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  1. That would be hilarious! I'll keep it in mind.
  2. I'll be honest with you, I am not really a fan of humans in equestria. And literally all sci fi space fics I have found include humans so I wanted to write a story without humans.
  3. That rocket ball idea gave me an idea. What about a ball game played in a zero g environment where the players use smal rockets to manoeuvre and they try to launch the ball through a hoop at the other end of the stadium. Thanks for the inspiration! Also I am trying to create a huge universe so I am trying to create as many alien race as possible in case I need them in the story or want to reference some other things going on in that universe. I also had an idea to have an invading alien army. Also had the idea of their leader being under the influence of the same force that corrupted luna.
  4. Thanks for the offer! Well with time I will figure out the equestrian civilisation. But do you have any idea for sports that could be played by all equestrian races? Might not seem important but these little things really help flesh out the world! Also if you have any ideas for alien races that could appear in my story I would really appreciate that!
  5. Well I am definitely going to try!
  6. Yeah true, though right now I am look more at how the society works utilising all the different species. And how to have technology that can be used by all species (as in operated).
  7. Well my story will take place thousands of years in the future. All the races of eques have banded together and formed a parliamentary republic spanning thousands of planets (which have been colonized). They now exist among hundreds of alien races among the stars. The main problem I have is to make this soceity work considering how different in physiologies they are. Also coming up with a reason why the princesses have to rotate the sun and moon on that planet but no other.
  8. Thats a nice idea, though I was heading more for a classical sci fi space opra story. This also doesn't really fit into the plans I have already made. Though I am thankful for your ideas!
  9. I am actual thinking about doing a pony sci fi story. There is a good one already though: awakening by solocitzen. My story is still in it's early planning stages. Have been having problems though designing the equestrian civilisation. Especially considering all the different races that inhabit the planet and how they would live and work together in a single civilisation. Especially things like sport, government system and military. How would all the races be able to work together in these areas. Also what would you call that civilisation since equestria is only the pony country. Also if you want to imagine a more modern equestria I would recommend fallout equestria as it does a great job at creating a more modern equestria.
  10. I am working on it. Not sure when it will go up but it will in the next couple weeks. Didn't have that much time to work on it. Been spending a lot of time with family and relaxing after a stressful school year. But it will be done don't worry about it.
  11. I am a huge sci fi fan and I have been wondering for a while what a pony space civilisation would look like? Especially considering how many races live on equestria or eques. Had a couple ideas but what do you guys think? How will equestria look in a couple thousand years?
  12. As always I would really apreciate any feedback on how to improve.
  13. It's weird because in my preview the resolution was higher, just not when I render it. I'll have to double check my options next time.
  14. As always please tell me any tips you have on how I could improve!