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  1. I vote for Dashie being better drawn.
  2. Geneva Mode

    Open Slice of Life

    While Geneva was quite enraptured by the various items on the shelves, seemingly from all parts of Equestria, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Turning around, she saw a pony approaching her who looked a bit lost. She raised her ears attentively.
  3. Geneva Mode

    Open Slice of Life

    Geneva trotted into the square, her cheeks rather red as she was used to warmer temperatures. She was unsure of what to expect, but the scenery seemed to have a certain... beauty... to it. Geneva couldn't help but be curious as to the exotic knick-knacks littering the market stalls.
  4. I too wish to apply for this roleplay. Information about my OC
  5. If Hasbro wants to keep its good reputation with their community, they will have to swallow their pride. If they don't, they've just thrown away more than a year's work, and internet history.
  6. Well they were able to deal the damage after the episode aired for the first time. Surely they can reverse it just as easily.
  7. Hello, everypony. I'm here to talk about my views concerning Hasbro removing Derpy from the show. As I'm sure your aware, there has been a truckload of complaints from people that Derpy is "offensive to the mentally handicapped". I'm here to tell these people just how narrow-minded and hypocritical they are. The basic logic of the helicopter parents that were kicking off about this basically said that "Mental handicaps are bad and offensive, and they should not be on TV". What do good parents do with their Autistic children? Well, it's simple: They look past the handicap, and continue
  8. ...using the following objects together? Dinner plates and keys Wax and metal Wheels and biscuits Bird-houses and lasers Printers and brushes CD racks and statues of Buddha Share your ideas!
  9. Geneva Mode

    Movies/TV Fringe or X-Files

    I haven't seen either of them.
  10. Hey, everypony! I decided that I wanted to get some stuff on the forums going on, so I decided to make up a creative scenario of sorts: I was thinking of putting this in the roleplay forum, but seeing as it was more about art, I decided to put it here. To any moderators: Please feel free to move this thread if you feel that it is in the wrong place. So I'm really interesting in seeing what everypony comes up with. :3 Feel free to post any pictures you come up with in the thread!
  11. I would be inclined to say that my greatest virtue would be Patience. Diligence - probably not, I can be quite the procrastinator. However, usually I'm quite good at keeping at something if I find it worth doing. Usually takes effort to get the ball rolling, and that's where I find difficulty in getting things done. There are some days I just don't want to get up in the morning, but I do eventually. Humility - Whilst I am not arrogant, I am only human and thus I can only perceive things in relation to myself and what I've already perceived. This can cause me to be quite ignorant some
  12. There are two subjects of my admiration that I can name off the top of my head: Steve Cunningham and Jaque Fresco. Steve Cunningham is the first blind colt to fly a plane around England. He gave a motivational lecture at my college's auditorium concerning how he became incurably blind at age 12 due to an illness, and how he eventually managed to cope with it. He spoke about how he "lost sight, and gained vision", and how he overcame the odds and secured a successful future for himself. At one point, he spoke with some people who said that he would only be good at selling matches on
  13. Drunk drivers on the freeway.
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