isn't too bad. If the other verses were better this would've been a 7/10. The Police: 7/10. It's pretty fun. Alestorm: Anchor: 7/10. Catchy. Alestorm: Wolves of the Sea: 7/10 or 8/10. They're so over the top, this has to be a parody band, right? Still, it's fun over the top cheese, so why not? They don't pull it of quite as well as Gloryhammer does though, even though they're similar. And the most recent: Heavy Lord: 7/10. It's very interesting. Good, but is it great? I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards ”no”. Still, good is still good. Time for some 19th century "dance" music!
  13. Rate song, then post another!

    Almost caught up. Twilightning: 9/10. Excellent example on power metal done right. Full of energy, fairly technical and complex, good amount of variety, catchy chorus, good singing, and overall a ton of fun. I should check out that band! Blind Guardian: 9/10. Nightfall in Middle-Earth is one of the best power metal albums of all time, in my opinion. Agalloch: 8/10. Interesting atmosphere. Dark and cold, but also with some hope. I like it. It's not super-technical, but there's at least some complexity to it, and it creates a nice mood. While there is variation, some segments are a bit too long for their own good, so it gets repetitive at times. The song might work better as a background song, but it's really good at doing that! Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber: 4/10. The intro is nice, the singing is fairly cringeworthy (in my opinion), and the song is mostly focused on the singing. Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson: 6/10. With a name like ”Symphony”, you'd think they'd actually make it sound like a symphony. Anyway, it's a decent pop song. Demi Lovato: 6/10. Decent pop song. Iron Maiden: 6/10. Not everything they make is gold. Funny Song: 6/10. Pretty catchy. I generally don't want to let lyrics influence my score too much, so I tried to ignore the lyrics and just listen to the music. It's catchy, but nothing special, and the singing isn't very impressive (it's okay). Nightwish: 7/10. Good cover, but the original is better (and I also prefer Thyrfing's version). The chorus is, in my opinion, significantly worse. Judas Priest: 5/10. Kind of mediocre. James Blackshaw: 8/10. It's nice. Metallica: 7/10 or 8/10. Old Metallica had so much more energy than new Metallica. Blank Banshee: 6/10. It's chill. Good background music, not too much to actively listen to though. Hoth: 8/10. I reviewed it before. AC/DC: 7/10. Old school hard rock, why not? Jason Gray: 5/10. Okay pop music. Katy Perry Ft. Nicki Minaj: 3/10. The rapping part are plain boring, and the chorus isn't even that good. Gravedigger: 7/10. It's good, but not that special. The Band Perry: 5/10. It's fine. Bit bland, though. Milwaukee Wildmen: 6/10. Good energy, decently fun to listen to. Eluvetie: 7/10. Good ol' Tri Martolod. This version feels a bit off at times though. Still good, but could've been better. Rainbow: 9/10.Rising is, in my opinion, one of the best old school hard rock albums. Sunn O))): 6/10. Decent background music, kind of boring for active listening though, and there is better background music out there. Roper Amplify: 6/10. Fairly simple, though not really bad. EDIT: 5/10 was a bit too low, it deserves at least 6/10. And time for the latest song: Alestorm ft. Lady Gaga: 7/10. Nice drumming, the singing isn't bad, and there's some variety. At times the vocals kind of clash with the instruments though. As far as remixes go this is a pretty good one. Here's another Lady Gaga remix that I found:
  14. Rate song, then post another!

    Van Halen: 6/10. It's decent enough. Metallica: 7/10. Not their best song, but it's still pretty good. Spawn of Possession: 9/10. Eerie atmosphere, but in a good way. Nice ”power”, and there's plenty of complexity to listen for. Demons & Wizards: 8/10. Fun times (I've reviewed this before). Most recent: CutMyLips x INODI: 8/10. I like what the bass is doing, bit more varied than bass usually is. Overall the song is pretty chill and has several different melodies going, and there's some progression and variation as well. Fun!
  15. Rate song, then post another!

    I've almost caught up now. Ylvis: What Does the Fox Say: 6/10. Note that I don't keep music videos in mind when rating music. The vocalist can obviously sing well, overall it's well-produced (overproduced?), and there's actually some variety in the music, and the drums are surprisingly good for mainstream ”pop” music (Elecronic Dance Music, accoding to Wikipedia). I don't like the chorus though. Helloween: 7/10. Catchy. Fever: 6/10. The vocals are pretty bad, but even if they were different I doubt they'd be very impressive. The bassline is pretty nice, as is the drumming. There are some layers to this. Would I listen to this? Probably not, but I can see why people might. Demon Hunter: Subjective: 6/10 or 7/10. Objective: 7/10 or 8/10. The intro is nice, with a catchy melody. I dislike the singing, sounds too much like Chester in Linkin Park. The chorus is borderline whiny, but not quite. The song has a lot of good points, such as pretty good melodies, not being oversimplified, and overall easy to listen to. Would I listen to it myself? Probably not, but I totally understand why people would. The chorus is kind of catchy too. Brocas Helm: 8/10. This song could've been awesome with some improvements, now it's ”merely” great. Good technicallity, energy, and decent enough vocals. Something is ”off” though, which makes me deduct a point (which, granted, 8/10 is still a great score). Could be the low production value, or just something being off. Judas Priest: 7/10 or 8/10. Painkiller with some symphonic metal elements? Huh. The guitars are pretty nice at times, adding some extra layers to listen to, though I'm not sure if the symphonic elements really fit Judas Priest. Still, it's a pretty good song. The atmosphere feels somewhat ”odd” though, and not in a good way. Altar of Oblivion: 8/10. Those guitars. I'm not a super fan of the singing, but those guitars. Death Angel: 6/10. The vocals to instrumental music balance is a bit off (the vocals are too loud compared to the instrumental music). The singing isn't particularly impressive either, and the instrumental music is fairly repetitive, without being very inspiring. The guitar solo is pretty nice though. Oh, and @Soaring Symphony, that isn't death metal, it's somewhat slow trash metal (for trash metal's standards, anyway). Lullaby for a Princess: 7/10. The the Luna vocalist isn't the strongest, but the Celestia vocalist partly makes up for it with beautiful singing and emotions (though the song would be better if she were a slightly stronger singer). The piano is very nice and emotive. The song is far too long though, it gets a bit repetitive. Trelleborg: 7/10. Some nice melodies. Sometimes it sounds a bit artificial though, like it was made by synths rather than real instruments (which is probably the case, to be fair). Itsalloverme: 1/10. Let's see... When making good music good, it needs to have some good aspects. It doesn't need to have every good aspect, but at least one or two (preferably more). Melody, energy, beauty, emotions, harmony, complexity, variety, catchiness, technicality, production value, power, and atmosphere are the major aspects I would ascribe to good music. There are probably a few others that I forgot, too. This song is lacking in melody, energy, beauty, emotions, harmony, complexity, variety, catchiness, technicality, power, and atmosphere. It sounds mostly like random noise to me. On the up side, the production value isn't bad. Still though, I'm curious: Which aspects of the song makes you like it? I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, it's possible I've overlooked some vital aspects, though I'm currently not seeing it. Dream Theater: 8/10. Good atmosphere, very good production value, pretty good singing, sometimes fairly complex guitars, some variety. Anthriel: 9/10 or 10/10. Awesome stuff, I should check out that band! Decent energy, good power, really nice variety, fairly good complexity, really good melodies, and nice and cheerful and folky atmosphere. Also, the vocalist is really impressive, better than most metal singers. Easily one of the best songs posted in this thread that I haven't heard before. Angra: 8/10 or 9/10. That guitar solo! Good energy, nice melodies, plenty of things to listen to, good harmony. Poison: 7/10. Catchy. ABSRDST & Diveo: 5/10 or 6/10. Various melodies, good ”power” at times, decent amount of variety, sometimes catchy. Parts of the song is annoying though, but overall it's pretty decent. I like parts of the song, and dislike parts of it. Unfortunately, the parts I dislike take up quite a significant portion of the song. Sabaton: 7/10. Very catchy (and cheesy) chorus. Perhaps too cheesy, it doesn't quite fit Sabaton. Still, it's fun. Morning Mimosa: 6/10. Generic drumming, kind of slow. It gets kind of boring and repetitive with active listening, but... It's not too bad as background music, and it got a pretty nice ”groove.” Unleash the Archers: 8/10. Nice. Van Canto: 8/10. At first, I wasn't too big of a fan, but it grew on me upon further listenings. Aurelleah & Kadenza: 7/10. Happy, cheerful, catchy, with some melodies. Fun times. Diamond Head: 8/10. Old school. Van Halen: 7/10. It's pretty cool that many old rock bands dared to use unconvential instruments. Last one for now: Eiffel 65: 6/10. I'm blue... Wait, they made more than one song? Huh. It's decent. We've done the original, and the Nightwish cover. Time for the Thyrfing cover!