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  1. Trelleborg: 6/10. It has a lot of potential. Nice and varied melodies and overall positive feel. Unfortunately, the singing doesn't work that well, and it would've benefitted from a bit more heaviness in the guitars. Paramore: Subjective: 5/10. Objective: 6/10. The song has several strong points. The drumming is not nearly as generic as it could've been, the song has an overall happy feel, and the singing is decent enough. Personally, the chorus is a bit too cheesy for me, which significantly lowers my enjoyment of the song. Still, the song is decent enough. I would probably be okay with hearing that on the radio. Some of you may wonder "Was Death always a technical death metal band?". The answer is "No". Their first three albums were death metal, not technical death metal. In fact, Death's first album, "Scream Bloody Gore", was, perhaps, the first death metal album ever. Here's a song from their second album:
  2. 7/10. Hmm. Interesting. First off, I haven't really explored Djent, at all (more than having some basic knowledge of what the term means). This songs have aspects that I like and aspects that I dislike. The good stuff: The guitars are nice, there is variety, and the drumming is good too. Bad stuff: The singer. Sounds whiny (nearly alt-metal/melodic metalcore levels) to me. With a different singer this could've been 8/10. Let's go with some old school rock music.
  3. 4/10. Generic, oversimplified guitars, fairly repetitive drumming, whiny singing. Green Day meets Linkin Park? I could see why some people would like it. Old school melodic death metal:
  4. Manowar: 8/10. Good energy, good vocals. It could've been a 9/10 if the drums and/or guitars were more impressive. The vocals are interesting, it's almost death metal levels of violence. Rancid: Subjective: 7/10. Objective: 8/10. Seems more complex than punk rock usually is. Good energy, though punk rock is far from my favorite genre, so I decided to give it a subjective and objective score. One of the better punk rock songs I've heard though. Cauldron: 7/10. For some reason, the singer seems really... Indifferent. The rest of the song is pretty good though. SNFU: Subjective: 7/10. Objective: 8/10. Hardcore punk, seems like an acquired taste, a taste I personally haven't yet quite acquired. Still, this, too, is a bit more complex from what I would expect from punk. Iced Earth: 8/10. The early part is nice enough, but a bit slow without the music making up for it. The metal parts are pretty good, but not awesome. The chorus is very catchy (and reminds me of Blind Guardian). Satan: 7/10 or 8/10. When I saw the band name I was expecting black metal, not speed/trash metal. It's fun though. There's been a lot of metal and punk lately, eh? Let's go with some soothing music from the 70s... 1874, to be exact.
  5. 9/10. Beautiful acoustic guitars, soft drumming that adds to the atmosphere, and overall a very soothing and pleasant atmosphere. The soft singing fits the song, too.
  6. 8/10. Great stuff, though not quite at the same level as some of their other stuff. Danish folk music!
  7. 9/10 or 10/10. Technical death metal time!
  8. 8/10. Good stuff. Some melodic death metal (back when they still played metal music):
  9. Subjective: 6/10. Objective: 8/10. Unfortunately, I do not like that vocal style, which significantly lowers my enjoyment of the song. The guitars are quite nice and blends well with the drumming. Perhaps my score would increase if I listened to it more, but for now I'll leave it at this. Time for some mood whiplash! Massive cheese and overtly "goodness".
  10. To be fair, that's not the easiest piece of technical death metal to enjoy. I imagine it's very much an acquired taste, one would probably have to listen to and enjoy easier types of death metal (such as technical death metal that's more "beginner friendly" than Cryptosy, or beginner friendly melodic death metal, like the album "Claymore" by In Flames. I think some things to focus on in the Cryoptosy song is how the drumming interacts with the guitars, and how often the guitars change. Also, the speed and the energy are two of the strong parts of the song. The vocals are fairly secondary. Billy Joel: 8/10. Clean and solid singing, happy piano, overall pleasant song. Lindsey Stirling: 8/10. The violin is such an underappreciated (and underused) instrument. I prefer her instrumental music though. The vocals are pretty good though, bit more powerful than generic pop vocals. Let's go with some more violin music. Let's say... Vivaldi's Winter from Four Seasons 1: Allegro non molto.
  11. 6/10. The violins are cool, but the guitars are oversimplified and generic nu-metal/alternate metal and the vocals are too much like Linkin Park. The piano part is nice though. Anyone who understands these vocals without spending a lot of time deciphering them or reading a lyric sheet is pretty amazing at understanding death metal vocals.
  12. 8/10. Sounds more like rock than metal to me. Progressive rock, I guess? Still a lot of fun to listen to. Guess I should check out Dream Theater, perhaps. Here's a band that's not very well-known. Melodic death metal with emphasis on "melodic", at times near classical/symphonic levels.
  13. Losers Round 1 Start: Prince Blueblood vs Silver Spoon Night Glider vs Goldie Delicious Zesty Gourmand vs Cranky Doodle Donkey Sherif Silverstar vs Mayor Mare Starstreak vs Igneous Rock Pie Fleetfoot vs Prim Hemline Strawberry Sunrise vs Cloudy Quartz Minuette vs Diamond Tiara Spearhead vs Gilda Silver Shill vs Nurse Redheart Big Daddy McColt vs Hoity Toity Zipporwhill vs Babs Seed Mistly Fly vs Cloudchaser & Flitter Sassy Saddles vs Suri Polomare Claude vs Pipsqueak Prince Rutherford vs Steven Magnet Dandy Grandeur vs Ms. Harshwhinny Mane-iac vs Gizmo Rose vs Iron Will Doc Top vs Little Strongheart Inky Rose vs Snails Spoiled Rich vs Trenderhoof Lily Lace vs Limestone Pie Lotus Blossom & Aloe vs Gladmane Flash Sentry vs Garble Dr. Caballeron vs Diamond Dogs Svengallop vs Time Turner Tender Taps vs Coriander Cumin Seabreeze vs Gabby Fancy Pants vs Stellar Eclipse Feather Bangs vs Mr. Cake Pouch Pony vs Ahuizotl Time for 32 characters to get knocked out of the tournament! I'll keep this round fairly short as well, since, well, many of these characters aren't terribly interesting to begin with. My votes: Silver Spoon - She's more of an actual character. Goldie Delicious - I guess? Night Glider didn't make much of an impression on me. Cranky Doodle Donkey - He's grumpiness is amusing. Mayor Mare - I suppose. Igneous Rock Pie - Starstreak is probably my least favorite of designer trio. Fleetfoot - She had some nice lines. Strawberry Sunrie - I liked her interaction with Applejack. Minuette - "Colgate" is kind of a variation of Pinkie Pie. She's a really fun character who I hope we'll see more of. Gilda - I found her to be fairly interesting even pre-redemption. Nurse Redheart - I guess. Hoity Toity - Out of those two? Hoity Toity it is. Zipporwhill - I still don't like Babs Seed. Cloudchaser & Flitter - I guess? "What exactly does this machine do" was funny. Sassy Saddles - Didn't like the other one that much. Claude - Still don't like Pipsqueak that much. Steven Magnet - Marginally better. Dandy Grandeur - Eh. Mane-iac - I actually like both. Iron Will - Again, I like both, but I prefer Iron Will. Doc Top - I guess? Snails - I guess. Spoiled Rich - She's interesting. Limestone Pie - I quite like the Pie family. Lotus Blossom & Aloe - Gladmane is interesting and all, but I prefer the spa ponies. Garble - Eh. Dr. Caballeron - He's more of a character. Time Turner - His interaction with Derpy was fun. Coriander Cumin - Grumpy but likable. Gabby - I didn't like Seabreeze. Fancy Pants - The best posh pony, probably. Mr. Cake - Eh. Ahuizotl - More of a character, I suppose. This round has a lot of "meh" matchups. I think for next year's tournament I might just have 64 characters instead of 128.
  14. Hoth: 8/10. The song is overall very good and it does have quite a bit of variety. Unfortunately, some segments repeat for too long. The song would've been better off if it were a bit shorter. Helloween: 8/10. Fun times. Gremlins: 7/10. Fun song, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while, which drops it from 8/10 to 7/10. Demons & Wizards: 8/10. Fun times. Techno Dream Trance: 7/10. It could've been an 8/10, but I found the ”beat” annoying and the melody slightly repetitive at times. Still, the base melody was catchy and the song was fun to listen to. Dio: 9/10. Dio really had an amazing singing voice, didn't he?
  15. Results Winners Round 1: Discord 4 vs Prince Blueblood Filthy Rich 3 vs Silver Spoon 1 Soarin 4 vs Night Glider Goldie Delicious 1 vs Party Favor 3 Cheese Sandwich 4 vs Zesty Gourmand Cranky Doodle Donkey 1 vs Moon Dancer 3 Tirek 4 vs Sherif Silverstar Mayor Mare 1 vs Tree Hugger 3 Queen Chrysalis 4 vs Starstreak Sapphire Shores 2 vs Igneous Rock Pie 2 (I voted for Igneous Rock Pie, so Sapphire Shores wins) Sunburst 3 vs Fleetfoot Prim Hemline vs Vapor Trail 4 Zecora 4 vs Strawberry Sunrise Thunderlane 2 vs Cloudy Quartz 2 (I voted for Cloudy Quartz, so Thunderlane wins) Minuette 2 vs Dr. Fauna 2 (I voted for Minuette, so Dr. Faunta wins) Diamond Tiara vs Quibble Pants 4 Scootaloo 4 vs Spearhead Braeburn 2 vs Gilda 2 (I voted for Gilda, so Braeburn wins) Silver Shill 1 vs Trouble Shoes 3 Nurse Redheart 1 vs Windy Whistles 3 Princess Cadance 4 vs Big Daddy McColt Hoity Toity 1 vs Lyra Heartstrings 3 Shining Armor 3 vs Zipporwhill 1 Babs Seed 1 vs Wind Rider 3 Apple Bloom 3 vs Misty Fly 1 Cloudchaser & Flitter vs Countess Coloratura 4 Coco Pommel 2 vs Sassy Saddles 2 (I voted for Sassy Saddles, so Coco Pommel wins) Suri Polomare vs Bow Hothoof 4 Cheerilee 4 vs Claude Pipsqueak 1 vs Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops 3 Granny Smith 4 vs Prince Rutherford Steven Magnet 1 vs Dragon Lord Torch 3 Princess Luna 4 vs Dandy Grandeur Ms. Harshwhinny 1 vs Twist 2 Mane-iac 1 vs Sugar Belle 3 Chief Thunderhooves 2 vs Gizmo 1 Maud Pie 4 vs Rose Iron Will 2 vs Octavia Melody 2 (I voted for Iron Will, so Octavia Melody wins) Starlight Glimmer 4 vs Doc Top Little Strongheart 1 vs Saffron Masala 2 Princess Celestia 4 vs Inky Rose Snails 1 vs Bulk Biceps 3 Thorax 3 vs Spoiled Rich 1 Trenderhoof 1 vs Sky Stinger 3 Trixie 4 vs Lily Lace Photo Finish 2 vs Limestone Pie 2 (I voted for Limestone Pie, so Photo Finish wins) A. K. Yearling 2 vs Lotus Blossom & Aloe 1 Mrs. Cake 3 vs Gladmane 1 Sweetie Belle 3 vs Flash Sentry 1 Ms. Peachbottom 3 vs Garble 1 Dr. Caballeron 2 vs Double Diamond 2 (I voted for Dr. Caballeron, so Double Diamond wins) Diamond Dogs vs Princess Ember 4 Big McIntosh 4 vs Svengallop Flim & Flam 3 vs Time Turner 1 Spitfire 3 vs Tender Taps 1 Nightmare Moon 2 vs Coriander Cumin 2 (I voted for Coriander Cumin, so Nightmare Moon wins) Spike 4 vs Seabreeze Snips 1 vs Gabby 3 Fancy Pants 2 vs Zephyr Breeze 2 (I voted for Fancy Pants, so Zephyr Breeze wins) Stellar Eclipse 1 vs Angel Wings 3 Derpy 3 vs Feather Bangs 1 Mr. Cake 1 vs Marble Pie 3 Lightning Dust 2 vs Pouch Pony 1 King Sombra 3 vs Ahuizotl 1