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  1. Halo Heart

    Hello, everypony!

    Thanks for the welcome and the sweet compliment! I love yours too- I'm assuming it's a Homestuck reference?
  2. Halo Heart

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Grubby! I've needed to take a shower all day, but you know when the depression hits and you just can't get out of bed? Ah, warm, cozy bed...
  3. Could she have had some sort of accident? It's possible that the bandages aren't from surgery to fix a pre-existing condition, but because something happened to her eyes that required a stay in the hospital. Maybe some sort of flying accident? That's not something we see much of in the show- life-altering sports injuries- but they're common in real life, and I imagine they must happen to Pegasus ponies quite often, especially due to their competitive nature. An injury to the eyes could cause some sort of brain damage as well, explaining her klutzy behaviour. Poor Derpy... still, she
  4. Halo Heart

    Hello, everypony!

    Thanks! It seems so fun and friendly already, I'm already having a fantastic time The avatar was made for me by a fellow Pinkie-lover, and it makes me happy to look at, ha! I sure hope so! It's already heaps of fun. Thanks for the welcome!
  5. This is definitely the most generic title possible for a thread, huh? Hi, I'm Halo Heart! I'm a big dumb who forgot to make an intro thread before I just started posting randomly. I'm 20, from England, and I love Pinkie Pie with all of my heart. Other best ponies are Sunburst, Derpy (though I do prefer the name Ditzy), Maud, Trixie, and, shockingly... Starlight! Yeah, you can all come kill me now. I've been into MLP for years now, since it first aired, but never had any pony-loving friends before. I recently picked up the series and decided... fuck it, I want to finally be a pa
  6. In terms of how interesting and developed they are: Applejack's, because... well, mostly because they're the most developed, but they're funny and have some great designs. Pinkie's, because Maud, and because her other sisters also have fantastic potential. I also love their designs. Fluttershy's, mostly because of design. I really like how distinct they all are, yet how they're clearly related. Rarity's, because her relationship with Sweetie Belle is really interesting, and their parents' designs are at least unique. Twilight's, because although I love Shining Ar
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