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  1. Hi ponies hope you are well and life is dashing.

    1. WWolf


      *smacks lips* Yee

  2. A pony walks into a party you......

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    2. Blueangelfriend


      I am bored at work stardust.

    3. Stardust*


      I am in the same boat lol. Only 4 hours left!!

    4. Snow


      I'm about to be bored at work, does that count? ^_^

  3. Thank you oh so much for welcoming me.
  4. Every pony has a dream mine is to fly.

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    2. WWolf


      Wayyyyyy in the future :C

    3. Blueangelfriend


      What will come first flying or teleportation?:ooh:

    4. WWolf


      Flying :wacko: . Gossomer's Condor is human-powered. It's a bike :wacko: .

  5. You can always make a really close friend a sister. My "brother" or this one is a close friend of 9-10 yrs.
  6. Yeah I know I have the same issue, but now a days I can only do one on one rp I do work and have a life so it makes it difficult to rp with bunches of ponies. Maybe you and I can discuss and see if we can rp something.
  7. Hi. I'm new nice to meet ponies.
  8. Delora wipes her hooves on the door mat entering into her home. Hi ponies that is right I dabble in rp and I noticed the more I rp the better I get. I have yet to so an mlp rp maybe while I am here I will get a chance. As I create a custom background for my custom pony. Making friends is a perk.
  9. Good evening every pony. I have come to name my pony and a cutie mark with the help of Trixie. I have been busy with life but have pulled time to think of where she grew up now the fu begins.

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    2. Blueangelfriend


      I don't have an image just how I see it in my head.

    3. Snow


      Oh I see, well there are plenty of request shops around, you could do some simple drawings of the cutie mark and add a colour reference and someone would do it for you.

    4. Blueangelfriend


      Thanks for the suggestion I'll look into that.

  10. I think a good name for your pony would be Delora

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    2. Blueangelfriend


      I feel like she is much like myself friendly listens to others problems staying by them in there times of need.

    3. Scar


      I am thinking  of a blue ball of sorts, with a few blue strings zig zagging across it with smaller balls when they end. Representing her connection to others.

    4. Blueangelfriend


      Ah hmm that is good your good.