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    Kansas boyo
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    MLP (duh), video games, nintendo, cartoons and music. Oh and sonic if you couldnt tell already haha

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  1. Jakeduhcreeper

    Hello from the Darkness...aka HOWDY!!

    Well welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here!
  2. Jakeduhcreeper

    A gift for Spike

    For any of you wondering, this is a joke, thats why its in such low quality. kinda like anti-humour in a way lol Edit: Idk if I misunderstood the event so could someone help lol I just kinda made a comic about spike as a joke haha
  3. Jakeduhcreeper

    Say something totally random!

    Epic gamer moment #2
  4. Jakeduhcreeper

    How and when did you become a brony?

    Well, It was may 2017 and I was just chilling watching some youtube videos, but I got bored, and so I NO JOKE thought "I should become a brony" and so I went and found the show and watched it. Pretty weird, I know.
  5. Jakeduhcreeper

    What is your least favorite/favorite thing about school?

    Favorite: My few friends, I'm kinda new to the school. Least Favorite: Classes, especially math class.
  6. Jakeduhcreeper

    Mega Thread What are your computer specs?

    Ram: 8gb GPU: EVGA GTX 1050 TI CPU: INTEL CORE i5, 3 GHz Monitor: Idk lol some asus monitor, I do know it has 75hz though. And that's basically All I know about it, its kinda eh but it works on most games.
  7. OoT is my favorite but the other games come close if not are as good as ocarina of time. But OoT will be my favorite because it was the first zelda game in 3d, and pulling that off can be hard. (Prime example is sonic adventure, that game has not aged well at ALL) But Ocarina of time almost perfected it. (And also cause it was the first zelda game I beat.. )
  8. Jakeduhcreeper

    Gaming Top 5 Favorite Mario Games

    1. Super mario world 2. Super mario bros (the original) 3. Mario odyssey 4. Mario sunshine 5. Mario 64
  9. Jakeduhcreeper

    Gaming Top 10 Favorite Sonic Games

    1. Sonic unleashed 2. Sonic adventure 2 3. Sonic 3 & knuckles 4. Sonic 2 5. Sonic mania 6. Sonic adventure 7. Sonic generations 8. Sonic colors 9. Sonic 1 10. Sonic forces Yeah it's a weird list but it's my personal favorites
  10. Jakeduhcreeper

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I thought sonic 06 was great and sonic adventure 2 was terrible
  11. Jakeduhcreeper

    10 facts about your room

    can't get enough for ten, my room is kinda bare bones. mainly because of fact one 1. I share a room with my brother, as the other rooms are all taken. (Hoping we will move someday..) 2. I have an amazon alexa in my room, its pretty useful for some stuff. (I mainly use it when I want it to play spotify lol) 3. I have a twilight plushie I got while out at worlds of fun (A park in Kansas city, Missouri owned by cedar fair) Yeah so that's basically my room summed up. Most of my stuff is downstairs (My computer, gaming systems ect.)
  12. Jakeduhcreeper

    Gaming Things in games you're sure only you did.

    One time late at night I was playing sonic generations on my ps3, and I was in the shadow rival fight. I used to do this thing where I would drift the whole time, I guess I thought it made you go faster. Well anyways I was on one orb and about to get the second but it got it as soon as the map looped and I got it as soon as it disappeared and somehow this caused a glitch where in the powered up mode there were no rocks and then after that ended i was stuck to a wall and whenever i moved I would get sent back to where I was before. I recorded it but sadly I didnt upload it and i no longer have the recording. I searched it up online but I saw nothing.
  13. Jakeduhcreeper

    What is the worst weather that happens in your area?

    Well in Kansas we don't really get much, I guess a tornado is pretty bad here. Also we recently got a ton of snow like on friday last week
  14. Jakeduhcreeper

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    Well although I do think reforming her was rushed out quickly, that's not entirely uncommon for mlp (Discord being a good example in my opinion) but now after her character has developed more. I think having her in the show is fine, and I think shes one of the funniest characters on the show (again in my opinion)
  15. Jakeduhcreeper

    When did you last get a haircut?

    I think like saturday 2 weeks ago but I don't really remember