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  1. You know what? Screw this commies, screw british rats and yankee. Sturmpioniers and "Valiant Assault" ability from Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine. Yeah, boi. The power of 2016 meta on the field. Gimme my pts, wretches!

  2. Finally, just watched Netflix's Witcher. Holy Jesus... Can't imagine the time when something Injured me so hard.

  3. Well.... Fired from work. Nice place, very sad to leave.

  4. Two weeks alone in the house. My first try was two years ago in village. Was cool. But in the city... Good was only days when I played Divinity OS2 with my friend. But other... not so much. Too quiet and lonely. Especially when you have quarreled with your special mare. If I'll be fired from work, I'll just go to village with my sister for month or two before start searching new. 

  5. Well, a bottle of kvass and foken STURMTIGER, MAN. The tool to eradicate island rats that sitting in their trenches (tommies), blobbing burgers (yankee), and imba ivans. The time to escape ladder trash to normal levels that I deserve. In future, maybe I'll start streaming this.

  6. zE6Bizg.jpg

    Found my old profile plate.

  7. You seem to be able to speak some German, despite living in Russia.

    1. Sturmponiere


      Why? Is it necessary to speak German to listen... I don't know... Rammstein? Nachtmahr? Unheilig? Or maybe L'Ame Immortelle means I can speak French to listen them? They're from Austria!

    2. You




  8. It is so hard to find a couple for roleplay...

    My special mare isn't an option. She is already playing a lot of roleplays with her "boyfriends", and "girlfriends" too. Especially r34 that I don't like. 

    We have some troubles with her... lesbian nature. She trying to love me but for now result is... unpositive. On emotional level  She never recognized, but many attention directed to others, not me. She just can't see this. It makes me sad. 

  9. Your "black lives matter" is nothing.

    I mean, for places like Russia, of course. Have seen one black guy today, I couldn't resist and asked him: "Hey, Mumba, did you join the riot?". And his answer was: "Screw you, I'm Russian". Like this guy. Respect. He deserved that brofist. This country changing western people. And makes stronger too, teaching think by "spirit". Like changed and teached me. Like changed this guy. THIS is real people's union. 

    "...Friendship of nations, union for ages..." (c) - Anthem.

    Sorry, my dear Europe. You're not my home anymore. But I will remember you as my biological parent. 

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    2. Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Everyone matters. Call it what you will. And I don't give a damn what groups think.

    3. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      Dude, we just had a fire before and barely turn it off and you're starting another one?

      Go put that on the debate symposium instead, don't push your luck and abide to rules. Hell, if an /mlp/ troll is calling you out of stupid behavior, you most likely really are playing with gas and a lighter.

    4. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man


      Locking this status update.

      New rules are in place regarding political, religious, and overall sensitive posts. I recommend you read them:

      You must reach 100 posts before having access to the DS. In the meantime, keep these thoughts to yourself.

  10. "Hey as****es! We're Panzergrenadiers, not Panzers!"

  11. We look hard 
    We look through
    We look hard 
    To see for real
    Such things I hear, they don't make sense
    I don't see much evidence
    I don't feel...
    I don't feel...
    I don't feel