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  1. So.. I've been a fan of MLP since august of last year, and as I thought i'd seen it all when it comes to MLP related fan fics I read up on this one for the first time. I loved it! However, I thought the story ended with this HUGE cliff hanger, so I thought maybe there's a part 2 somewhere else? I mean, it was a long read but the way it ended so abruptly with TOO many questions to leave me behind with makes me think that wasn't the full story.
  2. This is insane. Rest now legend, heaven awaits.
  3. TheOneNOnly

    You know, for kids!

    Dear god.. Let's go with a classic!
  4. Forgot to thank you Tyvm for the warm welcome y'all!
  5. TheOneNOnly

    MLP Trap?

    So..I've seen a couple people here and there who wished there was more of the MLP "Trap" genre. My question to you: What are your thoughts on this? I'm currently in the making of one myself (HyBrid Trap to be more precise) and decided to leave a very short preview that could leave you some kind of idea of what the drop would sound like.
  6. I agree it has some big potential. However those drums need a boost, I suggest sidechaining the kick drum to the bass synth, and maybe turn down some other elements aswell. Overall I think you did a great job both Instrumental and atmospheric wise, really feeling those good vibes from this!
  7. Appreciate the feed! The dubstep wasn't intended to be dubstep tbh i just went for something i felt bounced haha. I know the pitch is off when it tries to sync with the bassline of the breakbeats though I was too tired to care much ^^. I'm considering a re-make or working on something new atm, since I feel my mind wasn't at rest for most part of the song lol.
  8. As the title reads, I hope you guys enjoy!
  9. ^ I read that too lol OT: Love it!
  10. As the title says, I've just released a preview of an upcoming track of mine. First time ever producing something MLP related so I hope you enjoy it ^^. Bio: Male, 19. I'm one of those blue haired blond eyed swedes y'all been hearing so much about. Other then that i'm pretty boring, really. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself!
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