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  1. Blueangelfriend

    Hi everypony

    Thank you oh so much for welcoming me.
  2. Blueangelfriend

    Hi everypony

    You can always make a really close friend a sister. My "brother" or this one is a close friend of 9-10 yrs.
  3. Blueangelfriend

    Hi everypony

    Yeah I know I have the same issue, but now a days I can only do one on one rp I do work and have a life so it makes it difficult to rp with bunches of ponies. Maybe you and I can discuss and see if we can rp something.
  4. Blueangelfriend

    New Member here

    Hi. I'm new nice to meet ponies.
  5. Blueangelfriend

    Hi everypony

    Delora wipes her hooves on the door mat entering into her home. Hi ponies that is right I dabble in rp and I noticed the more I rp the better I get. I have yet to so an mlp rp maybe while I am here I will get a chance. As I create a custom background for my custom pony. Making friends is a perk.