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  1. Why don't ponies on this site at least ASK to lock a topic before they actually do? Two ponies locked two of my topics without my consent. If you're going to lock a topic, ASK THE OWNER FIRST!!!
  2. @Kenshiro Thank you for your generous welcome. It is nice to meet you too. I already met some nice ponies. I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. The internet at my house stopped working. But thanks again!
  3. Wild Heart
  4. @Ruhisu This story is touching and inspiring. There's are some errors, but it's still good.
  5. @Trotteur Funeste Thank you for you wonderful welcome. I will surely enjoy the site and the ponies on it.😋😛😝 (Note: I been replied to your welcome, but I just realized I didn't put your name. Sorry!)
  6. Okay. Thank you. I just wanted to know.
  7. Does anypony know why there are ranks? I'm just curious.
  8. fan ponies

    @Venomous Okay. Thank you for doing that. @PonyOfWar Okay. I added a few features to her and a few extras. She moved from Manehattan to Ponyville. She loves to read, sing, eat, and draw. She is very hyper but can be lazy half to most of the time. She dreams of opening a bookstore/bakery. I accidently changed her coat color just a little bit. This is the picture I created in Pony Creator and one of the ways I actually drew her. In the picture I drew it looks crazy, I know. But I call it a glecorn, a eagle/unicorn hybrid. And I am proud of it. Plus thank you for your tips. They came in handy.
  9. fan ponies

    @PonyOfWar Ok I edited it. Here is the picture
  10. fan ponies

    @They call me Loyalty Okay. Actually, that's why I drew my original oc picture. To stand out. I clipped the picture to this reply.
  11. fan ponies

    @Trixie . Thank you. But like I said before, this pictures are not my actual oc.
  12. I want to know everyone thoughts on my oc. This isn't my actual oc. I made it in Pony Creator. I will post the real thing soon. I have more than one design, so tell me which ones you like. Now here is the pictures. Plus I don't mean to offend the alicorn haters. Again I say this: I made this in the Pony Creator. This is not my actual oc. I will post the actual drawing as soon as I can. Plus this is the website i used:
  13. @Burpy @Totally Lyra Thank you both for your generous welcome. I'm sorry for not replying right away. I am going to busy with school and homework. Plus this is a school laptop I'm on. So I might not be on this site very much. But I'm going to be on it as much as possible. Thanks again.
  14. Who else is a Pinkie Pie fan? I am. Not a real big fan, but I can relate to her.
  15. @Vapor I can relate to Fluttershy because I can be shy at some points. I need to and would like to get to know Vinyl Scratch.